It Began with Wicked -A Tom Hiddleston One Shot

A/N: A one shot based on the prompt Tom performing in Twelfth Night and falling in love with the actress playing Viola sorry that there isn’t actually much Shakespeare in there. For Britt. Hope you enjoy reading and that I have done the prompt justice, darling. <3


1. It Began with Wicked <3

It Began with Wicked -A Tom Hiddleston One Shot



A/N: A one shot based on the prompt Tom performing in Twelfth Night and falling in love with the actress playing Viola sorry that there isn’t actually much Shakespeare in there. For Britt. Hope you enjoy reading and that I have done the prompt justice, darling. <3







Britt had always loved the theatre, ever since she was a little girl. Her father used to take her up to London most weekends to see the latest West End shows.


She knew she wanted to be an actress ever since she first went and saw Wicked; she had completely fallen in love with the acting, the set, the lighting, the costume, everything. She wanted to be up there getting that applause and standing ovation at the end of the performance. She loved the theatre. She always had and she had a feeling she always would.


Her mother had passed away when she was seven of breast cancer. Britt was too young to understand what had happened but her father had explained that she was looking down on her and was now an angel in heaven. It was then that her father had decided that taking her to go and see Wicked would be a good idea, a chance for her to escape and not be upset for a few hours. Britt loved it so much that it became a regular occurrence going to see a different west end show everytime they were in town.


Britt constantly took part in all of the school productions, enjoying performing and the applause and smile on her fathers face. It didn’t matter if she was the lead or just had a minor role, seeing how proud her father was of her was one of the best feelings in the world. She longed to perform and make her mother and father proud.


Her love of acting continued long into secondary school where she took all of the performing arts subjects that were available including dance and drama.


She still continued to act in the school productions, earning the role of Maria in West Side Story in her final year.


Britt also enjoyed English, especially when she studied Shakespeare, she loved how romantic and old fashioned it was and longed for men to still be how they were in those days. Unfortunately men and these days didn’t seem to know the meaning of the word chivalry.


She remembered her father taking her to see Twelfth Night when they first began going up to London. It was one of the first plays she saw. Although the first time she saw it she didn’t really understand it as she was only seven, she fell in love with the language and costumes all the same and to this day it had remained one of her favourite Shakespeare plays.


After leaving secondary school Britt went on to study performing arts at college before getting accepted into RADA. It was during this time that Britt’s father passed away of a heart attack. He had always had problems with his heart but it had recently begun to get worse. He died in his sleep. That was really hard on Britt, not being there when he had died and not being allowed home to organise the funeral due to her timetable. It was instead left in the hands of her uncle, which she was glad about as she was only nineteen at the time.


She went home for the funeral. It was horrible having to say goodbye to her father, having to see him dressed in his favourite shirt and black trousers looking asleep when really he was dead. A weird feeling. She could now see why her father hadn’t allowed her to go to her mothers; she didn’t wish death on anyone especially if it was this painful. She felt as though her heart had been broken and shattered into a million little pieces.


For a while Britt considered not going back to RADA. Acting held too many memories of both her mother and father. It was because of them, her father especially that she had begun acting in the first place and now that neither of them were here it felt pointless to continue with it.


After a few months of moping around during the summer she finally convinced herself to go back to RADA and fulfil her dream, not just for herself but for her mother and father too. She could hear both of them telling her not to give up on her dream just because they weren’t with her anymore, it didn’t mean that they weren’t proud of her or didn’t love her; they would continue to support her wherever they were.


Once back at RADA Britt threw herself back into her studies, auditioning for countless roles and shows and singing and dancing every waking moment of the day.


It was during her second year at RADA that she discovered Tom Hiddleston. She was browsing the boards of previous students when she came across his name. She recognised him to look at more than by his name. He was very handsome. She thought nothing more of it and continued her way through RADA graduating with a 2:1 in performing arts.


Now three years out of RADA at twenty five Britt was now standing outside The Apollo Theatre, the very theatre where she had over twenty eight years ago seen Twelfth Night for the first time. It was like dejavu and as though she was seven all over again.


Instead of going to watch the performance however she was going to be acting on the same stage playing Viola, the role she had longed to play for years, opposite one Tom Hiddleston.


She had seen him audition for the role of Orsino when she went to audition, he was amazing, he saw her too stealing a few glances and smiles at her here and there but nothing more as when she thought about going to say hello he was getting up to leave. Maybe I’ll see him again she thought. She was right and when she had found out he was her co-star she had gone home and watched all of his filmography. With every performance he got better and better and to think he started out at RADA, the same stage school she went to was just amazing. Britt wouldn’t have said she was a fangirl as such, she wasn’t one to reblog all of his pictures on Tumblr or read fanfiction, she did however follow him on Twitter. His tweets were so inspirational and she had a feeling inside her that made her believe that Tom was one of the people who inspired her to continue acting and fulfil her dream.


* * * * * *


It had been years since Tom had done theatre. His last on the stage was in 2008 when he had starred as Cassio in Othello opposite Ewan McGregor. He had always enjoyed theatre. It was like going back to his roots.


Since his name had begun to get recognised however Tom hadn’t had a chance to go back to theatre, he missed it and was just waiting for the right role to arise. That role came a few months later when his agent had called him letting him know that Twelfth Night was being performed at the Apollo Theatre and the part of Orsino was up for audition.


Just because his name was now getting recognised and because he was becoming famous as a film actor rather than a stage actor he still had to audition like everyone else. Tom made his way down to the Donmar Theatre where the auditions were being held dressed in his dark jeans, grey t shirt, black leather jacket and brown cowboy boots. Walking into the theatre bought it all back for Tom, why he became an actor in the first place, The Donmar really was like home, he hadn’t been here for a good five years, the last time being when he played Cassio.


Tom walked into the theatre where a group of people were sitting in the isle seats waiting to audition. It was there that he saw her, one of the most beautiful young women he had ever seen. She was beautiful, dressed in black leggings, brown knee high boots and a purple and white striped jumper her brown locks cascading down to her shoulders. He was smitten.


He didn’t manage to catch her name or find out anything about her as he had to leave before she got the chance to audition as he had a meeting about a new film project.


Tom loved Shakespeare and was uncontrollably excited when he landed the role of Orsino. He wondered who would be playing his Viola. He hoped it would be the mystery girl he first saw at the audition. He was about to find out.


* * * * * *  


Britt arrived at the theatre dead on 9am. She was never one to be late especially for her first day of rehearsals. She was one of the first to arrive, followed shortly by the rest of the cast and the director, John.  Britt was talking with John when Tom walked in. The whole cast stopped talking as soon as he walked in and John turned to face him.

“Ah, Tom, great to see you again” John said. Tom walked over to where he was standing holding out his hand. “You too, John. Thankyou for offering me the role of Orsino I really appreciate it.” He replied shaking his hand. Tom turned to face the girl who was standing next to John and was met with the most gorgeous big brown eyes. He smiled at Britt. The young woman from the audition. “And who might this beautiful young woman be?” Tom asked extending his hand.

 “Your Viola” John replied.

“Britt. Britt Adams” Britt replied taking his hand.

“Tom. Tom Hiddleston. It’s a pleasure to meet you darling.” He replied turning her hand over in his and placing a delicate kiss on the back of it before smiling the most beautiful smile that reached his eyes. Britt giggled, she didn’t realise he would have this effect on her.

“Fair maiden, may I escort you to your seat so we can get started with rehearsal?” Tom bowed beginning to get into character. Britt laughed again. “You may, kind sir. Thankyou” she replied. Tom laced her hand through his elbow escorting her to sit next to him in the front row of the theatre so John could do a quick introduction before rehearsals began.


John introduced himself and gave the cast a general idea of what would happen explaining that it was a 16 week run 7 shows a week, one every weeknight and two on a Saturday and a bit of information about the theatre before beginning the rehearsals.


The first day was generally spent getting to know each other and pairing off those who would end up as couples throughout the play. Tom spent the morning with Britt and the afternoon with a girl called Megan who would be playing Olivia.


A bond was immediately formed between Britt and Tom. They found out that they shared the same taste in Shakespeare plays and film. Britt thanked him for inspiring her telling him about finding his picture at RADA which they spoke about for a while and how much fun they both had had. Britt felt like she had known him for years.

“You know I follow you on Twitter” she told him casually. “I have to say how inspiring your tweets are and Thankyou for reintroducing me to bands and artists I haven’t heard in a long while aswell as new ones.”

“Ah, do you now, darling, I shall have to follow you when I get home” he replied before thanking her about his inspiring tweets swapping phone numbers, kissing her on the cheek and bidding her farewell for the morning.


Tom was smitten; Britt couldn’t have been more beautiful or down to earth. It was nice just to be himself rather than Tom Hiddleston the actor. He felt he could just be Tom around her which he felt he hadn’t been able to be in a long while.


He spent his afternoon with Megan getting to know her like he had with Britt that morning, he quickly found she wasn’t as interesting as Britt but still smiled and made conversation with her stealing casual glances and smiles at Britt throughout the afternoon. At one point Britt was so caught up in conversation laughing and giggling with the actor who would be playing her brother, Sebastian that Tom found himself wishing that he could make her laugh like that. Even though he had made her laugh quite a few times that morning it just didn’t sound the same. She had such a beautiful laugh he only wished he had caused it.


Britt had had such a great day it was a shame that it had to end. Tom was lovely, she felt like he had known him forever; it was nice to know that they had quite a lot in common. She hoped they would continue to become closer. Joe, who was playing Sebastian, was also lovely but not in the way Tom was. Britt could see Joe as more of a brother, whereas she hoped that throughout the next few weeks her`s and Tom`s relationship would grow into something more. If it didn’t however she would still be happy to have him as just a friend.


Tom caught her on her way out. “Hey, Britt, Britt wait up” Tom called out to her just as she was about to exit the theatre. “Would you like to get a coffee with me? I don’t want today to end quite yet”. Britt smiled.

“Ofcourse Tom that would be lovely” he smiled linking her arm through his like he had done earlier that morning escorting her out of the building.


It had begun to rain quite heavily when they made their way out of the theatre. Neither of them had thought to bring an umbrella with them with it being spring. Tom was in a white t shirt, jeans and cowboy boots with his leather jacket over the top whilst Britt was dressed in a pink and black spotted skirt, pink sun top and black cardigan.


As soon as they stepped out of the theatre Tom took off his leather jacket and placed it over both of their heads taking Britt’s hand and running with her until they reached the nearest coffee shop. They were both breathing heavily when they reached the coffee shop.


Tom couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to cause her to breath as heavy as that. He then got this image in his head of their bodies tangled up together, heavy breathing and moaning coming from both of them. Tom coughed to get the thought out of his head. He couldn’t be thinking like that especially when he had only just met her.


Britt went and found a table near the window so she could watch the rain patter against the window onto the streets of London. It was just beginning to get dark; the rush hour was just starting to kick in as it had just hit 5, men and women in business suits walking down the wet streets eager to get home, shoppers running into the nearest shop to keep dry. Britt loved London she was so glad she moved here once she finished RADA.


Tom came back with their coffees sitting in the chair opposite her at the other end of the table. He placed her coffee down next to her. Britt was still looking out of the window. “Here we are, darling, a nice hot cup of coffee” Britt jumped hearing his voice. There was such a long queue that she didn’t expect him to be back so soon.

“Sorry, darling I didn’t mean to make you jump. Are you okay?”

“Hmm, yeah...what?”

“You looked lost in thought, what were you thinking about?” Tom asked taking a sip of his coffee. She watched him intently. Once he had finished she took a sip of hers, Tom mirrored her previous move watching her before asking her again what she was thinking about before he came back with her coffee.

“I was thinking how much I love London, especially in the rain, it’s beautiful.”

“It is, I love London too. I get to travel the world being an actor but nothing beats London. London’s home.”

“It is for me too. Well it felt like it before but even more so now that I officially live here. I used to come here a lot as a child, every weekend infact-“. Britt cut herself off not wanting to bore Tom with her life story or about her mother or father.


Tom took her hand in his across the table. “Please continue darling, I’ll listen by all means I find you very interesting. Tell me about your childhood”. Britt hesitated looking at her hand in Tom`s and the way it fit so perfectly. She loved the way her hand felt in his.  She couldn’t help but imagine those perfect talented hands all over her body. She coughed to get the thought out of her head taking another sip of her coffee before telling Tom about her childhood, how she had always loved performing ever since she went and saw wicked, how her father thought it would be a good idea to take her to a show to take her mind off her mother’s death. How it had worked and how she had been in love with the theatre and wanted to become an actress ever since. How she took part in all of the performances at school and the look on her fathers face, how proud he was of her, about her time at college and being accepted into RADA, her father passing away and how she almost gave up and quit but then saw his picture and how much of an inspiration it was to work with him and how nice it was to meet him.


Tom listened contently nodding in all the right places and saying the right things, how sorry he was about her parents and how proud they would have been of her, wiping her tears away when she spoke about her father. It broke his heart to see her cry and he promised himself that he would never make her cry and promised her that he would always be there for her and never hurt her.


Britt then changed the subject saying that it was enough about her and for him to tell her about himself. He did, telling her about his family, how his mum and dad had divorced when he was thirteen and how he threw himself into acting as an escape, a lot like she did. He told her about his sisters and the plays and films he had worked on, what it was like working with Stephen Spielberg and Woody Allen and all the amazing actors and actresses he had gotten to work with but also how he sometimes got lonely and how he wasn’t too keen on going back to an empty hotel room when he was away or an empty flat when he was at home. It was so nice to be able to talk to her and tell her how he was feeling.


They had lost track of time ordering another cup of coffee and chatting the evening away. Before they knew it the coffee shop was closing and they were being told to leave.


The rain had subsided by the time they got outside; the city was beginning to be lit by the street lamps. London was most prettiest at night. Tom offered her his jacket slipping it around her shoulders. “May I escort you home, darling I would hate to know you were out alone in the dark” Tom asked Britt. In truth Tom didn’t want to leave her, he had thoroughly enjoyed her company and he didn’t want to admit it to her but he was falling for her. Fast. She looked reluctant but eventually gave in as she didn’t want to leave him, either.


The two walked along the wet streets of London arm in arm for around half an hour before reaching Britt’s apartment in Covent Garden. He bid her goodnight at her door pulling her in for an embrace. She smelled like heaven, a mixture of strawberry shampoo and perfume. Britt couldn’t help but cuddle up to him closer, she loved the smell of his Armani aftershave mixed with the hint of Tom. She could get used to this. He held her tighter not wanting to let go. Was it really possible to fall in love with someone so quickly? Both felt as though they could be themselves around the other. She finally let go offering him his jacket back, he told her to keep it giving her another quick embrace and kiss on the cheek before biding her `a thousand times goodnight` and walking back down the streets of London to his flat.


Britt found a text from him when she got inside. She smiled to herself before reading it:


Thankyou for such a lovely day darling, I have enjoyed our conversations and look forward to spending the next sixteen weeks with you. A thousand times good night my dear sleep well and I shall see you tomorrow. Tom xxx


She smiled to herself thinking of how to reply to that. Did it need a reply? She thought it would be nice to text him back but she wasn’t sure what to say. She checked her Twitter in the process to find out he had infact followed her on Twitter as promised and that he had tweeted a new tweet.


@twhiddleston: Exceptionally fun time at the first day of rehearsals for Twelfth Night here’s looking at you @BrittAdams. Blessed to have such a lovely co star and can’t wait for you all to see it.


She smiled for the millionth time that day. Was this the effect he had on her, constantly making her smile? If so she could certainly live with that.


She typed a quick text back:


No, Thankyou Tom, I haven’t felt like I can be myself around someone in such a long time. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Good Night. P.S Thankyou for keeping your promise and following me on Twitter and for the lovely tweet. I too am blessed to have such a handsome and absolutely lovely co star. I shall see you tomorrow. Britt xxx


You’re more than welcome, darling, sweet dreams. Tom. Xxx


With that last text Britt smiled once more, turned off her light and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of becoming Viola and falling in love with Orsino, in this case, with Tom.


* * * * * *


They were now a month into rehearsals for Twelfth Night. Tom and Britt continued to get closer, most nights ended as the first day of rehearsal had, with going for coffee or dinner and Tom escorting her home. The more time they spent together the more they liked each other and became closer.


Neither could keep the smiles off their faces when they saw the other act or when they had scenes together. Britt melted everytime she heard Tom read the opening scene, the `If Music Be the Food of Love` monologue.

Their relationship developed as the play progressed. Tom couldn’t take not telling her how he felt about her any longer and asked her to be his after a theatre date to see Wicked. He had surprised her with it after one of their rehearsals.


They arrived outside the theatre and saw the sign saying Wicked at the top of the theatre; Britt couldn’t help the tears that fell from her eyes. She hadn’t been to see Wicked since her father had passed and just seeing the sign bought back so many memories.

“Oh my gosh, darling `I`m so sorry I didn’t mean to make you cry... I... I thought you’d like it” Tom stuttered looking down at his shoes. Britt felt really bad for crying but she didn’t know how to tell Tom.


Once the tears had finished falling she cupped his face in her hands “Tom, Tom look at me” when he finally did a smile appeared on her face. He smiled weakly back but it didn’t reach his eyes. “I`m sorry for getting upset it’s just...It’s just... I…I haven’t been back here since my father passed. Really it’s the nicest thing anyone has every done for me, you listening and remembering the first show I saw and bringing me back here is really the loveliest thing and I cant Thankyou enough.”

“Are you sure darling because we don’t have to go in if you don’t want to?” Britt smiled.

“No. No I want to” she replied taking a deep breath “I`m sorry if I cry though”

“Darling, please don’t apologise for crying its only natural, atleast I know its not because of me that your upset, that’s the last thing I would want, I will never hurt you, I need you to know that.” she smiled. “I do, Tom, I do” he smiled kissing her on the cheek. “Now then fair maiden, may I escort you into the theatre and back to the land of Oz?”

“You may” Tom linked her arm for the millionth time since he had known her and escorted her into the theatre.


Britt cried at the scene where Glinda and Elpheba sang `For Good`, that song reminded her of her father, she always used to say that her father had changed her for the better. Tom saw the tears rolling down her eyes and grabbed her hand stroking the back of it and using his other hand to wipe her tears.


After the performance had ended they found there way back outside. They stood there for a while looking at the night sky and the Wicked sign lit up.

“Thankyou for such a lovely day, Tom well actually Thankyou for the last few months, I’ve never felt so close to someone in all my life and I really appreciate it.” It was now or never Tom thought. It had been a perfect evening and the only thing that would make it better would be if Britt agreed to be his.

“You’re more than welcome, darling as I said, it’s my pleasure and I love how I can just be myself around you. I love how close we’ve become over the last few months, I love the way you smile, the way you laugh, your eyes, your hair, the way you cuddle into me more when I embrace you”. Britt smiled. Tom took her hands in his leaning in to whisper in her ear “And I think there’s the slight possibility that I’ve fallen in love with you” he said before looking down at his shoes. He tended to do that a lot when he was nervous. Britt stood there for a while trying to comprehend what he had just told her. She smiled squeezing his hand. He looked up at her. “There’s a possibility ive fallen in love with you too, Tom, ever since that first day I saw you and got talking with you, the fact that you just listened whilst I spoke and told you everything, that meant a lot and then when we got to know each other more and began acting with each other. You’re a born talent Tom and I know I’ve only known you a few months but I feel it too, the jolt of electricity hits me everytime I see you, everytime you laugh, everytime you smile, I laugh and smile with you, the way I feel when you hold my hand, quote Shakespeare to me, just everything Tom. You really are everything, Tom. I love you” he smiled the biggest smile, a smile that reached his eyes, the smile she had grown to love so much over the past few months. He leaned into kiss her placing kisses on her head, eyelids, nose and cheek before kissing her on the lips, a passionate kiss full of emotion, the emotion he felt for her and had felt since he had first laid eyes on her. He loved her and she loved him.

“I love you, Britt” he told her”

I love you too, Tom” she replied.


To think when he had first bought Britt to see Wicked earlier that evening she had gotten upset and to see her face now, a huge smile on her face made Tom`s heart swell.


Wicked had always held a happy place for Britt, the place she knew she wanted to be an actress and memories spent with her father, although those memories wouldn’t be forgotten, Wicked now held a new memory, the place and night Tom asked her to be his.


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