The Goth Babes

Ahhh. Freshman Year at high school, a lovely start.. NOT! Alysha and Minerva are the new girls at school. One Problem: they're goths. There's just something about Alysha though. Does she have a secret? Is she really as gothic as she believes she is or is she actually the complete opposite of the goth she thinks she is. Is she one of the populars?
What happens when One Direction join the school? Can a certain member change Alysha's ambitions? What will happen to Miverva's friendship with her? What about Minerva's side of the story? Her daily life? Her love life?

Find out in... The Goth Babes!

(Blurb modified by Aly (My1dlovestory). Please check out both of our other stories too!)


9. Alysha's P.O.V- Dressing Up!

Ok, 3 hours straight, standing in front of my wardrobe, still deciding on what to wear. Hey, goths care about their appearance too you know! So, there's just one little detail I haven't told you, Diary (and of course anyone that somehow comes across my diary and reads it): I may be a goth, but the way I dress isn't 100% goth..(goth with the ic at the end, I guess -gothic). I don't wear heavy black make- up, I don't have unessesary hair extensions, I wear casual everyday clothes the only gothic type of clothing I wear, being my black leather coat. I don't even speak slow (or boring!).. Minerva, Draconia nor Cupid speak like that either so I guess we're half goth- half not?


One thing for sure is that I'm the least gothic of the Goth Babes Four! OMG! That's what we can call ourselves! Maybe we could form a band! I can sing (well at least that's what I've been told). Everyone compares me to Ariana Grande and Cher Lloyd. They say I'm better than them but I don't think so. Ariana Grande, Cher Lloyd and P!ink are my favourite female solo artists! So being compared to Ariana and Cher is just BIG. So it's definitely safe to say I'm not the Goth Freak out of the bunch. I rather think that Minerva and Cupida are the two most GOTHIC in the school. 


Ok, so since the first day I started the school, everyone I walked past, came up to me and wanted to hang out with me but I turned them down because I knew that once they realized I was a goth that they'd leave me straight away. When I started hanging out with Minerva, everyone started to give me weird looks. She told me that some people have come up to her saying, "You don't deserve to be friends with Alysha. She's too good for you and Cupida. Or should I say uh Stupida? Haha, Draconia is alright. I mean he's real name is just sooo hot! ah...James! ". She doesn't deserve that treatment! If being Goth was a nationality then you'd be able to call them the most racist people on Earth! But it's not a nationality so they cab't be considered racist. 


Finally, I've found the one! 

A white dress, the black coat (I wear to school) which I'm bringing along, black heels- with a matching Chanel bag and gorgeous black dangling ear rings. The Rest- I decided on curling my hair and leaving it out (Selena Gomez style), with black eye shadow and mascara, 'BABY LIPS' bright pink lip gloss and to touch it all off, a directioner infinity bracelet! (A/N: I actually have one of those, comment if you have one too!).

(So this is the polyvore link to my fabLOUIS (see what I did there?) look:


Okay, goths are known to like all that LOUD punk music and stuff but that kind of music just hurts my ears! Everyone knows I am REALLY into pop! But no one knows I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! They are my inspiration, my idols, my heart and soul, MY EVERYTHING! Since I'm goth, no one thinks that I would be one to take a liking to One Direction, but fortunately I am a big- time fan of 1D. Every other goth in all my my schools have absolutely hated One Direction but I can't blame them. I mean haters gonna hate, fans gonna do all the work :P. But again I may tell you, I'm not the biggest goth in the world. 


Now I think about it, why did I become goth if I don't even like LOUD punk music nor black/ dark make- up and dark clothes? 

If I didn't bother to attend all those goth meetings and went to the cheerleader tryouts and practices instead? Or even studied instead of writing dark poems and all that? 


I guess it's just that I think the people are cool. They can use the act of goth to express themselves but I just don't think I was born to be gothic. I love Draconia and all but I'm just not the biggest fan of being a goth anymore. At first, I saw all these people that were goths and thought it was cool so I became the best goth I could be. But I have always been the least gothic of them all. I truly believe that Draconia and I were meant to be together but I just can't hang out with them at school anymore. It's not healthy for my lifestyle, I'm trying to be someone I'm not. So that's why I decided that tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I am going to the mall and I'm going to let my mind wander around to the different shops and buy whatever I want, without me trying to force myself to buy something I actually don't want!



Hey people! So, this is officially the longest chapter of the book so far. Like it? I promised I'd make it more interesting for you! I'm not quite sure about @Miss Purple TimTam though. I'm sure she'd do anything for her readers... Anyways please (if you haven't yet), check out my Movellas. I work hard on those and it puts a smile on my face whenever there are more reads, or favs, or likes or even just comments! 

- Aly (My1dlovestory) xx

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