The Locket

When seventeen year old Abigail's world falls to pieces, she discovers she has nowhere to turn. That is, until a mysterious boy walks into her life and changes everything. But is he really there to work with her, or against her?


2. Reality


You know those days, where everything feels like it’s running in slow motion? Walking to your locker feels like five years rather than five minutes, and class seems to run on and on and on with no visible end in sight? Yeah, well today is one of those days, just like every other day of Year Eleven at Farendale High. Probably doesn’t help feeling their cold glares on your back, watching your every move like an eagle stalking its prey below. And by ‘them’, I mean pretty much everyone else at the school apart from my few friends Chloe, Carly and Jordan, and of course my best friend Charlotte and her boyfriend Corey.

I’m not going to tell you that our school has; the freshmen, the ROTC guys, the preps, the JV jocks, the Asian nerds, the cool Asians, unfriendly black hotties, the girls who eat their feelings, the girls who don’t eat anything, the desperate wannabes, the burnouts, the sexually active bandgeeks, the greatest people you will ever meet, and the worst: the plastics – not because I would be lying - everyone has their clique, but because that’s not my job, if you want to hear about that you should be watching some American teen drama and not reading this.

In saying that, I guess you want some idea of who exactly we are and where we fit in that ‘all important social pecking order’, and from my perspective, we’re somewhere down the bottom. It’s not like we’re, what you would call ‘outsiders’ or ‘loners’ at school, we just keep to ourselves. We’re not particularly different from the usual mob of teenagers, we just for some reason aren’t a part of the crowd, not that we mind it. Being different has it perks, it just takes some time to notice them sometimes.

And today just happens to be turning into the most delightful day at school...

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