the popular boy and the nerdy girl

a nerdy girl is suddently noticed by a popular boy


1. chapter 1

The sun was shining bright through the windows of my room I better get up considering it is a Monday and I have to go to school. Today is the first day back and I’m in the 11th year, I have heard that everyone in my year have their red p’s now except me I have been too busy doing more important things like charity events and helping mum by doing chores. I got up and had a shower, put my glasses on and went downstairs to have a nutritional breakfast weet-bix and an apple. Then I picked up my bag and started walking to school. When I got there I saw what I was expecting all the 11th graders driving in their cars to school and the people that were already there was hanging around their cars waiting for the bell to ring. About five minutes after I arrived the bell rung my friend Daisy was waiting for me at my locker I had French first so I had to get my books from my locker so I couldn’t avoid her I know she is going to give me a lecture about why I should get my driver’s licence and I really don’t want a lecture from her right now. I walked over to my locker and she said “Did you get your driver’s licence?” I wanted to tell her I had it but then she would make me drive her around to the shops to prove it so I just said “no” and she was about to start giving me a lecture when the warning bell went off so I told her I better go or I will be late for French so she said she wanted to talk to me at lunch. I walked to French and I got there just on time I sat down in my normal spot close to the front and the French teacher mousier Paris.  He then said “Pop quiz on what you learned about from the following year. You always topped the quiz and you did again but this time you weren’t the only one this time a popular boy called Josh topped as well which wasn’t normal for a popular boy. You looked over where Josh was sitting and he winked at me all the boys ignore me so I was kind of shocked this was something I absolutely have to tell Daisy she won’t believe me but it’s true I saw it with my very own eyes and I am never usually wrong about these things.

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