The Goth Babes

Ahhh. Freshman Year at high school, a lovely start.. NOT! Alysha and Minerva are the new girls at school. One Problem: they're goths. There's just something about Alysha though. Does she have a secret? Is she really as gothic as she believes she is or is she actually the complete opposite of the goth she thinks she is. Is she one of the populars?
What happens when One Direction join the school? Can a certain member change Alysha's ambitions? What will happen to Miverva's friendship with her? What about Minerva's side of the story? Her daily life? Her love life?

Find out in... The Goth Babes!

(Blurb modified by Aly (My1dlovestory). Please check out both of our other stories too!)


2. Minerva

Today, Ill be starting at a new school. I've just here from Sydney. I hope there isn't too much stress on specific students! i dress gothically and I hope that I meet some other goth. I really miss my best friend from Sydney. Her name was Ivy Sydney Collins but everyone called her Sydney. No one but I called her Siddy and if anyone called her that, she would start chasing after them and after that, she would scream! She was a bit insane but she was my best friend too! One Summer, I spent a whole week on an island with her whole family! They all treated me like family. One day, we attended a customization workshop. They provided us with plain backpacks and sneakers. They gave is some paint and color and I decided to do my back covered with TimTams. However Sydney, decided to do 1D related things! She said, draw a random carrot on a TimTam and so I did. I drew a carrot with a smiley face on it. As Sydney and I had the same shoe size, we did both shoes and swapped the right shoe and so in conclusion I ended up with a TimTam printed one and a 1D printed shoe which I customized slightly. I added another Mr Carrot to it. Got to Dash. Moms going to end up screaming her head off if I don't move now!

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