Twisted Love

This story is about a girl who finds love and it doesnt workout and then she meets the Liam Payne her saver. Liam instantly falls in love with her. He brings her back to his flat to make her feel safe then when Harry and Niall see her they are in love too but know one knows that except louis.

This movella the girls name is Elizabeth but people call her El for short!


1. DiD hE jUsT sAy "I love you"!

El's P.O.V

I wokeup this morning to a sizzling sound of bacon. I knew my mum was making my favourite breakfast. Eggs and bacon with hash browns! yum!

It was a school day and i so wanted to go because Jacob had a suprise for me since it was our 1month (four weeks) anniversary. 

Before i was going to have breakfast i put on a swearer over my pj's since it was chilly inside the house.

I went to the kitchen and saw eggs freshly cooked and bacon freshly grilled yum!.

I grabbed a plate and i grabbed two pieces of toast, two eggs, some bacon and a hash brown.

I ate my food quick since it was so delicious!!!

I rinsed my plate then i placed it in the dishwasher.

I went to the bathroom and had a shower. I washed my hair and myself. I got out and i put on some dark ripped shorts with a black flowey tank top and i put on my high top black converse.

I blow dryed my hair and i placed it in a messy high bun. I did my usual makeup routine which is...

foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eye liner (both liquid and pencil) and a bright coral lipstick.

I went to my room and i got my equip school backpack and i put my phone, books, pencil case, gum!, a bag of pretzels and a water bottle for school. and i also grabbed my laptop in its case and i went to the kitchen.

" bye mum love u see u at 5pm' i said

" bye honey see u at 5pm or if im late coming back 6' my mum repleid.

"ok' i waved to her and i walked out the door. 

I usually walk but on some occasions i would drive but today i walked.

I usually stop at my friend Madie's house so she can walk with me.

I get to her house and i walk up to the door and knock.

"hello' Mrs Clark says

"oh hi is Madie here?' i ask

" yeah she is she will be out in minute' she replied

" ok thankyou' i say

Madie walk out the door wearing shorts, white tank top and her blue converse.

" Hey' i say

"sup lets get going' she says

We walk to school getting there 10 mins earlier so me and madie went down to the basketball courts went into the shed and started to play basketball.

" haha i win' i say

" damn if i made that shot we would be al least tyd' Madie says in disappointment.

" lets go to class' i say

We walk to class and lucky Madie is in every class im in.

Our first class is homeck which is sometimes fun but sometimes boring.

After homeck we went to our lockers.

Hers is next to mine.

I took out my History and Maths book since those where our next classes and in history and maths ur cant have phones with u which sucks!

I quickly texted Jacob

To: Jacob

From: El<3

Hey babe,

Meet u for lunch!

Luv u!<3

and sent.

So i put my phone and backpack in the locker and all that i had with me was a pencil, pen and my maths and history books.

We get to history and we are early so we get to chose where to sit.

I always sit at the back with madie so we dont get enoyed but the jerks that call them selves awesome everyday.

We were in history class and i was just thinking about Jacob and what kind of suprise he had for me?!

I just couldnt wait!

" students give me ur test plz' Mr Gott said

Oh yeah and we were doing a test. But  finished early so i was day dreaming.

I gave my paper to Mr Gott before i left to go to Maths Class with Madie.

We got to Maths and i didnt see Jacob.

He is in my maths class.

I wonder if he is sick or maybe late.

" Hey El, i dont see jacob here. where is he?' Madie asks

" i dont know maybe sick or late?' i replied not knowing which answer it was.

We sat down.

We had a asesment to finsih from last friday to this friday which is today.

I got up from my seat and i handed it to Miss Frey.

" Thankyou Elizabeth' Miss frey says to me.

I walk back to my seat.

We start doing maths solving problems and i can say that im good at maths coz to me they are quick adna easy.

I was always good at school work in primary school and high school which is now.

We finished maths and i was hungry.

The bell had rung for lunch.

Madie and I went to our lockers.

I put my books in the locker and i Took out my phone an wallet.

I looked at my wallet and there was a text from Jacob.

To: El<3

From: Jacob

Hey babe, sorry i was

at the stupid dentist

for a check up

so yeah and

ill be at school around about 

lunch time! <3

I then texted him back

To: Jacob

From: El<3

Good, i was worried that u were sick.

Ok see u then babe!

Ok i turned my phone off and me and madie went to the caffiteria.

We had a chose of different things to eat since each day is different food to chose from.

They was, omelettes, there were salad with chicken in it, Sandwhichs and water orange juice.

I ordered a salad with chicken in it and a drink of juice.

Madie ordered a omelette with mushrooms and bacon in it her favourite and a juice too.

I was thinking what Jacob would want and of course he wants a everything on it omelette with Juice.

I get him that and i wait five minutes and then i see him i wave to him and he come over.

He had something behind his back and i didnt know what it was.

" this are for u babe" he said pulling out behind his back three different coloured roses.

One red, one pink adn one white.

" oh thank you babe!!' i said while he is giving them to me.

" the red one means strong love, the white means ur so kind and thougtful and the pink one means ur so sweet and caring!' he says

"that so nice of u!' i said

I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and then he says "i love u' into my ear.

Ok i know u gave me this stuff but its early to says ' i love you'.

I didnt know what to say back so i said " i love u too" but not really meaning it.

I didnt know to do. He said i love u and i said love u too but im not meaning it.

I like him but i dont love him

Authors comments

This Chapter was long so i hoped u liked it!


I was so nervous about this.

I just im shocked...



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