Coming Home-A Tom Hiddleston One Shot

A/N: A one shot based on the song `Coming Home` by Pixie Lott.


1. Coming Home

Coming Home-A Tom Hiddleston One Shot



A/N: A one shot based on the song `Coming Home` by Pixie Lott.



You had both been so busy recently that you had hardly seen or spent anytime with your fiancée Tom. He always seemed to have to be on set early or by the time he came back from his jog you would had gone to work and everytime you tried to wait up for him to come home you never could. You seemed to be living in the same house but not seeing or spending anytime together.


Tonight was going to be different however as Tom finished on set around the same time you finished at the office so you should be home around the same time and get to spend the evening together. Just the two of you.


You had met Tom at the premiere of War Horse; you were one of the lucky journalists who got to interview him on the red carpet. He looked absolutely gorgeous, as always dressed in a white dress shirt, black bow tie and black dress shirt, his hair a mop of browny black on the top of his head and supporting a goatee the same colour as his hair. A pearly white smile, that reached his gorgeous baby blue eyes etched on his face.


The interview had gone well. He then said that he wasn’t one to break the rules and ask a journalist who had just interviewed him out to dinner but he couldn’t resist saying how beautiful you looked. You admitted to him that you weren’t usually one to go out with actors, but for him you would make an exception. Looking back you were certainly glad you did.


You’d had much any argument about not being able to see each other. You never really meant the things you said you just missed each other. It was especially hard when Tom was away filming and you was at home alone. It felt as though he had taken half of your heart with him whenever he was away.


You could never seem to be able to sleep properly when his body wasn’t close to yours. Even the smell of him was a comfort. When he wasn’t around you slept with one of his shirts next to you on the pillow imagining he was there. Many a times you woke up thinking he was there when he wasn’t. That upset you a lot.


He tried to call you when he could but the time differences used to get in the way, you used to try and call him and he would be asleep or he’d call you and you was at work. Nothing seemed to work and your relationship seemed to be falling apart.


You knew what you got yourself in for before you started going out with him however, but you couldn’t help but fall more and more in love with him everyday. He was truly perfect and you loved him with your whole heart.


You couldn’t believe it when he proposed to you at the top of the London Eye at midnight. It was truly magical. The city was all lit up and Big Ben and the River Thames were just off in the distance. You were looking out from your booth at the city when he came up behind you putting his hands around your waist and kissing your neck. He whispered how happy he was and how much he loved you in your ear before getting down on one knee and asking you to make him the happiest man in the world, to marry him and become Mrs Hiddleston. You couldn’t believe it. That was the easiest `yes` you had ever agreed too. The evening was perfect. London was perfect. Tom was perfect!


You were so happy and tonight was also going to be perfect; you got to spend the evening together, with Tom Hiddleston. Your Tom. Your fiancée who you couldn’t believe you were going to marry next year. You were going to be Mrs Hiddleston.


The morning before you were going to spend the evening together you were finally both in the house together. You much preferred it when Tom was filming in London than when he was away. When he was filming in London it meant he didn’t have to leave straight after brushing his teeth and you could spend a bit longer in bed together. You set your alarm for six so you could spend a few hours cuddling before both having to get up and be out of the house for eight.


It was a Friday and Tom`s last day of filming Thor 2, it was also the last day of the week for you, well at the office anyway, you would still have to transcribe a few interviews at the weekend but that wasn’t half as bad as the work you had to do at the office.


Your alarm went off dead on six. You groaned reaching over to your bedside to turn it off. Just as you did you felt two strong arms come around your waist and Tom nuzzling your hair.

“Good morning, love” Tom said

“Hmm Good Morning” you sighed happily before turning to face Tom giving him a morning kiss and snuggling up to his side.

“Did you sleep well, darling?”

“I always sleep better when you’re in the bed next to me. Having your shirt next to me doesn’t have quite the same effect” you smiled cuddling into him more taking in his scent, his faded Armani aftershave from the night before and the faint smell of just him. You loved the way he smelled. Always so clean.

“I`m glad, love I’d hate to think I’d been replaced by one of my shirts” he chuckled his ehehe. You loved his laugh there was something so infectious about it.


You took this as your opportunity to throw a pillow at him. It hit him in the face. He then took his and threw it back at you. Just as you was about to throw it at him again Tom grabbed your wrists. The pillow dropped on the mattress with a thud. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you; darling I wouldn’t want to have to blame you for the make up artists having to cover a bruise, now, would I? He said a smirk on his lips. You smiled. He then took this as his queue and started tickling your sides. You squealed. “Tom. No... Stop…Tom, please” you said in-between giggles. It wasn’t long before Tom was straddling your hips continuing to tickle you kissing, sucking and biting your neck and shoulder. He then placed kisses on your head, eyelids, cheeks and finally your lips. Your giggles soon turned into moans as you began grinding your hips into his. You made love as the sun rose through the blinds.


At about seven you got up and went to have a shower whilst Tom went downstairs to make you a cup of tea and a plate of toast. You came downstairs feeling refreshed dressed in your brown jeans, black boots and white and purple striped jumper to see Tom at the kitchen counter reading the paper sipping a cup of coffee. You smiled at the sight. You loved having him at home and you couldn’t wait to be married to him.


Tom looked up from his paper when you sat on a chair opposite him at the table. You smiled taking a sip of your tea and bite of your toast trying not to look down at the chest hair that was poking out through his red and blue checkered shirt. You sat there in silence for a while enjoying the morning, your breakfast and each others company. Tom broke the silence first.

“So, darling, since were both have the evening free, what do you fancy doing?” he asked. You thought for a moment. “I don’t mind, as long as I`m spending time with you, love” you smile.

“Do you want to stay in or go out?”

“You know me, Tom, I`m no good at making decisions” you both laughed.

“How do you fancy a night in? I’ll cook you dinner and we can sit and watch a few movies and I’ll read to you before spending the rest of the evening in bed making up for lost time? This morning certainly wasn’t enough darling” you smiled. That you most certainly agreed with.

“Sounds perfect, Tom” you smiled. He smiled back. You got lost in each others eyes for a moment. The chiming of the clock letting you know that it was 7.45 pulled you out of your trance.


 You went and put your mug and plate in the sink, giving Tom a quick kiss on the lips before going upstairs to clean your teeth. You came downstairs a few minutes later. Tom was at the bottom of the stairs all ready for his last day on set holding out your jacket for you to slip into.

“I wasn’t expecting you to leave this early too.” you said

“I haven’t really but I thought we could get a cab and I can come with you to the office as I have about an hour to spare before I`m due on set.” You smiled. Tom held the door open for you. You zipped up your coat and walked out of the door into the cool London air, Tom following behind.


It didn’t take long to hail a cab. You both got in telling the driver to take you to the Empire Office and then Tom to the studio he was filming at. Tom held your hand the entire cab ride playing with your engagement ring on your left finger.

“I can’t wait to marry you and for you to become Mrs Hiddleston, darling” Tom said a grin on his face, bringing your left hand to lips placing a kiss over the ring. You smiled.

“I can’t wait either, love, I love you” his smile got wider.

“I’ll never tire of hearing you say that. I love you too”

“Get used to it Thomas, darling as I wont be stopping anytime soon, infact I’ll likely be telling you more.”


We soon arrived at the Empire office. Tom gave you a long passionate kiss. “I look forward to tonight, my love” he said against your lips. “I love you”.

“I look forward to it too, darling, have a great last day filming and send Chris and Elsa my love” “I love you too” you gave him one last kiss before getting out of the cab and watching it drive away.


The day at the office dragged. You loved your job, you did but today it just seemed to drag. You couldn’t wait to get home and spend the evening with Tom.


You found a text from Tom in your lunch break.


Looking forward to our evening together, my love. I love you- T xxx


Me too, darling. The day is dragging is it 5 o clock yet? Xxx


Afraid it’s only 1 o clock, dear. Only 4 more hours to go. I think I`m leaving set earlier than planned so should be home before you. - T xxx


Can’t wait to see you and be back in your arms.  Got to go back to work, see you about 5:30. I love you Thomas William Hiddleston. I can’t wait to marry you. Xxx


The feeling is entirely mutual, my darling. See you later. Hope the rest of the day goes quickly for you. I love you too, darling so much. I can’t wait to officially call you my wife, Mrs Hiddleston. Xxx


You smiled reading that last text before going back to writing up a review on the latest and final part of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2.


The afternoon tended to fly a lot quicker than the morning and before you knew it, it was 5 o clock and you were on the tube home.


You walked in the door about 5.45. The smell of spaghetti bologonse filling the house. “Darling, I`m home” you called to Tom. “In the kitchen, love” he called back. You smiled, taking off your boots and your bag and leaving them in the hall before walking into the kitchen.

“Mmmm something smells good” you sighed walking over to Tom who was standing by the stove with a towel over his shoulder a spoon in his left hand stirring the mince. You walked up behind him placing your hands around his waist nuzzling your cheek into his shirt. Tom turned to face you putting his hand around your waist and kissing the top of your head.

“I missed you so much today” you told him.

“Oh, darling, I missed you too. How was work?”

“Hmm it was ok; the afternoon didn’t seem to drag as much as the morning did. I managed to get all of my work done although I’ve still got a few more interviews to transcribe. How was the last day of filming?” you asked.

“I`m glad it the afternoon went faster. Filming went well; I didn’t have a lot to do today just a few reshoots. Me and Chris spent most of the day chatting, he asked how you were and if we had decided on a date for the wedding yet. I told him we hadn’t and that we still needed to discuss it. I thought maybe we could do that tonight? He then asked if we wanted to go round for dinner in a few weeks time. I said that I’d talk to you first but was pretty sure you would want to as you and Elsa get on so well.”

You smiled. “Yeah, we can discus it tonight, I was thinking just a low key wedding, Ive never really wanted a big wedding just a few of my closest friends and family but obviously your family are bigger than mine so it’s up to you and ofcourse we can go round to Chris’s in a few weeks. You don’t have to ask me all the time, Tom. You know I’ll quite happily go anywhere with you.” Tom laughed at your joke. You gave him a puzzled look. “You said low key” he laughed his ehehe throwing his head back. You laughed too. He was such a big kid bless him.


Once you’re laughing had subsided you got the plates out from the cupboard and layed the table whilst Tom dished up. You enjoyed a lovely dinner and evening together curled up on the sofa before retiring to bed where you spent the evening making love. This was what coming home meant to you. Tom was your havan. Tom was home.


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