You Hurt Me.. Bad!

Bells and Niall have been together for 2 years now and belle wants to know why Niall choose her, but she never ask. Niall thinks bells is a princess and she means the world to him. What happened when Niall goes out for the night and gets really drink and brings home another girl. Will bells stay or go and live with her sister perrie and her boufriend zayn. - read to find out (:


1. Charters

Niall Horan
Harry Styles
Louis Tomlinson
Liam Payne
Zayn Mailk
Bells Edwards
Perrie Edwards- zayns girlfriend
Eleanor Calder- Louis girlfriend
Danielle Peazer- Liam's girlfriend
Chloe Taylor- Harry's girlfriend
Georgia Edwards- bellas mum
Jessica King- bellas best friend
Daniel Edwards- bellas dad
Jackson Edwards- bellas brother
Jennifer hooker- the girl Niall cheated with
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