February 14, 2013

*fanfic and diary. 1D not famous*
Jenna has been receiving creepy love letters from a secret admirer, and is determined to figure out who is sending them. Will it be who she thinks, or who she would least expect?


19. Feb 8 2013

Over the past few days, nothing's really been happening. Not in a happy, wonderland way. More in a boring way.

Nobody has had exciting news. Liam and Marilyn have been hanging out more, which is good I guess. Harry has been spending time with Zayn like before. Me and Zayn have been becoming closer, I know more about him than I thought would ever be possible. We really trust each other now.

I've been hanging out with Louis and Niall mostly. Us three sit with each other at lunch, we make plans after school. Its nice, but there's nothing too exciting about it.

I haven't talked to Liam since the weekend. We aren't avoiding each other, we've just been too occupied to talk about us I suppose.

My mum and father have been fighting everyday. They normally aren't persistent about it, but it'll wear off in no time. I'm sure of it...

I got another letter today. It's been quite a while, but at least it puts some highlight into my day. It read:



You've been a great help to all. You take charge, you're smart, beautiful, and the best person I've ever met.

I want to make things up to you.

At the school dance on Valentines Day, walk around to the back of the school, out where the garden sits. 11:00 PM. I'll be waiting.

Much love, x.


I'm relieved this person is showing themselves, but I'm beyond nervous. What if they're not one of the boys? What if its some random stalker this whole time? That would just absolutely traumatize me.

In all hope, I would want it to be Louis. I know it's not Harry, he was just joking. It's not Liam, he doesn't fit the description. It couldn't be Zayn, I started getting the letter before we started fresh. Besides, he would never like me. So that leaves Niall and Louis.

I love Niall, don't get me wrong, but it's more the kind of love like, 'Aww, I would so babysit you!' And not so much 'I'd date you!'

I don't know if I still have as much of feelings for Louis anymore. I've been becoming friendlier with him more often, not flirtier...


All I've done tonight is write and blog. They're all having a guys night, Marilyn is out of town until Sunday. At least now I have some time to think things through, some peace and quiet.

I can't believe how much my life has changed in not even a month... And there's no escaping it now.

Ugh, it's good to be me....



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