The Goth Babes

Ahhh. Freshman Year at high school, a lovely start.. NOT! Alysha and Minerva are the new girls at school. One Problem: they're goths. There's just something about Alysha though. Does she have a secret? Is she really as gothic as she believes she is or is she actually the complete opposite of the goth she thinks she is. Is she one of the populars?
What happens when One Direction join the school? Can a certain member change Alysha's ambitions? What will happen to Miverva's friendship with her? What about Minerva's side of the story? Her daily life? Her love life?

Find out in... The Goth Babes!

(Blurb modified by Aly (My1dlovestory). Please check out both of our other stories too!)


5. Alysha

Today, while I was in Maths, I got a text from Draconia asking if we could hang out later today. Well, so of course I said sure cause today I am Freeeeeeeeeeeee! When we met at the mall, he offered to take me to meet his other mates. It was quite obvious that I was the only gal there with practically 6 dudes around me. Draconia got me an Iced Latte and it was so scrummy! His mates were pretty shocked that he came in with a gal! I mean surely its not that strange to see a GOTH COUPLE!! Maybe it is I dunno. I think Draconia knew I was feeling a bit awkward so he said for us to go shopping. I agreed as I was desperate to GET OUTTA THERE! We walked in an orderly fashion to the first gothic store we could find and I got myself a studded bracelet! After I went and got a studded bracelet, Draconia asked if we could hang out every single day after that! Maybe we could become something!

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