Two days Late *in-complete*

Tim Jerry is a famous inspector and has solved many cases but what happens when he is currently in the middle of a big case and it involves a young girl who's life is at stake? Will he save her or will it be two days late?
Or will it be harder on him if he fell in love with the victim?


4. Chapter 4

After I got to my destination I paid the taxi driver and rushed towards my apartment door. I shuffled around in my pocket for my keys hoping to find them. Luckily I found my keys. I pulled them out and stuff them into the key lock and turned it. I walked in and threw the keys onto the hallway table and walked into lounge room and examined the room to see if anything was misplaced. I couldn’t see anything out of place but that didn’t mean that things or items had been stolen or searched through.

I checked on the surfaces as well as my computer. Nothing was taken or coped. I was thankful as I went to the TV and switched it on putting it straight onto the news. I than went to my phone and dialled my boss and explained to him about getting kidnapped. He was surprised and was relieved to hear I was safe. I left out that I was extremely crushing on the girl Becca who was involved in this mess because if I had told my boss he would have gone off at me and I couldn’t handle that at the moment.

I hung the phone up and dialled a Chinese restaurant and order some take away for my dinner. I hung up and went and took a long shower. I washed at my wounds as well as the sweat and blood that stained my body. Her blood was stained in my hair as well as on my palms which made me feel queasy but I ignored the general feeling. I sponged at my body till I felt cleaner. I turned the water off and slid into a clean, dry towel, tying it around my waist. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and saw the bags under my eyes. I was so tired and needed to sleep, but with Becca on my mind I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep very well.

Suddenly I was interrupted from my thoughts at the sound of my doorbell chiming. The Chinese food I had ordered was here already. I wiped my face down and went and answered the door. “Mate gets some clothes on I don’t want to see some half naked guy standing before me” cried the Chinese delivery guy. “Sorry” I muttered as I paid him the due amount. He gave me the bag and rushed off muttering something to himself. I closed the door and walked into the kitchen. I put the bag down and took out the containers full of the steamy food. I thought I should get dressed so I left the food there and quickly got changed. I walked out half drying my hair with the soaked towel as I made my way over to the still steamy food. I draped the towel around the table chair and pulled out a plate and put the food onto it neatly to separate the flavours of the food.

I grabbed the plate and walked into the lounge room and sat down on the couch. I shifted slightly and grabbed the TV remote and flicked the TV on. I went straight to the news and began to eat my meal. The food seemed to melt in my mouth and I wondered if this is how it was kissing Becca. Why was I even thinking about this? It would mess my head up and make me lose my mind. I tried to think about something else but I failed because her scared face always came to my mind making my feeling could up and make me feel slightly weakened.

One thing kept wondering into my mind. Why did they want Becca in the first place? This thought kept running around my mind and it made me feel annoyed until I remembered that conversation between the female and that bulky male. About her being a daughter to the female lady. Wait, that’s why they had Becca because she was not biologically related to her adopted or foster care mother which would explain why she has been kept hostage or whatever. Simply because she was to meet her real mother, but why in the hell hurt your own daughter? This was too much to digest. My head was pounding from the thinking.

I tried to swallow but I couldn’t because a huge lump had formed deep in my throat. I couldn’t believe I had fallen for one of my innocents. My head told me to stay and think tactics but my heart told me to rescue her mangled body from those horrible people, but how? I kept thinking of ways to save her but nothing came to mind, but only her sweet, soft lips planted on my lips. I shook my head and rubbed at my eyes till I decided to go to sleep now. I stood up taking my dirty dishes to the sink, before making my way to my room. I walked in and noticed my mobile was glowing. For a spilt second I thought it was dying but when I picked the phone up and checked it had many messages on it from my boss.

I sighed as I rolled my sleepy eyes as I turned my phone off and peeled off these dirty clothes. I threw them onto the floor and slid under the covers. I closed my eyes and thought of the endless days of having children etc. Eventually I fell asleep and went into a strange dream. I was awoken by my alarm blaring beside me. I sighed and switched the alarm off. I rolled onto my side and blinked a few times before I finally decided to get myself ready for work. I went straight for the bathroom and peeled off my boxers then turned the water on till it was steaming. I hoped in and closed the door, washing off all the dirt, sweat and bit of blood that was left on my body from a yesterday.

Finally when I was finished I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, letting the water drip down my muscly body. I pulled the towel off the rack and wrapped it around my body. I looked in the mirror at my reflection and saw a thin line forming over my eyebrows and I knew I was frustrated and worried. My gut grumbled in protest. I groaned and dried myself down before changing into a clean suite. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of fruit before locking up and leaving for work. Finally I arrived at work after two hours of morning peak of annoying traffic.

I walked into the office and ignored the gaping mouths and eerie stares from people watching me make my way to my own office. I sighed when the boss called me into his own office. I walked out and breathed out a “Yes sir”. The boss looked at me annoyed as he sat down in his chair. “Look Tim we have all been extremely concerned, I mean we thought you had been killed trying to solve this case of yours” The boss said giving me a pleading look. I sighed and said “Look I have almost figured this case out, and I’m not going to give up until this case is solved”. I stood up gave him a stern look and stormed out of his office and into mine, slamming the door shut. I sat at my desk and pushed my face into my sweaty palms. Why. Why did I have to fall in love with the innocent I had to save, it only made things worse on her and myself. I thought to myself feeling my heart beat faster at the thought of Becca.

I sighed and pulled out the file of the case. I added more notes on what I had found out when the boss stormed into the room. “TIM! Get out here now, there is something on the TV, the news” The boss half shouted, half out of breath. I stood up feeling anxiety taking over my body. I walked out into the combined rooms and looked up at the large screen that was attached to the wall. On breaking news…Shut the beeeep up. Okay Tim the famous detective, well I have so fine fucking news for you, Becca Reece you want to save her pretty little ass, don’t you? Well come find her and us otherwise you may be two days late. The guy smiled before the camera went all fuzzy. I could feel the tears coming to my eyes. I wiped at them and put on a face of determination but inside I was afraid, afraid of losing Becca for good. I had already let her slip through my fingers and now I had to save her. “Tim, mate, what are going to do?” My boss said looking at me. I looked at him and clasped the gun at my hips. I looked down and whispered “I need to save her, I know what the case is about now, send police on my signal, but for now I need to go alone”. I looked up into the boss’s eyes and could see the fear buried deep into his light green eyes. “Mate this is suicide you know that” He said moving forward to put his hand on my shoulder. “I know but the truth is, I was captured by these men…women and I honestly feel in love with Becca, and I know I’m not supposed to fall in love with my innocents I must save” I said letting a small tear slip down my face. Everyone looked at me in sad eyes, I knew they were disappointed but I did love her. “I got to admit that my uh wife was an innocent and I fell in love with her too, so if this is matter of the heart, do it Tim. We know you’re strong and we will help you get this Becca back for you mate” The boss said putting a fist into the air.

I cheered in with the boss before making my way to the last place they were. I had already called the police and I was at the house too. I walked slowly towards the door holding the gun up near my head. I listened out once I was near the door but I heard nothing. I kicked the door down and ran into the room to find nobody. They had left taking Becca with them. I cursed loudly and walked out. Before I reached the door I found a not glued to the door. With nervous hand I ripped it from the wooden door frame. Ha fooled you, but we moved on and we took the girl with us…don’t be two days late! At the bottom of the note was a little bit of blood smear, it looked to me that the note was stuck there before they got Becca out and to their new base. I smiled slightly as I made my way out. “Nothing, it’s clear’ I shouted out to the police. “But I found this” I called again, holding the blood stained paper in the air. They looked at me sad but I had a feeling it had changed their minds when I showed them the note.

The nodded as they examined the paper to determine how long ago was it when this had been written. It was an hour before they had found out the exact time. They had left roughly three hours ago with Becca. We headed off to all known locations of good hide away’s, but by the time we had finished smashing through the doors of abandoned homes, we still were left with nothing. It was too late now to go out searching. I went home feeling disappointed and lonely. When I unlocked my door I found the house trashed and a simple note glued to my coffee table. Fuck I thought. I walked through the mess towards the coffee table, pulling the note off the table. I read it and realized what it meant. With shaky hands I dropped the note and went slowly towards my room. I pushed the on the white, door. It opened with a squeak.

 I reached for the light switch. I carefully flicked it on the find a message written in blood on the wall. Fuck. Fuck…this can’t be good I thought feeling the panic rise in my throat. I pulled my cell straight out from my pocket and dialled the police number. The arrived in about ten minutes. I was sitting on the bed in tears when they arrived. They did a DNA test and it didn’t turn out to be Becca’s blood luckily but the message was really disturbing. It said in bold, blood, stained letters: Be fast to find our base, otherwise she will be dead tomorrow, and she shall be planted in your very home! Sighed, you be dead soon bitch. I shiver as they cleaned it off the walls and tided my home up. I was directed to a motel for the night. When I told the police I knew where they were hiding. “Look mate, I we will do everything we can to get your girlfriend back tomorrow, for now you need to sleep otherwise you may do something stupid” The police said before closing my motel room door.

I stood there feeling useless and alone. I had to get Becca back alive and not hurt too badly. I needed to think I already knew where they were, which was a bit of a worry since they must have Mrs Recce under hostage as well. I sighed and order for room service. I was starving and I needed to eat something to take my mind off things. I walked over to the TV and waited for my food to be delivered. It had been ten minutes and I started to get restless again when I finally heard a few taps at my door. I got up and walked over to the door and opened it. The maid was standing there with my orders. I took them and smiled politely at her before I took the food from her. She smiled too and walked off back to doing her job. I closed the door and went back to the lounge and opened up the containers full of steamy Chinese food.

After I ate I took a quick shower then sat down to write more notes in the case’s file.  I was starting to get restless now. I looked out the window and felt even more restless. I was nearly ready to jump out the window but something stopped me dead in my tracks. I realized that any false actions and Mrs Reece may just die. I looked at my case files again and read over then harder this time. Then something hit me. Mrs Reece had planned this whole thing. There were many people trying to take me out. I realized she had used fake name and signatures and stuff like to as forgery. She was that woman.   The same woman I had seen talking with that man.


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