Twisted Love

This story is about a girl who finds love and it doesnt workout and then she meets the Liam Payne her saver. Liam instantly falls in love with her. He brings her back to his flat to make her feel safe then when Harry and Niall see her they are in love too but know one knows that except louis.

This movella the girls name is Elizabeth but people call her El for short!


2. My relationship is ruined!


Im so confused, shocked and worried that my relationship is ruined from this little thing.

My relationship with Jacob has been great and he has been so caring and sweet but he said *i love you* too soon. This little thing might change everything between me and Jacob.


"so jacob how was ur dentist appointment?" i asked trying to change the subject

"why so interest?' he questioned me with a look

"just asking, i want to make sure my babes teeth are good and healthy' i said sweetly 

"well if you want to really know, my teeeth are great no cavities at all!' he said

" Thats great" i said in fake excitement

"yep so i dont have to cut back on eating lollies' he said then laughing then with me laughing too

The bell rang and i was off to physical education 

"bye Jacob i said while kissing him on the cheek.

"bye' he said back

"text me' i said while leaving

I went to my locker.

I grabbed my gym bag and i grabbed my backpack with some makeup essentials and my phone and english book.

I closed my locker and headed to the gym.

I go to the gym and i saw Amy there.

"hey Amy its me Elizabeth' i said

" excuse me' she said

" im elizabeth' i said

she had a confused look like she didnt know me.

" Elizabeth Webster Old friend' i said

"oh hey' she said 

"hey, u came back' i said

"yeah i didnt like my new school either did my parents so they put me back to this school' she said

"cool' i said

I went to the locker room.

I got changed into my grey cross back singlet and my sweat shorts and i put on some joggers.

I brushed my hair and put it back into a high messy bun.

I took my makeup off.

I put my stuff into my gym locker and went to the gym

Mr Sar wanted us to play a round of basketball to warm up a bit.

My favourite sport is basketball.

---------- After P.E-----------------

P.E was so tiring today.

I went to the locker room and went to the showers.

I quickly got out so it wouldnt be crambed in the locker rooms.

I changed into my same outfit but with some white leggings since it was starting to get cold.

I put some foundation, blush, eyeliner and lipstick on.

I made sure i looked all freshened up.

I grabbed my gym bag and my school bag and i went to my school locker since i had time too before next class.

I put my gym bag in there and i quickly checked my text messages.

I had a text from Jacob

To: El<3

From: Jacob

Hey babe,

i miss u and luv u!<3

he said i love u again great.

I replied back

To: Jacob

From: El<3

Hey babe miss u too!

I didnt want to say i love u again cos it was a bit uncomfortable.

I also had a text from Madie.

To: El

From: Madiemoo

Hey El,

how was P.E oh and come after school today so we can go and see a movie!

I replied

To: Madiemoo

From: EL

Yeah P.E was great and ill come over i just need to tell my mum!

I turned off my phone and i headed to English class.

------After school-----

The bell rang to go home but first i head to go to my locker.

I grabbed all my school books like, history, maths, english, science and spanish with me coz i had to study and i grabbed my gym bag.

I called Madie up.

RIng ring ring

"hey el whats up' madie said

"ummm im just gonna swing around my place to change clothes have a shower and put my dirty gym clothes in the wash.' i said

' oh ok" Madie said

" oh and we will go in my car' i said

"ok, bye' she said

"bye' i said and hung up.

I still had no messages from Jacob and i hope seeing a movie with Madie will take my mind off  him.

I walked back to my house.

I walked into the door and i see mum home early.

"hi had a good day at school' she said

'yeah ur home early'  i said

"yeah i asked if i could go early i wasnt feeling well' she said

" oh ok well me and madie are gonna see a movie' i said

"ok thats fine' my mum said.

i went to the laundry room adn grabbed my dirty clothes and put them in the basket.

I went up to my room and i chucked my bags on the floor and i went t have a shower.

I washed my body and hair.

I got out and i chucked on some light denim skinny jeans with a white ruffle tank top and i chucked on some white wedge high heels. I am really tall but i like wearing them.

I blow dryed my hair and i curled it and i let it fall back.

I put on some foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick for my makeup.

I grabbed my short denim coat and i grabbed my wallet, phone and car keys.

I said bye to my mum and i hoped into my car.

I drove to Madies house and it was 4pm.

She was waiting outside.

SHe hoped into the car and i drove to the movies.

We saw Parental Guidance which was hilarious!!

Authors Comments

Hi guys, 

this is a long chapter so i hoped u liked it!

and my books Meeting Harry and Louis+Me=<3 will be updated soon.




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