February 14, 2013

*fanfic and diary. 1D not famous*
Jenna has been receiving creepy love letters from a secret admirer, and is determined to figure out who is sending them. Will it be who she thinks, or who she would least expect?


7. Jan 22 2013

You know how I said me and Zayn might become friends finally?

I take that back.

This morning I got another one of those letters. I haven't gotten one for a few days, which is weird. It read:

Dear Jenna,

I'm happy we've finally spoken. You are such an interesting person, I could listen to you all day. Your laugh is adorable, you're just all around absolutely stunning.

I really, truly like you. x

This is starting to frustrate me big time. I really wish they'd just tell me their name, I'm tired of the guessing game.

Wait... "I'm happy we've finally spoken"? So it's someone I just came to know. Who have a recently met?

Ahh, Zayn's group! I've recently met all the boys. I know it's not Harry, he was just messing with me that day. It's not Zayn, he would never in a million years like me, not going to bother thinking its him.... So that leaves Liam, Niall and Louis. I'm finally coming closer to my answer.

When I got to school today, the first person I saw was Harry. When I walked closer to him he gave me a friendly, warm smile and greeted me. He walked with me to my locker, seeing he's already gotten everything he needed. We had about ten minutes until Advisory started so we decided to spend the time getting to know each other better. He asked me questions like what family do I live with, what's my favorite song, where's my favorite vacation been, simple things like that. My questions were pretty similar, I actually learned quite a lot about him.

I learned that Harry has a sister named Gemma, who he is very close to. He moves around a lot because of his parents' work. But they seem to like where they are now so he isn't going anywhere any time soon. His favorite songs are Free Fallin' by John Mayer and We Are Young by Fun. He also likes the Pixies song, Where Is My Mind. He likes to slow dance to it. He's actually a really nice guy, all these rumors go around about how he's some womanizer and a trouble maker.. He's not any of what those people call him. He's sweet.

Whenever we got on a touchy topic he would just crack a joke and try to avoid finishing it. He seems to be hiding some things, but I'm not going to push it considering we just started talking.

When the bell rang for advisory we said goodbye and went our separate ways. I really want to become better friends with Harry.

I got all my textbooks and notebooks together and started to head for class. I didn't realize that Zayn was walking right past me, but sure enough he caught my attention by knocking all the books out of my hand and laughed.

What the hell?

"What the heck, Zayn?!" I yelled. He slowly turned around and walked towards me. I felt like I was going to just explode, I was so pissed off at him.

"What? You weren't expecting everything to be butterflies and rainbows between us, did you? I got you Louis back. That's it. I would never be your friend."

His words stung. I still keep replaying the moment in my mind, and every time I do my heart drops and I get a strange feeling in my stomach. Not butterflies, more like elephants. A herd of them.

I lashed back at him. "Why the hell are you always so mean to me? I've never done anything to you! Anything!!" He never actually answered my question. He just repeated that he would never be my friend.

At this point we were getting stares. I could see Louis and Niall out of the corner of my eye. They both looked confused, especially Niall. He had the least bit of clue what happened over the weekend. I was about to yell at him again but one of the teachers came out and told everyone they need to hurry to advisory. I gave Zayn a glare and picked up my books, then purposely bumped his shoulder. You could tell he didn't see it coming since he almost fell to the ground. I laughed at him and walked off to class. At least it wasn't me falling to the floor this time.

He didn't do anything to me the rest of the day. I caught him staring at me a few times, but that was all. At lunch, Louis and Harry sat with me, Marilyn and another one of my friends, Paige. To be honest, I wasn't that close of friends with Paige, she was just that girl in the group who was really nice but no one really knew how she got here. I sat next to Marilyn and Harry, Louis was next to Harry and then Paige. Marilyn and Paige were off in their own conversation, I don't really know what they were talking about.

Every now and then I saw Zayn look over at my table, considering two of his best friends were sitting with me. He was with Niall, Liam and some girl I've never seen before. I'm guessing she was a friend of Liam's since she only seemed to talk to him. Zayn just sat there quietly, looked like he was thinking about a lot. I wasn't going to let it bother me, though.

Harry caught me looking at Zayn and reassured me he would be fine. Then he asked why we hated each other so much. "I don't know." I answered honestly. I really didn't. Like I explained before, I've never done anything to cause such hatred. Harry just nodded and went back to eating. Marilyn and Paige had gone up to the snack line so it was just me and the boys. There wasn't much talking, just eating. It wasn't awkward or anything, I was trying to keep from smiling the whole time. I'm just so happy I have Louis back. And now I'm friends with Harry, he's such a good friend as well.

Louis and I walked back to class together, since we both had History after lunch. We said goodbye to Harry, Marilyn and Paige, then walked off.

"So, did you ever find out who is writing you those love letters?" Louis asked me with his hands in his pockets.

I told him I didn't find out who, and it was really bothering me. I didn't realize I had been babbling on until we reached our class, we were a little early. There were barely any other students, so we continued talking.

"Who do you think it is?" He asked me. I don't know who I think it is, actually. I haven't put much thought in it lately, being distracted by the guys and all... What if it was Louis, just like Harry said? Even though it seemed like Harry was just messing around again when he said it, it could very well be true.

Almost as if to read my mind, Louis asked, "what would you do if I were to write the letters?" I like Louis, a lot actually, I always have. I've never admitted it to him and it didn't feel like the right moment to tell him, even though he did give me the opportunity. I just shrugged and smiled at him.

The rest of the students had made their way to class and we started our lesson.

What if it is Louis... I can't get that thought out of my head. I've decided to get back on the topic with him and text him, I'll post the conversation after dinner and homework.

J: hey Lou!

L: Jennaaa! What's up?

J: just finished homework, tired :P you?

L: playing some guitar, probably should be doing homework. Haha

J: haha ;) so I've been thinking about what you asked me earlier. About if you're one writing the letters.

L: yeah?

It took me a while to reply, I kept rewriting what I had said, trying to find the right words. I decided to just stay simple with it.

J: I think I'd be perfectly fine with it. :)

L: awesome! :)

J: how bout we hang out tomorrow after school? If you have nothing planned.

L: my schedule is open! Starbucks?

J: sounds good! See you then!

I'm more than excited to hang out with Louis, maybe it'll be the perfect time to admit my feelings more him.

Tomorrow will be perfect.



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