Why do you hate me?

Roma needed a brake. She needed to get away from the person who ruined her life everyday. They used to be best friends until he hanged out with the wrong people and know she can't stand him. Find out what happens when the teachers pair Roma with Louis for the year.


3. Seeing him.

" Ahh there's Roma" Abbey runs up to me all exicted.  As always.

" Abbey calm down.  Its only school, one of the wrost places in my life" I sigh looking at the big building infront of me.

" Roma, Abbey" Someone yells from behinds us.  We spin around to see our other bestfriend Lexie running towards us.

" Hey Lexie" Abbey waves to our bestfriend as we walk up to her. 

" Guess what guys, you'll never guess, okay okay I'll tell you.  I'm dating Niall" Lexie squeals as she runs around us.

" Well done Lexie you have always liked him" I smile but really this means I will have to hang out with Louis more which is not what I want to do this year. 

" Roma are you ok" Lexie asks.

"  Yeah I'm fine just not looking forawd to this year as its our last year"  I put on a fake smile because I didn't want to ruin her joy.  She has liked Niall for so long and they are the only two that get along in our two groups.

" Ok well lets go to our new lockers" Abbey says taking our hands and dragging us inside. 

We walk down a long hall with a bunch of lockers.  We see grade sevens looking around like they are lost.  Just the we get stopped by the devil himself.  Louis.

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