Two days Late *in-complete*

Tim Jerry is a famous inspector and has solved many cases but what happens when he is currently in the middle of a big case and it involves a young girl who's life is at stake? Will he save her or will it be two days late?
Or will it be harder on him if he fell in love with the victim?


2. Chapter 2

My alarm went off blaring in my ear. I sat up and groaned rubbing at my eyes. I didn’t like the mornings. I guess I wasn’t a morning person. I stumbled out of the bed falling onto the ground. I picked myself off the floor and wondered into the kitchen and put the jug on. I held onto the cold bench and blinked my eyes a few times attempting to get the lose sleep out of my eyes. I stood up straight and stretched hearing the bones crack in my body. I yawned and then got my coffee ready.

After eating and drinking I went and had a quick, relaxing shower. After the shower I felt more awake and I dressed into my suit and putting on my badge. I combed my hair so it looked neater and brushed my yellow stained teeth. I did a finally check before walking into the lounge room and getting my keys and paper work that I needed for the day.

I locked up and headed down the stairs and towards the apartment car park. I unlocked my car and hopped in placing my briefcase on the passenger seat and I started my car and drove off to work. When I parked the car I had a queasy feeling come over me. I knew it was because of last night’s episode on the TV. I reached over and grabbed my briefcase and careful stood out of the car, locking it before walking towards the door of my station. When I walked in people cheered and clapped me on as I waked towards my office.

I smiled politely to everyone who nodded or congratulated me as I walked on by. When I finally got to my office I unlocked the door and set my things on my messy desk. I opened the briefcase and pulled out files of cases and other subject materials and placed them on top of the mess already laid out in front of me when I was disturbed by a tapping at my door. “Uh yeah come in” I called over my shoulder. “Hey handsome, I was wondering when you were coming in today” Said a beautiful blonde head girl who walked in, grinning away at me.

“Oh hello Danni I really don’t have time for you flirtatious life right now, as you know I have a big case to solve and well I have a girlfriend” I said lying slightly. I hadn’t had a girlfriend for about two years now but it didn’t matter to me much at the moment. “Oh so I’m not good enough for you is that it Tim?” She yelled picking up a book and throwing it at me. It fell at my feet and she stormed out flicking her hair behind her shoulder. I shook my head annoyed as I bent down and picked the book up off the floor. I chucked it onto my desk and continued to sort out files and folders that piled slightly on my desk. My boss stormed into my office with a bottle of champagne.

 “Tim! You have totally rocked the station and made it wild. You’ve done well mate” Said my boss setting the champagne on my desk and pouring two glasses. “Sir I uh don’t drink wine or even champagne and I really need to get to work right away please” I said in a pleading voice. The boss looked at me and laughed as he said “Look mate, you really deserve a break so have some and shut-up”. I nodded and took a glass as I sipped on the champagne. The sweet taste of it slid down my dry throat which made me feel a little better. The boss nodded as he made his way out, leaving the bottle behind him as he closed the door.

I shivered slightly and set down the glass as I walked around and sat in my chair. I logged onto my laptop and started to document some things from yesterday’s events.  I soon got a throbbing headache that I tried very hard to ignore but I was failing incredibly. I grabbed out some more aspirin and took them and got on with my work. I had gotten through about three hours and I had sorted everything out. “Finally” I whispered to myself feeling exhaustion take over me. I sat down in my chair and sighed really long and loudly. I was about to read some of my newest paper work when they was a small tap at my office door. I groaned quietly and spoke politely “Come in please”.  A woman with dark, long brown hair entered the room with a small smile carved on her face. She looked like she was in her mid-thirties but I saw something buried deep in her eyes which made me spring to life again.

“Yes ma’am what would you like me to be of service to you today?” I said lightly, adding a small smile. “Well the uh case you’re currently working on is about those thugs. They also have captured my twenty five year old daughter” She said trying hard not to cry. “Okay ma’am what is your name and how long ago did your daughter disappear?” I asked pulling out a pen and notebook from my pocket. “Well my daughter Becca Reece disappeared yesterday about eight fifteen and my name is April Reece” She said letting tears slide down her face. He make-up was running a bit and she did look like crap but I wasn’t too worried. I headed her a tissue and asked another question. “Okay nice to meet you Mrs Reece, does your daughter have any boyfriends or anyone who held some sort of a grudge against her?”.

 “No sir, she was a kind hearted girl and was single still” She answered feeling slightly better. “Okay thank you this vital information that I needed. Thank you for your time Mrs Reece, we will stay in touch and I promise I will do everything in my power to get her back to you safe and sound” I said smiling a little before showing her the way out. She thanked me and walked out the office feeling a better. I walked back to my desk and got this typed up into my case file. I felt better knowing how old that girl really was and what a beautiful name she had but I couldn’t get too attached otherwise that would jeopardise my case, job and even her life more. I began to see her face pop into my head. The way her hair fell over her pale face, the way she dangled hopelessly in those thugs arms and the way she was forced into things made me feel sick and even worried.

I didn’t know who she was very well yet without warning I seemed to be falling for her even though I tried to forget about her beauty and fragile body. NO I thought loud and clear in my mind. I pushed out these feelings and continued to type endlessly. I started to feel very hungry and I knew I needed to eat now. I got up from my desk, quickly saving the files before I retreated to get some food. I went down town to my favourite coffee shop and bought myself a coffee and some salad to eat.  I finished off my meal and walked back to work when I was struck against the head. The next thing I saw was blackness overtake me.

I woke up feeling a dull throbbing at the back of my head. What in the hell? I said quietly to myself. I looked around at my surrounds and tried to understand where I was. When I looked around it appeared to me that I was a small room with no windows and one door. I laid on a bed and in the corner of the room huddle a girl who was sobbing quietly to herself. Where had I seen her face before? I thought, trying to remember. Wait I remembered now it was Becca Reece huddle in the corner. Shit. I was captured by the murders. “Becca Reece is that you name?” I whispered sitting up straight. “Yes that my name, your, your detective Tim Jerry” She said wiping her eyes and moving the hair out of her eyes. I couldn’t look away she really was the most beautiful girl I had seen in my life.

I stared into her beautiful golden brown eyes and could see the fear and hatred she held against her enemy but she also felt lost and concerned at the same time. “How long have they had you under captivity?” I asked worried. “About two days now” She whispered. I looked at the rest of her face and it was shocking to see bruises and cuts down her cheek along with the few blood stains that streaked her face as well. I rubbed the back of my head and stood up slowly. She eyed me still as I walked slowly over to her small, fragile looking body. “What are you doing?” She whispered as I tried to yank the door open but I couldn’t it was bolted shut. Shit I thought as the fear finally sank in. We are trapped her for a while I thought nervously to myself. I reached down to my belt for my gun but it had been taken off me and stored somewhere else. She looked at me and whispered “We are here together forever, never to be seen or heard from again”. I turned to face her and just blinked before retreating to the bed I awoke on.

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