I Knew it was Love-A Tom Hiddleston One Shot

A/N: A one shot based on the prompt `And then Tom said her name and I knew it was love`. It is also partly based around my video message from Tom Hiddleston where he says my name which can be found here. http://iamtheseany.tumblr.com/post/37155089491/tom-hiddleston-signing-and-chatting-also-him I’ve changed the name of the OC as I felt I tend to use my own name in most of my fics. For Catherine Wilson @CJMacBeathW


1. I Knew it was Love <3

I Knew it was Love-A Tom Hiddleston One Shot



A/N: A one shot based on the prompt `And then Tom said her name and I knew it was love`. It is also partly based around my video message from Tom Hiddleston where he says my name which can be found here. http://iamtheseany.tumblr.com/post/37155089491/tom-hiddleston-signing-and-chatting-also-him I’ve changed the name of the OC as I felt I tend to use my own name in most of my fics. For Catherine Wilson @CJMacBeathW



Never in my entire life did I think I would be marrying an actor, let alone Tom Hiddleston, an actor I had admired for so many years.


I remember when me and my best friend Catherine first met him. Catherine was a journalist for one of the biggest film magazines in the country: Total Film and had invited me along to the premiere of The Avengers as her plus one as she knew I was a fan of many of the actors going, one in particular, one that went by the name of Tom Hiddleston.


As soon as I saw him butterflies began to form in the pit of my stomach and my heartbeat increased by 100bpm. Tom Hiddleston stood about a meter away dressed in black trousers, slacks and blazer accompanied by a white dress shirt and black bow tie, his hair a gingery brown upon his gorgeous head. Very James Bond.


He worked his way down the press pen smiling and answering all the interviewers’ questions. So polite. Such a gentleman. It took all of my strength to not fangirl as he slowly worked his way down the pen and nearer to where we were standing, well where Catherine was standing, I was stood just to the left of her as to not get in the shot whilst she interviewed him.


He soon came over to where were we standing, Catherine just infront of me so he knew she was the one interviewing him. He smiled extending his hand to her. `Tom Hiddleston`. Catherine took it and shook it `Catherine Wilson: Total Film, pleasure to meet you Mr Hiddleston` he smiled his pearly whites. I stood there trying so hard not to speak, my mouth a jar. Tom laughed his ehehe as he looked straight into my eyes. `And who is this beautiful young woman? ` Tom asked extending his hand. `Rachel` I stuttered taking his hand.  `Rachel` Tom repeated. The way his name rolled off my tongue was pure poetry. Tom turned the back of my hand over in his and placed a kiss on my knuckles. A spark of electricity ran through me. Was this really happening? Catherine coughed bringing us out of our daze. Tom let go of my hand.

`Forgive me, Tom I don’t mean to intrude on you meeting my friend here, she’s a huge fan but I really need to interview you otherwise I’ll get in trouble with my boss.` Tom smiled an apologetic look on his face. `Sorry, where were we? `


Catherine began her interview. Tom answered all of her questions stealing casual glances at me in the process. I smiled at him trying not to stare for too long. Once Catherine had finished interviewing him she thanked him and shook his hand. He then came over to me kissing my knuckles and slipping a piece of paper into my hand before saying it was a pleasure and continuing his way back down the press pen to continue his interviews. Catherine continued hers too, interviewing the rest of the cast including Chris Hemsworth and director Joss Whedon.


It wasn’t long before the interviews were done and all the actors and journalists piled there way into the cinema to watch The Avengers. I was so excited to see it as I loved Tom`s portrayal of Loki in Thor and couldn’t wait to see how he developed. Before I went into the cinema I took the piece of paper Tom had given me out from inside my pocket. My hands were shaking when I opened it. It read:


Rachel, Darling,

It was a pleasure to meet you. I would love to see you again. If you wish to see me again please meet me outside the back entrance of the theatre after the film. If not then feel free to call or text me anytime on the number below.


Tom x


I wonder when he could possibly have had the time to write that, maybe he had a note already written out to give to one of the journalists he would chat up. No, no, he wasn’t like that. He must have gotten Luke to write it or something.


I pushed the thought out of my mind and walked into the theatre. I watched the film in complete awe, wondering where the hell you would even begin with making a film like that. When Tom came on screen it took everything for me not to shout infront of the whole entire cinema that I had just met him. Instead I leaned over to Catherine `Oh my god, I can’t believe I’ve just met him` I whispered to her. She looked over at me and smiled before whispering back `And you’ve got a date with him after the film` I squealed quietly.


After the film had finished we made our way out of the front of the cinema, Catherine to the after party, not before telling me to text her if I needed her whilst I went and met Tom at the back entrance.


I started to have doubts that the note wasn’t for me when he wasn’t there when I arrived. I assumed that he had just been held up what with his cast mates and groups of journalists waiting to interview him again.


About ten minutes later Tom came out of the back entrance apologising. As soon as he saw me his face lit up, a wide smile appearing on his gorgeous face, a smile that reached his gorgeous shiny blue eyes.

“I didn’t think you was going to show for a minute” I laughed.

“I am so sorry to have kept you waiting, darling I got caught up with press and then Joss wanted to talk to the cast and congratulate us on our performances.” He smiled an apologetic smile. I smiled back.





“I have to say it was an absolutely phenomenal performance” I said

“Bless you for saying that, darling. Forgive me if you wanted to attend the after party but I would much rather take you to dinner and get to know you” I smiled. “Shall we?” he offered me his arm. I took it without hesitation.


Over dinner we found out we had a lot in common including our love of music and books. I asked him about his life whilst he asked me about mine. It was as though i`d know him for years. He was ever the gentleman pulling my chair out and holding the door open for me and when dinner was over he escorted me back to my flat giving me the softest of kisses on the lips asking if he could see me again. I agreed and I had seen him pretty much everyday since. The fangirl inside me soon wore off and I just got know him as Tom which was much nicer than fangirling over him as Tom Hiddleston the actor.


Not long after that he sold is house in Westminster and moved in with me as he spent most of his time at my house. He said it was more homely than his which I disagreed with, I loved his house more than my own but didn’t argue. I got along well with his mum and dad and sister, Emma. I’d also heard a lot about his older sister Sarah but hadn’t met her yet as she lived in India with her family.


We were still going strong a few years later and on our third year anniversary Tom proposed to me on a London rooftop looking over the city, the view of the London eye and Big Ben lighting up the night, it was beautiful.


It took about a year to plan the wedding. Tom said he didn’t mind where we got married as long as he married me and could officially call me his wife. We decided on Highcleare Castle, the house used in the period drama Downton Abbey as we were both huge fans.


Tom wore a gorgeous grey Armani suit and red tie, his hair a browny ginger like when I first met him with a few days stubble covering his chin and bottom lip whilst I wore a simple long white dress with a train and gorgeous vale.


The ceremony was lovely I walked down the stairs that was used in the show feeling like Mary Crawley which was quite ironic considering Michelle Dockery and some of the other cast of Downton were there. Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford were also there along with Benedict Cumberbatch and the cast of The Avengers. I couldn’t believe that all these famous celebrities were at my wedding!


At the end of the day none of that mattered, the only thing that mattered was that Tom was waiting for me at the end of the isle and that all my friends and close family were there. Catherine was my maid of honour along with Tom`s sister, Emma and a couple of my cousins.









We said our vows and signed the register. It was weird signing my name as Mrs Hiddleston but I was so happy. After we had signed the register friends and family members came over and congratulated us before we all went outside and posed for photographs outside the castle and on the grounds before making our way to the Saloon where the reception was going to take place.


The Saloon was a beautiful building within the castle just opposite the staircase I walked down before walking into the library to say our vows. The tables had been set up at one side of the room, with the top table at the back of the room and smaller rounder tables surrounding it, half of the room was left clear as the dance floor.


The buffet was laid out on a long table, much like the top table, to the left side of the room. It was simple but lovely and featured all the things you could possibly imagine a buffet to have, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, a range of sandwiches, the lot. We decided we’d go simple rather than splashing out lots of money on a fancy three course meal.


Once the buffet had been eaten it was time for the speeches. My dad got up first saying how happy he was that I’d found someone that had made me so happy. He welcomed Tom to the family with open arms and said that he was proud to have such a talented son in law.


Catherine made a speech next as she was my maid of honour. “I’ve know Rachel all my life, we’ve had our happy moments, our sad moments and our crazy moments. She’s had many obsessions over the years including one with Pirates of the Caribbean, Audrey Hepburn and Downton Abbey- which is most likely why she wanted to get married here.” Everyone laughed. “I accepted her through all of these and I knew it wouldn’t be long until she was obsessed with something or someone else. When she first discovered Tom I knew I wouldn’t hear the last of it and that it would be an obsession she had forever. She went on about how perfect and gorgeous he was and so when I became a journalist I invited her to the premiere of The Avengers as I knew Tom was going to be there. Her face when she saw him was a picture. She was so starstruck that the man she had admired and been obsessing over for years was right in front of her and when he said her name for the first time I knew it was love. Now here we are less than four years later and she’s married to her favourite actor. Who would have thought it? Everyone laughed again. “Anyway what I`m trying to say in my own weird way is that I love you and am glad that you and Tom are so happy and that your fairytale worked out. So if everyone would be so kind as to raise their glasses to the new happily married Mr and Mrs Thomas Hiddleston”

“Mr and Mrs Thomas Hiddleston” the crowd cheered and clinked glasses. In that moment I knew I couldn’t be happier and that I’d married the man of my dreams.


Tom finished the speeches by thanking everybody for coming, saying how perfect the day had been and how happy he was to now be married to be and to be able to call me Mrs Hiddleston.





After the speeches the music began and me and Tom took up our place of the dance floor for our first dance as man and wife. We decided that our first dance song would be `You Belong to Me` by Jo Stafford as The Deep Blue Sea was one of my favourites of Tom`s movies and he liked the song too.


He guided me on to the dancefloor and we began a slow waltz along with the song. I was happy and content. I’d finally married the man of my dreams I was so happy. A group of guests gathered round the two of us taking photos whilst some others came and joined us on the dancefloor.


Tom spun me around before bringing me in for a long passionate kiss. “Thankyou for marrying me Mrs Hiddleston today has been the best day of my life and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you and have children with you. I love you”

“I’ll never tire of you calling me that” I sighed snuggling against his shoulder.

“I`m glad darling, because I don’t plan to stop calling you it anytime soon, Mrs Hiddleston. He kissed my cheek. “Mrs Hiddleston” he kissed my head. “Mrs Hiddleston. He kissed my neck. “Mrs Hiddleston” he said once more before placing a kiss on my lips.

“I love you Mrs Hiddleston”

“I love you too, Mr Hiddleston”


We enjoyed the rest of the evening enjoy the evening and time with our guests it was certainly a day I would never forget.



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