Forever and ever

Tyreace is starting at a new school, she has had to move schools 4 times in the last 7 months. She meets one of the biggest boy bands in the world...One Direction!. The boys start to fall for her but she doesn't know that, will she find out?...and who will she choose?...


1. New School.

Today I was starting at a new school, it had been the fourth time in seven months that i have had to move. I was so tired from staying up all night unpacking my things from their boxes. I woke up to 5 more boxes still at the end of my bed, my bed was the only thing that was set up in the room. I just sighed at the thought of how long it was going to take to unpack all of them. I decided to have a shower and freshen up. When i got out i put some eyeliner and mascara on, then i put my lipgloss on. I put my favourite red baseball tee on with my black skinny jeans and red chuck converse, i put on my red varsity jacket got my bag and headed downstairs. I could smell dad cooking something in the kitchen, "morning dad, what yah cooking?", he looked a little to concentrated on the food to notice me, "dad?" "oh...morning sweetie, just cooking some bacon and eggs...could you go and wake your brother up", yes now i can get my revenge on Jake for last week, I was asleep and dad told him to wake me up, so he took the pleasure of pouring ice-cold water on me while i was sleeping, i chased him around the house for literally 5 minutes trying to get back at him. I decided I would pour ice-cold water on him, like he did to I went and got the ice-cold water, snuck into his room and counted to three '*whispers*...1...2...3...GET UP SUNSHINE!!!" and i poured it all over him, "WHAT THE...WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" " we're even..." just then a devious smile spread across his face..."oh...your not gonna get away that easy..." then i started to back up slowly "you have 3 seconds to run...1...2.." I just bolted straight out of the room as soon as he said "run", "3!!..." and i heard him running down the stairs and I was already grabbing my things and heading out the door, I had already given dad a kiss and snatched a piece of bacon from the plate, "bye...Jake!...I'm already outside!" he couldn't come outside in time because i had locked the door before he could get out, "I'm gonna get you back little sis!" i heard him yelling from the house, i just giggled and kept walking to school.

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