The Locket

When seventeen year old Abigail's world falls to pieces, she discovers she has nowhere to turn. That is, until a mysterious boy walks into her life and changes everything. But is he really there to work with her, or against her?


1. Over


I sat down on the black leather sofa, unable to move or speak, just holding my mother in a tight grip, as if I was in fear that suddenly she would disappear, just like the rest of my world had only moments ago. It was the police officer, Michelle, I think she said her name was, to be honest her name wasn’t my top concern at the time, who broke the silence. “I’m sorry for your loss Mrs and Miss Stein. It’s under rather unfortunate circumstances of which I cannot reveal the situation in which your husband passed due to security. I can only help you find comfort in the fact that he died protecting his fellow comrades and his country.” Words, that only seemed to encourage my mother to grip me that little bit tighter and cry that bit harder, and two years later, still echo around in my mind bringing sleepless nights and nightmares along with them.

My name is Abigail Stein, and this is my story.

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