Why do you hate me?

Roma needed a brake. She needed to get away from the person who ruined her life everyday. They used to be best friends until he hanged out with the wrong people and know she can't stand him. Find out what happens when the teachers pair Roma with Louis for the year.


5. Not him

" Ok class today you will be paired up with someone to build your social skills" Mr. D said happliy.  This teacher really gets on my neves sometimes.

" You will spend all your time together, in class outside of school, lunch and you will have to go on dates" Mr. D smiled to us.

" Okay so I will draw names out of the girls hat then out of the boys hat"  Mr. D put his hand in a pink hat.

" First off is Ginny with" Mr. D put his hand in the blue hat. " Harry'  I hear Harry and Ginny groan.  Haha guys.

" Cassie and Kyle" " Nessie and Zayn" " Tori and Jake" " Abbey and Liam"  I hear Abbey moan.  I look over at Liam who is looking very happy with who he got paired up with.

" Lily and Sam" " Susie and Matt" There are only two boys left and two girls left.  Niall, Lexie, Louis and myself.  Great.

" Lexie and Niall" Mr. D pulls his hand out of the blue hat.  He starts to go pale.  He looks over at me then to Louis.  I'M LOUIS PARTNER.

" Exuse me Mr. D but that can't happen.  I would rather get a F then work with Mr. I think I'm so cool cause I left my best friend for some stupied boys even though it killed her" I stand up.  The class looking at me.

" I'm sorry Ms. White but you and Louis are together" Mr. D said.  I look over at Louis with disgust only to see him looking at me with guilt in his eyes.  I rolled my own eyes and sat down. Louis didn't really care, he proably was doing it so he could atention. 

" Okay so go sit with your partners and get to know each other" Mr. D sat at his desk.

I look at Louis.

" I'm not going over there" I say to him.  He rolls his eyes and walks over to my desk.

" Still as stubbn then?" He chuckled.

" How would you know, ever since geade seven you have been bullying me not really caring about a word I said.  Well guess what Louis, I made my way to the top, I don't need you anymore, infact I never needed you.  You always said that you needed me" I spat at him.

" Oh no you got it all wromg, you needed me because you cut.  Who stopped you from bleedimg to death?" He asked.

" Not you, you are the reason I wanted to die you idoit" I scoff as the bell goes.

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