Twisted Love

This story is about a girl who finds love and it doesnt workout and then she meets the Liam Payne her saver. Liam instantly falls in love with her. He brings her back to his flat to make her feel safe then when Harry and Niall see her they are in love too but know one knows that except louis.

This movella the girls name is Elizabeth but people call her El for short!


3. After the movie and the next day

Elizabeth's P.OV

After the movie we were going to have late dinner.

We went to a little sushi bar that was luckily still open.

We both ordered some sushi and quickly ate it.

I was exhausted.

After dinner we headed off back to Madie's House and i texted my mum i was sleeping over at her house.

I still had no call or messages from Jacob, i was getting worried.

When we got back to Madie's house she gave me some pajamas to sleep in.

I went into the bathrrom and changed into the sweat shorts and singlet she gave me.

I was so tired i passed out on the couch.

Madie's P.O.V

My bff Elizabeth just fell asleep on the couch.

I grabbed a blanket and i put it on her.

I was tired so i brushed my teeth before bed and then went to bed.

---Next Morning---

I wakeup by my alarm.

I forgot to turn it off from yesterday since i have it on for school days.

I turned it off and i got up.

I made my bed and checked to see if Elizabeth was awake.

She was already awake and she was helping my mum make breakfast.

"Morning Sleepy head' El said

"Morning, what time did u wake up?' i asked

"Well its already 8:30am now so i wokeup 1 1/2 hours ago'she said

"oh ok, ill be back' i said.

I walked to my room and grabbed my phone.

I head messages from Danielle, Caitlin and my ex-boyfriends Max.

Why the hell was my ex messaging me.

I checked the messages and read them.

To: Madie

From: Danielle

Hey Madie lets get the girls together for lunch at 1pm?

I replied back.

To: Danielle

From: Madie

Umm sure ill ask Elizabeth since she is at my place now.

I checked my other messages

To: Madie

From: Caitlin

Hey havent talked to u in while and i was actually sick the whole week so i needed to rest

I replied back

To: Caitlin

From: Madie

Ok, well get better and let me know when u feel better!

I was nervous to check the message from my ex, but i did.

To: Madie

From: Max

Hey Madie, i really need to talk to u plz call me!!!

I didnt reply i dont want anything to do with him.

I went back to the kitchen.

Elizabeth's P.O.V

I was helping Mrs Clark help make breakfast since i was awake.

My phone started buzzing.

I picked it up and it was Max Madie's ex.

Why the hell was he calling me?!

I yelled out madie to come here.

"why is ur ex calling me?' i asked her

" i dont know but he tryed messaging me' Madie said back

" He is a creepy stalker boy' i said

" yep he is' madie agreed.

"well do i answer it?' i said

" well see what he wants, im going to have a shower' she said

"ok' i said

I asnwered it.

"Hello' i said

"hi its max' he said

"yeah i know, u have a real nerv to call me' i said

"well i need to talk to Madie' he said

"well she doesnt want anything to do with u!!' i said then i hung up.

I quickly checked my twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr and emails.

I had no notifications.

I locked my phone and i put it back in my purse.

"Breakfast is ready' Mrs clark yelled

I grabbed a plate and i grabbed two chocolate pancakes, a scoop of ice cream, some whipped cream and some chocolate syrup.

i starting eating and Madie just came out wearing, a blue tank top, shorts, white sandels and her hair up in a messy bun.

She grabbed some breakfast and starting eating.

I finished my breakfast and placed my plate dishwasher.

I went to have a shower.

I washed my hair and my self.

I got out and i wore the same clothes that i wore yeserday at the movies.

I got my makeup bag out and did my usual routine, foundation, blush, bronzer, some eyeliner and my bright coral lipstick.

I borrowed Madie's blow dryer and hair straightener.

I blow dryed my hair and straightened it.

Madie came up to me and said that Danielle asked us to go and hang out for lunch.

I said to Madie to tell Danielle ill go.

It was 10am.

I left Madie's house to go home.

"How was the movie' my mum asked when i walked through the door.

"it was really funny and im going to have lunch with my friends today and maybe shop'i said

" ok well come back around at 5pm, im making a big dinner feast so invite ur friends to stay over and have dinner here' she said

" yeah sure' i said.

I ran up to my room and changed clothes.

I changed into my shorts, a purple and blue dip dyed tank top and i put on my purple wedge high heels.

I grabbed my phone and i rang Jacob.

Ring Ring Ring Ring

No answer, oh right he is at work.

Ill go and suprise him with some brunch and a drink.

I said good bye to my mum and headed to starbucks to get him some lunch.

He worked as a part time mechanic.

I ordered a toasted cheese and ham sandwhich, a coffee and a peppermint latte for me.

I waited and i got my order.

I drove to his work.

I had already finished my Latte.

I walked into his work.

I looked around and i saw him.

'Hey Babe' i said suprising him

" oh hey what r u doing here?' he asked

"just thought i might say hi and bring u some lunch' i said

" oh thx babe, i love u!' he said.

OMG he said the word again what should i say back????!!!!

"no worrys babe, i love u too!' i said but not meaning the i love u.

"well i have to go so bye' i said

" bye' he said.

I went to my car and it was already 12: 45pm

I bettter get going since im going out for lunch.

I got to the cafe we were having lunch at and i saw Danielle there and Madie.

I went up to them and  said hi

they said hi back and i sat down.

"Hey guys!' i said

"yeah they both said.

"Well my mum is making a big feast dinner and she said i could bring some friends along and u guys can stay over!' i said

"Yeah sure ill come' Danielle said

" yeah ill come too but i might be a bit late' madie said

" for what' i asked

" Im going to talk to Max' she said and both me and Danielle dropped our mouths open.

"why?' i said

" well if it means stopping him for bothering me ill do it' she said

" well ok' i said

The waitress came up and asked us what we would like

I ordered a salad with a chicken sandwhich and a glass of water.

Madie ordered a salad with a turkey sand which and a glass of Juice.

And Danielle ordered a salad with a ham sandwhich and a coffee.

Danielle is a big coffee fan im not im a latte fan and well Madie likes both.

After we ordered we started a convo.

"so El whats been going on with u and Jacob' Danielle asked

"oh nothing' i said while lying

"there is something ur not telling us El?' madie said

"well on friday Jacob said i love u!' i said

' is that a bad thing' danielle said

"yes we have been dating for only four weeks' i said

" right what did u say back' danielle asked

" i love u too but not meaning it' i said

"well u have to tell him the truth El' madie said

" yeah but  he has said it alot and ive been saying the same thing too but not meaning it' i said 

" well what r u going to do?' danielle said

"ill probably tell him at school on monday' i said 

" Well u do that!' madie said

We got our food brought to us.

I started  eating .

I finished and it was now 2pm.


Authors comments

This book is a book that i want to keep updating coz ive got good plans for it!

So i hope u like it and check my other books out and my blog to vote for what plot for my zayn malik book!!!




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