February 14, 2013

*fanfic and diary. 1D not famous*
Jenna has been receiving creepy love letters from a secret admirer, and is determined to figure out who is sending them. Will it be who she thinks, or who she would least expect?


17. Feb 3 2013 Part 1

I didn't have my journal with me yesterday, I was getting Harry's present then finishing up the decorating all afternoon. I got Harry a few little things for his birthday. A new iPhone case, some beanies, a 'Hipsta Please' sweatshirt, and lastly footsie pajamas that match mine. I remember him complimenting mine and saying how much fun he would have with one, so I figured, why not?

It was around 7 when people started coming over. Most of them were from our school, but there were a few that I had never seen before. We all introduced ourselves and talked for a while, and soon enough there were enough people to make it feel like a party. It was closer to 8 when Harry finally got here, we all screamed "Happy Birthday Hazza!" And formed a big group hug.

I didn't see Harry or Zayn for about an hour after that, I guess they went to talk with other friends. I asked Liam to get Harry and bring him to the table, and I would go upstairs to get the cake. I couldn't wait for him to see it! I ran upstairs to light the candles, then waited for Liam's signal.


L: found Harry, we're waiting :) x


As I walked down the stairs, we all started singing.


Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Harry,

Happy birthday to youuuuu!


Harry was laughing with his hands covering his face. I set down the cake, "Make a wish, Harry..." I whispered to him. We all cheered and started cutting the cake. Niall was the first one in line, smiling like a kid on Christmas morning. It was adorable.

As we got closer to the end of the line, I realized Zayn still wasn't here. I shrugged it off and decided that after a few more minutes I would go looking for him.

"Do you know where Zayn went?" Louis yelled from behind me. The music was loud enough to where it was hard to hear anyone.

"No, I was actually just going to look for him in a second." I yelled back.

Louis grabbed my hand and walked me upstairs, so we wouldn't have to scream over the music.

"Why wouldn't he be at the party?" Louis asked.

"I don't know... Was he in a bad mood before?" I hadn't really been watching Zayn much today, I've been so concentrated on Harry.

"Not really, I was hanging out with him for a while but I looked away for a split second and he was gone." At this point I'm starting to panic. Anything could've happened to him, and nobody was looking.

Me and Lou split up and searched around the house. My phone started going off, giving me hope it was Zayn.


H: Where'd you go?


Agh, just Harry.


J: Looking for Zayn, have you seen him?


H: didn't even realize he was gone, let me know if you find him...


I put my phone back in my pocket and continued looking. It was about 10 minutes until I found Zayn. He was sitting in the corner of his walk-in closet with his head buried in his hands.


J: found him, Lou.


I slowly walked over to Zayn, trying not to scare him or anything. "Zayn?" I whispered. He looked like he was passed out, to be honest. My phone went off again, it was Louis.


L: where is he?


He let out a sigh and looked up at me. His eyes were red, he had tear stains on his cheeks and a red mark near his jaw. He was sniffling, trying to control himself, then gave me a weak smile.

"Oh my god, what happened?" I asked kneeling down to him. I was in complete shock, I've never seen or been able to imagine him like this. 


"Come on Zayn, I know that isn't nothing." I drew an imaginary circle around his face. "Nothing happened. I... Just fell."

Gettin' real tired of your bullshit, Zayn.

He could tell I wasn't buying it, but he didn't care to explain himself. He just pulled me closer and put his head on my chest, sobbing. I couldn't stand seeing my friend like this.


L: Jenna? Where is he? Is he okay?


I ignored Louis' text again and put my phone down next to me. I didn't ask Zayn any more questions, I just rubbed his back in attempt to comfort him. He tried to calm down a few times, but it didn't work. Louis started calling me, since I never answered his last text.

"Yeah?" I whispered into my phone.

"Where's Zayn?!" Louis sounded a little angry, but I understand why.

"He's in his room, not doing too well. I'll call you back in five minutes if things aren't going better."

"Okay, love you guys." He sounded more worried than mad.

"Love you too."

Zayn was still sitting with his head on my chest and arm wrapped around me. "Who was that..." His voice cracked when he spoke, nearly putting me on the verge to tears. God, I hate seeing people cry.

"It was Louis, he's worried about you." Zayn sat up fast, he's eyes and cheeks were burning red.

"Please don't tell him to come, he's going to keep hounding me about what happened and-" I shushed him and put his head pack on my chest. "Don't worry, it'll be alright. It's just you and I." I whispered.

We stayed like that for at least an hour, Louis and Harry wouldn't stop texting me.


L: Is he alright?


L: Jenna please let me come talk with him


H: You find Zayn?


L: Jenna...


H: Where are you guys, the party misses you! :)


H: Jenna, Lou's freaking out, please talk to him. x


I texted Louis that he's okay, he just needs a few minutes to calm down and I'll bring him back downstairs. I wasn't sure how true that was, but it would ease the pain on Louis a bit.

We sat there in silence for what felt like forever. It was a while later when Zayn finally spoke again. "You don't have to be here, you know. You can go party with Harry. I'm sure he misses you." He was practically whispering, but I still heard his voice crack.

"Zayn, I'm not going to leave you. We don't even have to talk, I just want to comfort you." I kissed him on the top of his head and rubbed his back again.

"Thank you..." He said.

I didn't respond to him, I just smiled and closed my eyes.

Not too long after that, Zayn got up and sat across from me. He looked at the ground, refusing to make eye contact. I'm honestly a little happy he wasn't looking right at me, I know in would've broken down if I saw how hurt he was. He took a deep breath, and started to try talking. He had to keep pausing on his words to keep from his voice cracking again.

"I was crying... Because... This girl was... Here... That I uh, dated before and... She was d-drunk and... She was telling me that... That... She was just calling me names and.. Said I sh-should just kill myself." He chocked up at the end and started crying into his hands. I took them away from his face and held them. I tried to get him to look up at me so he would continue, but he wouldn't.

"It's okay Zayn, none of that is true..." I whispered.

"She... She just kept s-saying it... Over and over and... I yelled back at her to.. To go to hell and she slapped m-me... And pushed me to... To the floor, kicking me.." He started holding onto my hands tighter and tighter. It was starting to hurt, but I couldn't tell him that.

"Zayn... You know none of what she said it true and-" He quickly looked up and me and yelled, "That's the thing, Jenna, it is true. It is. Everything she said. You know it is, don't lie to me." He was letting all of the tears out this time, not caring about how he looked in front of me anymore. I started to get choked up, but I quickly made myself get over of it. I can't let him think he's making me cry.

"I don't believe a single thing she said about you, Zayn. I think you're amazing."

He looked at me then quickly stared at the floor, no matter how hard he tried to hide it I still saw him smiling. "Thank you so much, Jenna. I'm so sorry for the way I used to treat you."

"I know."

I wiped the tear stains off with my sleeve, then kissed his cheek. He stood up and offered out his hand, "Lets go back to the party." He said. He had finally calmed down, without feeling the need to pause on his words anymore. We walked downstairs and saw everyone was dancing. Right before we reached the last step, Zayn froze, his eyes getting watery again. I looked around the room and saw a girl staring back at him, I guess that was the ex.

"We can go back upstairs if you want.." I said. I didn't want to make him feel like he had to party with her here. He shook his head and walked down with me, making sure to avoid her.

Zayn told me he wanted to go get some cake and talk to Louis, so I stayed and danced. I wasn't exactly dancing with anyone, I was just part of the crowd.

I saw Liam not too far from me dancing with Marilyn. Knowing he had (and I think still has) feelings for her, I got a little jealous seeing them dancing, but I had to remind myself we aren't dating. I have no right to be mad, and I wasn't in the mood for more drama.

I heard Niall yell from directly behind me, "Present time!!" I nearly jumped, not knowing he was so close the whole time.

We all sat in some sort of circle, I was next to Zayn and Marilyn, Louis on the other side of Zayn and Liam next to Marilyn. Harry and Niall sat directly across us. Harry went through all his presents, thanking and hugging everyone. Niall got him a little handmade book labeled 'Free Horan Hug Coupon' on each page. Louis got him a new pair of shoes and some money, Marilyn got him a $100 Visa Gift Card, and Liam got him a huge teddy bear. I love how random all of Harry's presents were.

Zayn had already given him his present, which was a new flat screen for his room, and a remote control helicopter that looked like his own.

Harry laughed so hard when he saw the footsie pajamas I got him that he almost fell backwards. He ran over and spun my around yelling, "Thank you!!" And gave me a big kiss on the cheek. He finished with the rest of his presents and we proceeded to dance.

It was getting closer to 1 am now, a few people had left the party but the majority of us were still there. Niall was dancing, trying not to fall over. I'm guessing someone spiked the drinks because he looked completely waisted. It was quite entertaining to watch but I eventually went to help him. "Are you okay, Nialler?" I yelled. He gave me a funny smile and tugged me over to the stairs. "How many drinks did you have?" I asked. "O-one too many, Jenna..." He had his arm around my shoulder for support. I helped him up the stairs and onto the living room couch. I gave him some water to ease it up a little, but he was refusing to sit still.

"Come downstairs and dance with me!" He said enthusiastically.

"Uhh, I think it's best you clam down." I answered.

"C'mon, it's a party. Please. Pleeeaaassseeee!" He begged. I gave in to the puppy face he was making, and we walked back downstairs.

Watching Niall drunkenly dance was priceless, I was laughing so hard. Eventually Harry saw us and started laughing as well. "Don't let him have anymore, he'll go crazy." Harry almost whispered into my ear. I nodded and laughed, and Harry went over to get the remains of the cake. I turned around and saw I had already lost Niall. I knew exactly where he was, so I pushed my way through all of the people to the drinks.

"Woah there, the last thing you need is another drink." I said taking it out of his hands. His cheeks were rosie and disappointment grew across his face.

"But... I... Uh, I got it for youuuu!" He said innocently.

I wasn't buying it.

I was walking him away from the table when I heard him yell to me, "What's Zayn doing with her?" He sounded surprised and disgusted. I looked over and saw Zayn standing with his ex. I couldn't make out the words they were saying, but it was obvious they were yelling at each other. I texted Zayn to see if he was alright.


J: Need backup? All I got is a drunken Nialler but it will suffice. ;)


I saw him look down at his phone and smile, then searched the room. His ex was still yelling but he tuned her out and walked towards me.

"Thanks." He said laughing.

"What the hell were you doing over there?" Niall asked, still holding onto my hand.

"We were going to work things out, but it got out of hand." Zayn answered. I could see the anger boiling up in Niall.

"Zayn. You know she's trouble! Just stay away from her completely. She doesn't deserve your time and its stupid to keep her in your life!" Niall yelled. I tugged his arm and gave him a stern look, making him sigh. Zayn just stood there in a loss for words.

"Look, I'm sorry, Zayn. I just don't want to see you get hurt again. I'm only thinking of what's best for you." Zayn nodded in agreement, and everything was settled.


Around 2:30 the party had gone, it was just me and the boys. Marilyn went home with the crowd. We had all decided before that we would stay the night at Zayn's, since we knew none of us would be up for driving or walking home. We all got ready for bed, put a blow up mattress in the living room and decided on a movie. Everyone was in sweats, Liam had a white tabletop, Louis had a hoody, and Niall and Zayn weren't wearing shirts. Me and Harry had on our matching footsie pajamas. We put in the movie 'Batman: The Dark Knight Rises'.

Louis and Niall got the couches opposite of each other, Liam got the huge chair behind the mattress, which is where Harry, me and Zayn were. Harry passed out before the first five minutes if the movie, then Niall, then Lou, then me. I'm not sure how long Liam stayed up, but I woke up around 4 and saw Zayn watching 'Up'.

"Why are you always up so late?" I asked.

Zayn jumped and looked over at me.

"Why do you have to scare me every time?" He said in a low voice. We both were laughing, as he turned on his side to face me. "I always keep myself up, thinking for some reason."

"What thought could possibly be worth more than sleep?!" I asked sarcastically.

We talked for a little while before we both fell asleep, not meaning to. It was just... Perfect.

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