Why do you hate me?

Roma needed a brake. She needed to get away from the person who ruined her life everyday. They used to be best friends until he hanged out with the wrong people and know she can't stand him. Find out what happens when the teachers pair Roma with Louis for the year.


2. Back to school

" Roma you need to get up school starts today" Lily my little sister shoke me.                                          

" Ok ok I'm getting up" I give in and stand up.                                                                                       

" GIRLS BREAKFEST IS READY" Mum yells from the kitchen.  I pull on white sorts and a long sleved blue top and my blue vans.  I ran down the stairs only to see my sister shoving down her trought a big bit of pancake.

My name is Roma White.  I live in Doncaster and my bestfriend's name is Abbey.  I'm 16 years old and I have a younger sister named Lily.  She is only twelve but in 3 weeks she is 13.  She means the world to me.  I'm quite and shy at home but at school I'm the girl thay goes running around with all the boys on the football team.  Always handing in my homework late and never showing teachers respect.  One boy at school I hate.  All the other girls love him.  His name is Louis Tomlinsom.

" Morning Roma" Mum passes me a pancake.  I push it away.                                                               

" No thanks mum I'm not hungry" I am but if I eat I might throw it back up.  I'm dreading today.               

" Its okay honey" Mum takes the pancake back knowing with I'm thinking. 

" Oh my look at the time, get your butts out that door and into the car" Mum rushed us out the door.

We pull up at school.

" Thanks for driving us mum" Lily smiles to our mum as we get out of the car                                          " Your welcome honey have a good day" She smiled back.  Good day?  Thats going to be inpossible.

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