Twisted Love

This story is about a girl who finds love and it doesnt workout and then she meets the Liam Payne her saver. Liam instantly falls in love with her. He brings her back to his flat to make her feel safe then when Harry and Niall see her they are in love too but know one knows that except louis.

This movella the girls name is Elizabeth but people call her El for short!


5. My heart is broken!

Elizabeth's P.O.V

We were driving to starbucks when my phone rang i said to Danielle who was next to me in the car to answer the phone.

She was talking for a while and hung up.

I asked who was on the phone.

She said it was Jacob.

and he wanted to talk to me.

Oh god!

We got to starbucks and we were all starving.

I quickly rang Jacob

me): Hello

Jacob): Hi umm i need to talk to u

Me): yeah now or...

Jacob): now, u have been hesitating a little when i say i love u

shit he knows!

Me): No i havent!

Jacob): yes u have i can here it in ur voice Elizabeth

Me): Ok maybe i have but its no big deal Jacob

Jacob): Yes it is! i need to know if u love me or not!!

Me): ok well i dont love u i like u!

Jacob): then why have u been saying i love u back have u been lying

He sounded angry and hurt

Me): yes but i was scared that our relationship would be ruined!!!

Jacob): but lying to me is the worst too u know!! we r through!!!!

He hung up.

I was so angry yet so sad.

I started to cry but i knew i was in public so i sucked it up and wiped away my tears.

"Whats wrong El?' Madie asked worried

"he broke up with me" i said

"im sorry' she said 

"thats ok' i said

Well it was my fault.

But i will get over it and find someone new maybe?

I went to the starbucks counter and i ordered.

I ordered a egg and bacon mcmuffin and a peppermint latte.

I just need the day to shop and get my mind off things...

Authors comments

Hey guys, 

i think u want the bit when it come to them breaking up and she soon meets one direction to be exact the Liam Payne that saves her!!! Plz vote on my blog about which plot for the Zayn Malik story if no one votes i wont publish it. So i would appreciate if u did!!!


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