Why does he run? One shot

Ok so this is a real story, and I was so touched by it and I thought I have to share it with you. I've done some famous characters so you um can get a better understanding.


1. Why does he run?

Selenas P.O.V

I walked into the bus and I spotted Harry a smile spread across my face, "Hey, Styles!" I smiled sitting next to him.

"Hey Sel" He said continuing to look out of the window.


"Im just ganna say it, I cant wait forever. Out of no where you became so distant. I dont know what i did wrong i just-"

"You didn't do anything wrong, I just dont have time for anyone but family right now. Ok? I'm sorry"

"So you led me on again.." I said

"I didn't mean to, I really do like you. I really do... just please. Don't"He said.

"Whatever, Harry. I'm done then. Thanks" I said sadly moving seats next to Cher. I mean whats wrong with him, he seems so sucked up in his family problems. 

Harrys P.O.V

I watched her leave, I couldn't worry about her now. I had other problems and Selena was least of the problems. I had my mind on other things. Justin approached me and sat next to me

"Hey.." He said looking down. I looked at him in sympathy, "Hey, Justin" I said back. He looked at me, I could see the worry in his eyes. 

"How is she?" He said softly.

"Well, she's breathing" I said with a shaky voice.

"Im scared for her, Harry. No, I'm actually terrified. I cant even functions straight, I cant imagine what your going through. Im here for you if you need me always remember that."

I nodded, "I know.. thanks" 

"Okay" he said going back to his seat. The bus gradually came closer to my stop, I collects my things. 

"Hey, Justin." I asked

"Yeah, man?"

"She does love you. Just know that. I know she sorry," I said to him

A smile spread on his face. "I know, thanks Harry" he said.

As soon as the bus stopped, I sprinted out and ran as fast as I could to my house.

Selenas P.O.V

 Cher rolled her eyes,  she looked at me. "Why does he always run? what a freak, You have disgusting taste in guys."

"Shut up, he wasn't always a freak" I scoffed.

"You two have no clue what your talking about, so I suggest you stop talking out of your asses and quit judging others" Justin interrupted.

"Whatever, Justin." Cher said, I stayed quiet.

Justin looked away, he looked really irritated and pissed off. He sunk into his seat looking down.


Harrys P.O.V

I ran into the house, "MILEY???" I shouted for my sister, I ran up to her room. 

Her eyes slowly opened, she looked at me. I sighed in relief, "Hey, how are you doing?" I asked. She just stared at me, with no response. I made my way over to her, and sat at the edge of her bed, "Justin asked about you, he misses you Mi" She stared into the ceiling, "He'll be waiting, so when you get better you can be together. Thats something to look forward to isn't it?" I gazed at my sister.

She sighed heavily, "Thank you for being strong, keep it up kid. Your doing great." I softly planted a kiss on her forehead."Call me if you need anything, i'll be in my room." I got up and left. 

*Week later*

"So, you sure your not doing it?" Zayn asked me looking upset.

"I can't. Sorry mate"I said.

"The team needs you man," Niall pleaded.

"No, you don't" 

"Yea, we do! Your our best pitcher, fielder and hitter! We can't win without you!" Louis stated

"Just try to understand when I said I cant do it. There isn't enough time." I answered him.

"What the fuck else can you be doing?!" Louis groaned.

"There is more important things in my life, that I need to watch out for. Baseball can wait!" I shouted getting a little tensed,

"Thats not the only thing your giving up. Is it?" Zayn asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

"Selena! Dude, how could you say no to her? She's fucking perfect! Why did you turn her down?" Niall said. 

"I like her a lot... Its just..." I trailed off

"Cant? Thats a pathetic answer Mr Styles!" Cher said from the table behind.

"Cher- Drop it!" Selena yelled at her, She looked at me. I could see the hurt in her eyes.

I ignored her stare, I felt no sympathy for her. Which kind of scared me in a way. I couldn't feel anything for any of my friends any more. 

"He's mental Sel. Trust me, he'll regret it!" Louis said.

"Um, Sel. Just so you know there's 4 more of us, " Niall winked at her. 

I really am not in the mood for this now so I got up, and left the canteen.

Selenas P.O.V

"Honestly, whats his problem?" Zayn said pissed off.

"Im telling ya, he's straight insane." Niall said eating my lunch.

I saw Harry walking to his locker, and typing a message to someone. He does that everyday! 

Harrys P.O.V

Like usual, I'd send a message to Miley telling her 'I love you' She's the only family i've got, I cant bare to loose her.

"Harry!" I heard Louis shout from the hall.

I just ignored him and closed my locker."Honestly, whats your problem?" He said. I really wish to tell them, but its way too painful even to think about it.

So I just stood there and didn't respond him, "OI! I asked you a question!" He shouted. I got so frustrated  I clenched my fist and banged hard on my locker door, "YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT MY FUCKING PROBLEM IS?" I yelled I felt myself getting red in the face, 

"Thats what I asked ya didn't I?" Louis said,


"Who's feelings do you have time for then?" Louis asked demanding an answer,

"My sisters! thats it!" I said.

"Miley? whats wrong with her? She cant handle her own shit again?"

My fists went flying towards Louis and it hit him in the jaw, causing him to drop to the ground. I went to him who was lying on the floor, "Dont you ever, talk about my sister like that. Do YOU HEAR ME?"I threatened.

He nodded, as he held his jaw. 


*The next day*

Selenas P.O.V

I got on the bus on my normal seat next to Cher. On the next stop Harry came and sat on his usual seat. Justin was on the seat behind Harry, he saw me look and I just rolled my eyes at him. Justin was the only one who still spoke to Harry, I mean if I were him I wouldn't bother.

Harry's P.O.V

Justin came and sat on the seat behind me, "Hey" He said with a low voice.

Justin was the only one I felt comfortable talking about Miley with. "Hey Justin" I replied,

"How is she?" He said like usual.

I looked down, " I talked about you yesterday, I told her you miss her, and your waiting for her to get better..." I trailed off.

He nodded, "I am, I miss her so much..."

" I know pal, I do too. I see her...Everyday... But I miss Miley. My best friend.." 

Selenas P.O.V

Cher patted me, "Listen to them" she said nodding in Justin and Harry's direction.

I began earwigging/eavesdropping, 

"I know what you mean, I had no clue she was feeling the way she was, she gave us no hints" Justin said.

"All we can do is hope she'll be okay. My job now is to get home as soon as possible everyday,to make sure she's okay" Harry said sadly

"Dont worry man, Im praying for her, I love her.." Justin said.

"I know" Harry said understandingly. Harry got up as it was his stop and sprinted like usual. 

"RUN FOREST RUN!" Cher shouted beside me, I looked around me and see the whole bus laughing. 

Justin turned at us,"Does that make you feel better?" He spat at Cher. 

"Yeah actually it does, he's pathetic, Get over it." Cher said back bitterly. 

"Your a piece of shit, the pair of you." He said disgusted.

I think its time I stepped in, "Relax! we were only joking!"I said,

"Its not a fucking joke yea," Justin said

"Yes it is, Im sure Harrys little jog home is something he enjoys doing. So why the hell would he care if we made a joke out of it?" I said.

"Yeah hes the one doing it and looking stupid." Cher interrupted. I really do wish she'd shut her gob. 

"Yeah, because running home making sure your sister doesn't commit suicide is stupid?" He yelled at us. "Just fuck off!"

My jaws dropped, I was so shocked, all this time we thought he was stupid and an idiot. But really he was running to his sister whose about to commit suicide. I feel the guilt exploding in me, 

"I-I didn't know" Cher stammered. 

"Well now you fucking do! I hope you all feel bad. Youre all poor excuses for people, this is why you shouldn't judge someone on what they do, because you never know why theyre doing it!" He said. 

I really do feel bad, I cant believe we've been so hard on him when he's already having such a hard time. I just sat there in silence. 


*A few days later*

Justins P.O.V

I walked into the canteen and my eyes caught Louis and Niall, "Hey, have you seen Harry lately? I haven't seen him on the bus and i just-"

"We haven't seen the wanker" Niall stopped me,

"Harry's smart keeping a distance, the next time I see him shits going to happen" Louis threatened.

"Fuck" I ignored what they said. I just need to concentrate on finding Harry,

"Why you looking for him? You his new boyfriend?" Niall laughed, I clenched my fist. I breathed in, trying to stay calm, 

"If your looking for him to wank you off-"Louis said

"You do realise people think your gay for each other?" I pointed at Niall then pointed at Louis

"So get his dick out of your mouth" I spat at them, they really do disgust me. "So, shut the fuck up!" I backed away from them. 

"What?" Niall said.

"We're not gay!" Louis shouted behind me, I smirked. 

I saw Liam and walked up to him,"Hey pal, you seen Harry?" I asked.

"Not lately, No. Sorry. Is everything okay?" He asked concerned. 

I started to worry even more "I hope so," I sighed heavily, "Thanks" I saw Selena walking by and I went up to her. "Hey you seen Harry lately?" I asked. 

"No" She said faintly, 

"Alright thank" I said. I walked away from her "Hey Justin..." She said. I turned around to see her again, "What?" I asked, "Im really sorry, I didn't know, I feel really ba-" 

"You should feel bad, Judging him before you even knew what was going on. You always do it! Not just him, you don't know why people do what they do, you just assume!" I walked away from her. 

*A week later*

Harrys P.O.V

I walked into the bus, all eyes were on me. I ignored them and sat on my usual seat. Cher looked at me sadly.

"Harry..." Justin said behind me. 

I didn't turn to talk to him, "Harry" He said louder. I ignored his second call. Selena and Justin looked at each other, I heard Selena swallow hard. I just stared out of the window, saw the trees and people pass by. For a minuted i closed my eyes and tightened them, I opened them again and saw a tear roll down my face. 

Justin stood up I felt his shadow cover me, I got out of the bus. And for the first time in months I stopped running and felt the tears stream down my face.....


The end..





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