My camp

This is based on what happened at my camp last year, so enjoy!


1. Arriving

(Like I said this is basically what happened at my camp, so it'll be from my POV.)


I ran out of the car and into my classroom while mum took my little brother to his.

"Hi Kayla!" I yelled as I saw one of my best friends.

"Hi Cheez!" She called back, and I started laughing. I saw we had the same suitcase and pointed it out. I had my sleeping bag, pillow, suitcase and carry on bag that was filled with sweets.

I walked out of the classroom as we were all told to get outside. Everyone who was going put all their things in the bus's carrier and walked back onto the mini handball courts out the front of the school. The teachers lectured us about behavior and I looked around. I swear I saw my crush look at me. I was going to miss texting my best friend Chels, I had to say goodbye really quickly. I started talking to my friend about what the camp would be like. After a while we were told to get into the buses. I was in a seat next to my friend Jamaica. We were talking about random things all the way there. When we got off the bus Jamaica was really mad.

"WE PAID $220 dollars for this?!" She said as we got off the bus. I moaned. It was a rustic themed camp. Great. We all totally needed to be in the wild west period.

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