Twisted Love

This story is about a girl who finds love and it doesnt workout and then she meets the Liam Payne her saver. Liam instantly falls in love with her. He brings her back to his flat to make her feel safe then when Harry and Niall see her they are in love too but know one knows that except louis.

This movella the girls name is Elizabeth but people call her El for short!


4. Dinner and sleepover

Elizabeth's P.O.V

It was now 2pm and we had 3hours to spare so Danielle, Madie and i went shopping and we bought cute clothes.

It was now 4:30pm and my mum said to be back home at 5pm.

The girls went home to their house to get stuff ready to come over but Madie also had to see Max before she came to my house.

I got home and i smelt my mum cooking a roast. Yum!!!

"hey mum Madie might be a bit late coz she has to do something before she comes here' i said

"thats ok its still half an hour till the roast is done, anyone else coming?' she said

"uh yeah Danielle' i said

"great go and freshen up' my mum said

"ok' i said

I ran up stairs to my room.

I went to have a shower.

I washed my self and my hair.

I got out and i put on my new clothes that i bought which was jeggings(jeans+leggings), i also put on my new top which was a oversized cross back singlet i wore a bando under and i put on some white sandes. I blow dryed my hair and  put it in a messy high bun.

I put on some light makeup which was, foundation, blush, mascara and a lipgloss.

I ran down stairs and i saw Danielle already here.

Danielle's P.O.V

I came back from lunch and i went straight home to get ready.

Once i got home i quickly had a shower and washed my hair.

I got out and i put on my new skinny jeans, my new lilac singlet that i put a white blouse over and i wore some white flip flops.

I grabbed a over night back and i put some clothes in there my toiletries and my makeup bag.

I grabbed my phone and wallet and drove to El's house.

I got there and i rang the bell

Mrs Webster answered the door.

"come in Danielle' she said.

"thanks!' i said

I walk in and i ask Mrs Webster where is Elizabeth and she said she is getting ready.

I wait a bit and i see Elizabeth walking down the stairs.

"Hi El' i said

"good ur here, madie will be here soon' she said

"ok' i said

She sat down watching tv and i did the same.

Elizabeth's P.O.V

We were watching tv when the door bell rang.

That woud be madie.

I opened the door and its madie.

"hey' i said

"hey ' she said

"what did max say' i asked

"just he made a big mistake and he wants to get back together' she said while rolling her eyes.

"he is so stupid' i said

"i know right' she said

I invited her inside.

We were all just chatting and watching tv.

"dinner is ready' my mum said.

We sat at the table and there was a good spread of, pork roast, salad, potato bake, gravy and steamed vegies.

I grabbed a plate and i put everything on the plate exept gravy.

We all started eating.

---after dinner---

After i was finished i was stuffed.

"dessert we will have later' my mum said.

I got up and i changed my shirt since it had a stain on it and i changed my shirt to a black singlet.

I went back down stairs.

I said to my friends we can watch some tv until dessert.

---Dessert Time---

We went to the table and the desser was a truffle or a banana split.

I couldnt chose so had some of both.

We all at our dessert and it was delicious.

It was now 7:30pm and my mum said good night since she had work tomorrow and she had to wake up early.

Me and the girls watched two movies.

Toy story 3 and Pretty Little liars but pretty little liars was a season show we watched.

It was just past midnight and a we were all tired so i got some blankets and pillows for my friends to sleep with and i went to my room.

I changed into my grey sweat shorts and i kept the black singlet on and i put on some fuzzy socks.

I went to the bathroom and i brushed my teeth.

I hoped into bed and i went on my laptop checking facebook and my emails and i suddenly got a call from Jacob and i answered.

"hello' i said

"hey babe its me' he said

" i know i saw the caller ID' is said while laughing quietly.

"hey i wanna talk to u about something' he said

"what about' i asked

I was thinking maybe he noticed my fake smile when he said i love u.

"well u seem to not smile like u usually do' he said 

Oh shit!

"well tooth has been aching and yeah' i said lying

"oh ok well have to go babe luv u bye' he said

Damn it he said the word again.

"bye' i said

I just couldnt say i love u.

I put my phone down and i went to sleep.

---Next Morning---

I wakeup by my friends jumping on me screaming wakeup.

"would u be any louder' i said sarcastically

"Ur welcome" they both said

I got out out of bed and i went down stairs.

It was 7am and there was a note it read

To Elizabeth, ive gone to work and ill be back late!

Well she is out and my friends are here.

I said to them that we can go out for breakfast at startbucks.

I also work there so i get a discount.

Danielle works there too and Madie is applying for the job.

I said to my friends that they can have a shower down stairs there is two one just normal bathroom and the other is a guest bathroom.

I went upstairs and i went to have a shower.

I washed my hair and myself.

I got out and i put on a pair of short shorts, a singlet top that shows my belly button and i put on some brown wedge i heels.

I blow dryed my hair and i put it to a side fishtail braide.

I applyed makeup which was, foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara and a brigth coral lipstick.

I grabbed my phone and wallet and i went down stairs.

Madie came out wearing a long plain blue maxi dress and wearing brown sandels with her  high straightened and down and light makeup.

Danielle came out wearing a floral printed shorts, a white singlet with a  pink blouse over and some white lace boots. She had her hair in a high messy bun and she had light makeup on.

"you guys ready' i asked

they both said yes.

We went in my car to starbucks....

Authors comments

i hope u liked this chapter and if u would like  to be in it leave a comment!!


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