Two days Late *in-complete*

Tim Jerry is a famous inspector and has solved many cases but what happens when he is currently in the middle of a big case and it involves a young girl who's life is at stake? Will he save her or will it be two days late?
Or will it be harder on him if he fell in love with the victim?


1. Chapter 1

I crept up the quiet yet squeaky stairs towards the bedroom or rather where the noise was coming from. I was hoping I would finally solve this case on the unknown murders but yet for some reason I felt anxious and scared beyond compare. Why was I feeling the feelings now why? I screamed at my head.

I was almost up to the top when I heard voices. A female voice, she sounded as though she was in her early teens and male’s voice and this guy sounded well past his late thirties. The girl almost seemed to hide a hint of fear in her voice when she spoke, answering the man’s questions that he threw at her. It sounded like he was holding a gun in his hand, but what I didn’t understand was that he didn’t have her tied up or anything. What was this and why not have her in a hostile way? I thought feeling my eyebrows come together. That one word was imbedded in my head, this one word that needed to be solved right here and now.


This one word made me feel jumpy and slightly annoyed. I reached down to my waist belt and pulled out my CZ 75 gun and held it in my free hand which was held close to my chest. I looked behind me making sure I wasn’t been followed or snuck up on but when I looked back I saw nobody following or hiding in the shadows. Insistently I heard the girl cry in pain as I heard a loud thump against the ground above me.

“Shit” I cursed under my breath, feeling the sweat drip down left cheek. I was too late again, or was I. I heard the other male who had stuck down on the young teen order two men to grab her and bring her with them. The door swang open exposing me into the lit up room.

“Shit” I cursed again hearing yelling and gunshots fire down on me. One hit me directly in the arm, making me fall down the stairs. I looked up realising they had almost gotten me in the power grip. I jumped up firing a few times before legging it. I had gotten to my car down a block away from the house and hoped in, as I started her up and putting her into gear. I drove away avoiding the crime scene.

What in the hell just happened I thought annoyed and a little worried for that young teen. I had only seen her pretty little face for a second before I had bolted out of the house. I was lucky to be alive. I got half way home before realising I had to go to the hospital to get this freshly made wound cleaned up and looked at. I drove into the hospital’s car park and parked the car.

I walked into the front of hospital and waited patiently at the receptionist desk. “Hi how can I help you sir” The young woman asked politely. “Hello ma’am I would like this wound looked at immediately” I said showing her my arm which I clutched onto tightly. She looked at me and called over a nurse quickly. I told her my details and what had happened. She smiled as she pulled out the bullet casing from my arm. “So was it a scary event that happened to you inspector” the young nurse asked as she gave me a flirtatious wink.

“Umm actually no the event didn’t really scare me, I was mainly thinking about the young girl’s life” I answered giving the nurse a respected smile. “Well I think you will be just fine now, take these pills to help subside the pain and you should be just fine” the nurse said as she showed me to the front desk. I told the receptionist my details and she put them in her data base.

After she had gotten my details she got me to sign some paper work before I was finally allowed to leave the hospital. When I hopped back into my car I threw the pills onto the passenger seat along with the young nurse’s number. I rolled my eyes at the thought that she actually thought I was hot, but this was something to think about later. I pushed that thought aside and tried to figure out what that male wanted with that young, stressed out girl.

What could he possible use her for? Was the thought that had crossed my mind before. I drove home feeling exhausted and tired from today’s work. It was a pain in my butt but I wanted the job and I was extremely good at it too. People thought I was superhuman but really I was an average human being who put in effort and the general knowledge towards my job or maybe I was some sort of superhuman but how could that be? Scientist hadn’t proven this before had they?

By the time I had unlocked my apartment door I had a huge, throbbing headache that seem to pound every minute I thought about the issues at hand. I went straight for the kitchen and pulled out a glass and poured some cold water into it, filling it half way. I went to the medication cabinet and pulled out some aspirins for my pounding headache and put them on the bench next to my water.

I didn’t know what was to come tomorrow morning. I didn’t know if I was going to be yelled at by my boss or even sacked as I had sort of failed in a way but this feeling had to wait. I took my aspirin and chugged down the water. I went to the freezer and pulled out a heat up meal and lightly chucked it onto the bench beside me. It hit the bench making a small thud as it landed. I closed the door and went to the oven and turned it on. I yawned and stretched slightly as I grabbed the meal and put it on a tray and into the oven that was slowly heating up.

I groaned in protest as I made my way towards my couch. I flopped down onto the messy couch and flicked the TV on to watch one of my favourite shows. Bones. It was a fantastic show, it made me feel alive and thirst for complete action. I also loved the fact that everyone worked well together with little dramas and I longed for that too be like that at my work but it wasn’t. There were too many people who were always bickering about others who are too lazy.

It annoyed me beyond anything even more than the latest celebrity gossip. I closed my eyes for a little minute to gather my thought more but I couldn’t concentrate for some reason. I opened my eyes open again and watched the TV again. I was feeling bored after ten minutes and I went back into the kitchen to check my food. My food was ready by the time I lazily reached the kitchen. I grabbed a tea towel and folded it up and opened the oven door as I slid the tray towards the folded tea towel. I lifted it out and put it on the stove to cool down.

I grabbed a plate and piled everything onto making sure I didn’t make too much of a mess. I walked back into the lounge room and sat on the couch flicking the channel over to the news. Great just what I needed I thought feeling the angry rise in my throat. I turned the volume up and began to eat as my frustration built up. “Inspector Tim Jerry has been in another incident involving a case he is currently working on. He was seen running from a home holding his arm and gun in the other hand while other thugs yelled and shot at him from inside the house” Said the middle aged news reporter. Images of me running and holding my gun splashed across the screen which made me feel slightly jumpy and concerned.

I hated it when this happened. I could have sworn I was being followed but my instincts had ignored the feeling. I regretted going to the house during the day. I knew I should have gone during the night. It had been done now so it didn’t matter. It was done now and although I regretted it a lot I had to get over it. I finally finished my meal. I got up and threw away the left overs and washed up the dishes I had used before I would retreat to my bedroom. After I had cleaned up the messes I had made I finally went to my room to prepare for bed. I had a quick, warm shower which warmed me up. I felt clean and the guilt and regret seemed to have washed away with shower I had. I felt as though I had done the best I could do, for now.

I hoped into bed and turned the lamp off that sat beside me. I closed my eyes and soon drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


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