Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


2. Chapter 1

Today was the day. The day my childhood best friend moved out of the house she grew up in, where we both shared so many memories.


It was Friday, I’d left work early making out I had a doctors appointment when really Amy had asked me to help her move her things out of the house.


She text me that morning just to remind me and I told her I’d be around at about three to help her.


I walked home past Amy’s from work as I only lived around the corner from her. It was nice having a friend that close by, a kind of comfort; I knew at whatever time I could go round and see her, whether it was for a catch up and putting the world to rights or for some tea bags. I was going to miss that.


Amy was outside when I arrived, loading things into the removal van. As I approached her house I saw a tall man of about 6`2 with blonde curly hair. From behind it looked like Tom Hiddleston. `Don’t be silly Emily` I thought to myself, brushing the thought from my mind.

I approached Amy`s house, the front door wide open with a white removal van outside.

“All packed?” I asked

“Hey” she said coming over to hug me. “Almost, Tom is just helping me pack up the rest of my stuff.”

I looked over at the man I had seen the back of when I approached Amy’s house and stopped in my tracks. It was Tom Hiddleston… helping Amy. Having not noticed me he went back into the house to fetch another box.

“How the hell did Tom freaking Hiddleston end up helping you move house” I screamed, the fangirl inside me going crazy.

“Oh, Jay’s working late so he sent Tom to help.” She replied calm as calm”

“What?” my mind was struggling to focus on the fact that Jay knew Tom freaking Hiddleston and Amy didn’t even think to mention it.

“Yeah, they met at Eton, when Jay was younger and they’ve been friends ever since”

I just stood there gauping.


Tom must have heard me as he done his little ehehe laugh and came out of the house smiling, carrying another brown box over to the removal van.


I just stared at him in awe, dressed in a pair of dark jeans, his brown cowboy boots tucked over the top and the dark blue shirt he wore in Detroit with his sunglasses poking out from the few buttons that were undone. His hair was back to his natural blonde curls. I’d always had a thing for guys with blonde curls ever since my first crush at secondary school.


I didn’t realise how blue his eyes were (as though he was looking into my soul) until he was right infront of me extending his hand to introduce himself.

“Tom Hiddleston, nice to meet you” he said in his smooth British accent,his voice like chocolate. I take his hand, shaking it, his long slender fingers wrapping around mine. Oh my god, Tom Hiddleston’s holding my hand. Don’t say anything stupid, Emily. Don’t come across as another silly fangirl, don’t come across as a fangirl, don’t come across as a fangirl, you’re twenty eight years old. Answer him, answer him.

E..Emily, you stutter, it’s a pleasure to meet you Mr Hiddleston” you’ve done it already. You silly girl. Mr Hiddleston, really??

Tom, please, call me Tom.”

“Tom” his name rolled off your tongue so easily.

“Forgive me Mr Hid...Tom I don’t want to come across as some fangirl but I just wanted to let you know that I loved you in Midnight in Paris, I literally didn’t want to leave the cinema, your portrayal of F.Scott Fitzgerald was just phenomenal”


I was still holding his hand, he didn’t seem eager to let go as when I tried to pull away he tightened his grip on my hand. Still holding my hand and looking into my eyes oh my god, he’s looking into my soul he replied “Oh darling, bless you for saying that, I have to say Amy has told me quite a lot about you. Oh my god Amy had told Tom Hiddleston about me! Remind me to thank her later. You’re an aspiring journalist are you not?” he smiled showing his pearly whites. Oh god they’re perfect, he’s perfect. You’re talking to Tom Hiddleston.                            

I am” you blush.

“She told me you’ve had quite a few reviews published on a blog including one about `The Hollow Crown` or so I’ve been told” Maybe not. I went to glare at Amy but she smirked and ran inside. Oh god, out of all the reviews I had written, she had to mention that one. I’d ended up reviewing `The Hollow Crown` because my `editor` knew how much of a fan I was of Tom`s. I tried and most likely failed to make the review sound professional with minimum fangirling, but that proved more difficult than I thought.

“Erm...yes I may have done” you reply warily.

“Well, Emily, I’d love to read them sometime” There is no way he’s reading that one. Any of the others, fine, but that one, no way. I didn’t want him knowing how much I fangirled over him on Twitter and Tumblr. Before I could give a response Amy saved me by asking if either of us wanted a cup of tea.

“Please” we both replied in unison, and with that Tom let go on my hand only to entwine my fingers under his arm to lead me inside the house. Such a gentleman.


Everything was all packed up accept for a few chairs, mugs, kettle and a carton of milk and a bag of sugar that was left on the side just incase we all wanted a cup of tea before she left. The house seemed completely empty accept for those last few items that needed to be packed. It was sad to think Amy was leaving.


I remember all the times we’d spent in this house, when we were younger playing with our barbies, then when we started secondary school and it consisted of coke and mars bars as we done our homework and once we’d both finished uni and before we took our trip to New York we put the world to rights over American TV and white wine. Then we went our separate ways fulfilling our career paths, well Amy fulfilling hers anyway, straight out of uni she went to Italy spending a few months photographing food for an Italian magazine.


That was where she met Jay; he worked at the magazine she photographed for, also a photographer from London who was backpacking trying to find inspiration photographing the amazing landscapes of Venice. She was smitten as soon as she met him, going out for dinner every night eating pasta. When she came home they continued to date for the following five years, Jay supporting her photography career from the very start. It made sense she was moving to London especially as she spent most of her time there and what better excuse than having opened her own gallery of photos and being proposed to by her boyfriend?


Me on the other hand, a struggling journalist who wrote film reviews for a blog in her spare time while working a nine to five in the office. I hated it. I longed to live in the city. Id applied for countless jobs in London but none had yet appealed and caught my eye and allowed me to move.


I dreamed of becoming a film journalist, purely for my love of film, cinema and actors and not to mingle with the celebrities although that would most definitely be a perk. When I wasn’t at the office I was watching films, going to the cinema, usually the old ladies cinema on a Saturday afternoon. Dover cinema was small but usually played the latest films on a Saturday afternoon, it was in this small cinema with just the one screen that I first discovered an actor by the name of Tom Hiddleston.


I went into the cinema that day knowing barely anything about Midnight in Paris or about Fitzgerald and Hemmingway, accept for the fact that the film was set in Paris in the 1920s and that it was directed by Woody Allen.

I watched the film in amazement. Id always loved Paris even if I hadn’t been. Especially at night with it all light up it was beautiful. Id seen enough movies to know that it’s a place I want to visit. The man who portrayed F.Scott Fitzgerald caught my eye as soon as he came on screen in his 1920s blonde locks and his green suede suit and American accent. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. I only wish he’d been in it more.


I was sad when the credits rolled; I didn’t want to leave the cinema until the credits had finished rolling purely because of the French music that was playing, but mostly to see the actor who portrayed Fitzgerald so beautifully. Tom Hiddleston.

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