Two days Late *in-complete*

Tim Jerry is a famous inspector and has solved many cases but what happens when he is currently in the middle of a big case and it involves a young girl who's life is at stake? Will he save her or will it be two days late?
Or will it be harder on him if he fell in love with the victim?


3. Chapter 3

I sat down on the bed and put my head into my palms as sighed slightly feeling incredible annoyed. “Have you tried to escape before Miss Reece” I asked rubbing my eyes lightly. “Yes once but when they found out they bolted the doors shut” She said feeling tears stream down her face again. “They tortured you didn’t they? I mean after you escaped?” I asked watching her face. “Yes they-they did torture me” She said putting her head in her lap as she cried louder. I walked over to her and wrapped her in my arms and whispered into her hair “I will get us out”.

She shifted her weight into my lap as she laid her head into my chest and let it all out. I hugged her as I whispered my favourite song. It seemed romantic but it kept me calm. She suddenly glanced up and smiled as she whispered “That’s my favourite song too”. I smiled and continued to whisper the song. She grabbed my cheek and placed her wet, stained lips against my warmed cheek. “What was that for?” I asked her feeling a blush creep to my cheeks. “That was for being my hero” She said stroking my cheek lightly. “You know you look really handsome in real life she said giggling slightly.  

“Thank you” I said quietly closing me eyes. I could feel her heart beat against mine. It was beating incredibly fast but I knew she was afraid so that was probably why her heart was beating that fast. She smelled like cinnamon and strawberries which made my mouth water. I felt hungry and thirsty but I knew we wouldn’t get fed for hours now. “So when do we get fed?” I asked seeing if my opinion was correct. “No we don’t get fed at all, but we do get water” She said closing her shut. What this is stupid! I yelled in my head trying to fight the feeling of failure that crossed my mind. I opened my eyes and looked around the small room. The room consisted of a small bed and one window which was badly boarded up. One ripped curtain that sat at the bottom of the window and the walls were white with holes as well as blood stains splashed across them.

What a hideous room to be trapped in or even locked up in I thought annoyed.  We were both interrupted by one of the followers of the criminal came in and pulled the Becca off my lap, making her head hit the ground. She cried out in pain as I could see the blood foam out of her mouth. “Excuse but leave her alone” I cried trying to get her out of his muscly grip. “Back off grunt” the man said as he back hand me. I stumbled back but regained my balance. I glared at him trying to lunge at Becca but I failed and fell into the ball behind the man. He laughed at my attempt as he put Becca on his shoulder and walk out.  I stood up and rubbed my aching shoulder as I tried to get through the door again but I couldn’t it was bolted shut again. I looked at the window and smiled. Idiots I thought as I walked over to the window. I looked at the angle of the wooden planks as well as how old they were. They looked old but not that old. I smiled and punched the middle plank. It fell along with the other planks to the ground with a soft crash.

Thankfully nobody came running in. I looked behind me as I smashed the glass as quietly as I could. I climbed out of the window only managing to cut my arm as I fell lightly to the ground. I searched my surrounds and realised that this was a work site that I was on. I could see only a few new home already built and I guessed I was in the newest suburb. I crept along the houses structure till I came to another window. I peered through and say Becca tied up in a chair blood streaming down her cheek. I could see her by herself crying and trying to free herself. I crept along further hoping to be able to get in a rescue her when I happen to stumble on finding my gun lying in the grass. Must have come off when they dragged me into the crappy place I thought as I picked it up holding it in my palms. I looked around for anyone but nothing; it was dead silent apart from screaming form Becca.

Her cries filled my ears making me shiver all over. I finally found a door. I stood up and went back against the wall in one fluid movement. I listened out and kicked the door open as I held the gun out. This door wasn’t guarded or anything.  I snuck in and hid behind a flip over table. I could hear voices booming across the room. I peered around the table hoping to finally see James Bulot but instead it was another female. She had dark, short spiky hair and loads of dark make-up making her looks incredibly gothic. “So you have her here?” The gothic woman said, almost whispering. “Yes we have here but that bloody detective got away” said a young man.

“ He won’t be a problem to my daughter now” She said smiling a cruel smile, making me shiver all over. I looked back and they were both gone. What the hell I thought nervously. I stood up quietly and made my way over to the door. I listened out but didn’t hear anything. I crept closer and closer to the door until I heard small sobs coming from Becca.  I listened out again for anyone but I couldn’t hear anyone not a sound except for Becca.

I opened the door a creak and looked in. She was alone and she had fresh blood stained on her collar of her shirt. I whispered “Hey is anyone here?”. She nodded slightly giving me sad eyes. “Is there any way that I can save you?” I asked pleadingly. Just as she was about to answer I heard yelling a few gunshots go off from behind me. I turned around and ducked down quickly. Shit I thought as I heard her scream at me. “Get out of here I will be fine, please I beg you go, run!”. I faced her and mouthing a few words before I bolted away from the house. I ran out onto the road and nearly got hit by a taxi driver, who yelled and screamed at me.

Putting my hands in the air in defence I yelled out hoping they would get my drift. The taxi driver nodded and waved his hand in the direction of the seat beside him. I ran over and jumped into the passenger seat and told him to take me to my destination.

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