February 14, 2013

*fanfic and diary. 1D not famous*
Jenna has been receiving creepy love letters from a secret admirer, and is determined to figure out who is sending them. Will it be who she thinks, or who she would least expect?


5. Jan 18 2013

I was planning on talking with Niall at lunch, but he wasn't at school today.


In English class Zayn was back on his normal behavior. I sat two seats away from him, he was throwing wadded up pieces of paper at me every time the teacher wasn't paying attention.

Sometimes I just really hate him.

It's so hard to just ignore him, let him get away with the things he does. I want to just walk up to him, slap him and scream at him for how he treats me. But I'm Jenna Houston and he's Zayn Malik, so who am I kidding.

Lunch was the weirdest.

Weirder than when Harry tricked me into thinking he wrote the letters.

My table is closer to the back of the cafeteria, so I have to walk past Zayn's group's table to get to mine. As I walked past Zayn's table, someone grabbed my arm to stop me. I looked to see it was Zayn.

Well, shit.

He asked me to sit with them. I figured it was just a joke so I fake smiled and started to walk away. He tried to grab my arm again but ended up grabbing my hand. I could tell they all saw my blushing by the looks they gave me.

"I'm serious. Come sit with us please" were his exact words.

Why would he want me to sit with them?

I sat between Zayn and Liam. I've never talked to Liam before. Marilyn dated him last year, only for about a month. She said he's been the sweetest boyfriend she's ever had, but she broke up with him because she had commitment issues. She felt like things were going too fast for her. So Liam didn't seem like anyone to be scared of.

Next to Liam was Louis. I've stopped talking to him after middle school. I don't know why we stopped talking, we were pretty close friends in 8th grade. He was the first real friend I had made that year. But once freshman year started, he was hanging out with Zayn and Harry. He started ignoring me, not even making eye contact with me in the hallways. So it wasn't a surprise to me that he didn't look at me when I sat down.

Next to him was Harry, then back to Zayn. Harry had a smirk on his face as he looked up at me. It honestly scared me.

It was silent for a while. It felt so awkward, like I didn't belong. I knew I didn't. Zayn decided to break the silence by saying "So tell me about yourself, Jenna!" He had a big smile and a mouth full of chicken.

The only things I told him was that I was an only child, I like Pop music, and a little bit about who my friends were. When I said Marilyn's name, Liam's head shot up. He asked a bunch about her, like how she was doing, if she ever talked about him. You could tell he missed her. I think it's cute.

Harry started laughing, I asked him "What?" But I chuckled a little bit myself to seem less harsh. He asked me, "you know I was just joking about the letters right? Just wanted to mess with ya" I just laughed and said yeah. Then I decided we might as well go on with the conversation. He brought it up. "How did you know about the letters?" I asked half confidently. I was nervous to have the conversation, I don't know why. Maybe it was just talking to Harry in general. He's already intimidating as it is.

He paused for a second then looked down at his food. Finally he said he "heard it from the grapevine"

Gee, I could tell this guy would be a big help... I asked him if he knew who it was. He looked up at me and smiled, saying "It could be anybody. Even your pal, Lou over here." Everyone laughed a little as Louis' face went red from embarrassment.

Harry got up to throw the food he didn't want away.

I can't stop thinking about the possibility of it being Louis. I guess it all made sense, when I really think about it. But why? I was his best friend, why couldn't he just tell me instead of sending me secret love notes?

It baffles me.

I better go off to bed, who knows what surprises await me tomorrow.



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