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Hair coulor:
Eye colour:
Boy you want it with:
Sweet, just met, becoming more then friends, propseing:
As I'm young I will not do any dirty ones sorry :)


2. Niall for Lexie

Lexie POV

I flop on my bed.  Ugh I hate work.  All I do is pass people coffee.  So fun not.  Then I get a text from my boyfriend Niall.

From Niall: Hey you free tonight.

To Niall: Yeah I'm free tonight as free as a single chick can get.


To Niall: Kay be over in three mins.

I shut off my phone and grab my car keys.

" MUM I'M TO NIALL'S BE BACK LATER"  I yell to mum as I walk out the door.

I get in my car and turn on the engine.  I turn on the radio and Little things come on. I drive to Niall's.  When I get out of the car someone comes up to me.

" Hey babe give me a kiss" The man leans in.

" Umm no" I push him away but he grabs my hand and starts to pull me into the alley way.

" NIALL HELP" I scream as the man starts to touch me.  I hear a door shut and running foot steps.  Someone pulls me off him and stands in front of me.

" Back off mate she is my girlfriend" Niall hisses.

" Niall its ok we were just having fun right babe" The man said.

" No Harry your drunk go home" Niall pushes Harry out of the alley way.

" Okay okay okay I'm going home" Harry held up his hands in surrender.

" Come on Lexie" Niall takes my hand and intwines our fingers.  Me and Niall are bestfriends but I have always liked him as more and this makes me blush.  He opens up the door.  I sit on couch as he paces around the room.

" Calm down Niall" I smile at him.

" Look Lexie I don't want to be your bestfriend anymore' Niall sighs.This makes my heart sinks.  I guess he will never like me the way I like him.

" I want to be more Lexie will you be my girlfriend?" Niall looks at me with his baby blue eyes.

" Yes Niall yes" I nod my head.

He grabs my hands and sits next to me and leans in.  His lips connect to mine.  They move like they were meant to be together like they were one.

" I love you" Niall whispers against my lips,  I have waited to hear these words since the first day I met him. 

" I love you too" I smile.

We spent the rest of the night cudderling and watching movies.


Hope ypu liked it LexieHoran

BethanyHoran xxx

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