My camp

This is based on what happened at my camp last year, so enjoy!


2. Oh, God.

I walked into the camp, and shrugged. At least they had trampolines. We stood around as we waited for the people in the other bus to arrive. I looked around and saw my crush. I didn't even know he was on the same bus as me!! My friends and I walked past him and Sam, and I tripped. He started lauging at me, which made me blush. As soon as the other bus arrived we got put into our dorms. The dorms weren't actually that bad. I called on one of the top bunks, and Jamaica decided to grab the one below mine. I started to laugh because I started thinking about how gas rises.

"You better not fart!" I warned her, hanging upside down so I could see her without having to get off of my bed. She glared at me and hit my nose, causing me to lose balance when I held one of my hands there to show her it hurt. "Shit!" I yelled as I fell, adjusting my body so that I wouldn't fall on my head. Emma started laughing as I landed on my feet (My nick-name wasn't Charli-Cat for nothing) and turned around to whack Jamaica on the arm.

"Ow!" She said, glaring at me.

"Well, you hit me first!" I pointed out as I walked out the dorm. I (Literally) ran into Kyle (Yes, i'm going to name who he is) and apologized. I ran towards Chloe and started laughing. She looked at me like I was crazy, but laughed when I told her what happened, because she knew that I hated all physical contact with him because it made me feel weird. We walked towards the entrance of the camp, as we were going to find out what groups we were in. As the teacher read out the groups, I crossed my fingers hoping I would be in a group with my friends. I heard my name get called out, and I paled because none of my friends had been called into the group I was in. after a few names two of my friends got called out, and I sighed with relief.


About ten minutes later


They finally stopped calling out the groups. Kyle was in the same group as me, and I was a bit less happy than I should be. My group got told to get into our bathers, and we did.

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