Forever and ever

Tyreace is starting at a new school, she has had to move schools 4 times in the last 7 months. She meets one of the biggest boy bands in the world...One Direction!. The boys start to fall for her but she doesn't know that, will she find out?...and who will she choose?...


2. Nice to meet you :)

5 minutes later, I was at the gate, this school was huge, it was 3 stories high, it has a big courtyard and from where I was I couldn't see the administration, so I was just walking around trying to find my way around. 2 minutes later I was walking and I went to turn the corner and I bumped into someone, "ow!" I didn't bother to look at him or anything because I wanted to just pick up my books and leave, "oh I'm so sorry, are you okay?", all I heard was a British accent..but i sill didn't even bother looking at him I just wanna get my books and leave. "yeah, im fine" I put on a smile "here let me help you"...that's when i decided to look at him...i gotta admit..he was kinda hot "th-thanks"..i was kinda shocked by how hot he was "aha its fine, im Zayn by the way...and you are?" "im Tyreace...and thanks again for helping me, and nice to meet you" "nice to meet you too"....after he said that he just stood there staring at me. After an awkward silence he decided to say "so look you need any help?" "um...yeah...could you tell me where the administration office is?" "uh yeah i can take you there if you want?" "yeah...thanks...if you dont mind?" "yeah its fine i dont mind...lets go!"



sorry about the late update ive been busy with family problems so ill try and update more often. Please like and favourite this fan-fic i would be so happy :) so once again im so sorry about the late update... :)

Peace out yo!

~Mrs.Stypayhorlikson4eva ;)

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