Why do you hate me?

Roma needed a brake. She needed to get away from the person who ruined her life everyday. They used to be best friends until he hanged out with the wrong people and know she can't stand him. Find out what happens when the teachers pair Roma with Louis for the year.


4. Insults

I try and hide behind Lexie.  Her brown hair in my face.  Abbey stands next to me as if trying to protect me.

" Well well well if it isn't fatty" Louis smirks.

" Louis leave" Lexie folds her arms.

" Ohhh getting people to fight your fights still are we little Roma" Louis' friends snigger expect Niall.  Louis' comment gets me angry.  When we were little Louis would stick up for me in fights but now he says I got him to fight my fights for me. 

" Louis I swear if you don't leave you will be in pain" I say stepping out from behind Lexie.  I look him in the eyes.  Those eyes I used to be in love with.  I could always go to the person that those eyes belonged to.  But now I swear I don't even know him.

" Oh yeah well guess what I'm not leaving" Louis' friends laugh as he crosses his arms.

" Fine you asked for it" I slap his face.  He clutches it and then I grab his shoulders and knee him.  He falls to the ground in pain.

" Bye Niall" Lexie hugs Niall as I storm off, Abbey and Lexie following me into our new classroom.

" Lexie" Mr. D says

" Here" Lexie waves her hand in the air.

" Abbey" Mr. D says

" Here" Abbey waves her hand in the air.

" Roma" Mr. D says

" No you got it wrong Mr. D its I love to cut" Louis sniggers

" Louis no" Mr. D shouts.  I HATE LOUIS.

" Here Mr. D" I wave my hand.  Thats it Louis game on.

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