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3. Harry for Julia

I look out the window to the dark clouds and heavy rain.  My child hood best friend and I didn't stay in contact even though I wish we did.  He went on X-Factor and I was so sure he had forgotten about me as he would never call back or answer my texts.

**** Flashback ****

" Come on Julia you can do it" Harry shouted from the other side of the field.  We are only five and learning how to ride without training wheels.

" I don't think I can Harry its soooo hard" I whine.  He just laughs at me.

" One day I won't be here to help you" He laughed as he walked over and held my back as he pushed me across the felid.

**** End of flashback ****

I go and turn on the t.v.

" And with the gossip Andrew Harvey" The news prouncer said.

" Okay so whats going on with Harry Styles, he seems to be brakeing down everywhere, saying that he is such a bad best friend.  The rest of the band tell us that he misses his child hood best friend.  Her name? Julia." Andrew smiles.  Harry misses me.  I thought he had forgotten me.  I run my hands through my hair.  I pull it up into a poney tail and get my computer.  I will skype Harry but if he dosent answer then I will hive up.

I ring Harry and he answers.  His eyes wide.  He sweeps his curls out of his face.

" Hi Harry" I smile as his eyes widen.

" Julia oh my god Julia I missed you so much" Harry's eyes start to get teary.

" Don't cry Harry its ok" I smile.

" HARRY WHO YOU TALKIN TO" I hear some one yell.

" Julia" Harry says.  I hear rushing and running footsteps.  The four other faces appear.

" Hi" I wave

" You're right Harry she is a looker" Zayn whislted

" ZAYN" The four thers shouted.


Three Hours later

" I'm coming home" Harry shouted.

" For how long" I ask.

" Ummmm four months" Harry strokes his chin.

" Got to go now see ya soon" Harry waves.

" Love you" I say but he turns his computer off first.


Next day

Theres knocking at my door.

" Coming" I yell as I put my hair into a messy bun

" Harry" I gasp.

" Julia" Harry says

" Yeah thats me" I whisper.

Harry leans in and KISSES ME.  His soft pink lips against mine as they move in sync.  He pulls me out side and lifts me against a wall still kissing me.

" Julia I want to be more then friends.  I want to be your boyfriend so I can kiss you everyday" Harry mumbles against my lips.  OMG HARRY.

" Yeah of course Harry" I smile.  We go inside and catch up.


Three months later


I lie on my bed listerning to 1D's new songs.  I get a text from Harry.

From Harry <3<3: Hey babe still on for that date at seven xxx

To Harry <3<3: Yeah sure xxx

I look at the time.  Its 6:30

" Damn" I run into the bathroom and get ready.  I'm wearing a pink dress that stops just above my knees.  I curl my brown hair and put on a little bit of makeup.  When I finsh I hear a car horn beap.

I go down to see Harry's car.  I get in.

" Woah you look woah" Harry looks at me.

" Thanks HArry you look woah to" I smile and he starts the car.  We drive to a nice looking park.

We walk down the path hand in hand when he soundenly stops in his tracks.  I turn around to see him on one knee looking up at me as he pulls out a box.

" Julia I know e have only been dating for 3 months but I have known you forever.  And I wont to be with you forever and I know we are only young but I need to know that you are mine so, Julia will you marry me?  Will you be Mrs. Styles?" Harry looked up at me.  I cupped my mouth so I could not scream.  All I could do was nod.  HE got up and placed the ring on my finger.  He looked at me.  I could not stand it any longer.  I grabbed the back of his head and kiised him.  A sweet kiss.  My life was better then anyones in the worlds.



Hoped you liked it Julia.  Sorry I forgot your user name.

BethanyHoran xxx

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