February 14, 2013

*fanfic and diary. 1D not famous*
Jenna has been receiving creepy love letters from a secret admirer, and is determined to figure out who is sending them. Will it be who she thinks, or who she would least expect?


16. Feb 1 2013

So about that "getting to bed thing"?

That didn't happen.

I couldn't fall asleep at all last night, I just kept brain-storming on what to do for Harry's birthday. I don't know why I've become so obsessed with this, I guess I just really want to make sure he has a fantastic time.

At about 4 in the morning, I got a text from Zayn.


Z: You still up?


I was surprised that someone was up at this time, but I texted back.


J: Yes sir.


Z: Can't sleep :(


J: Why not?


Z: I've just been thinking all night. What're you doing up?


J: Thinking of what we should do for Harry's party


Z: Why not just throw a party? Harry's not really into the themed party, he just enjoys being around his friends.


Gee, it'd be nice if someone told me that 6 hours ago...

I didn't text Zayn back, but heard my phone go off a few times. I figured I would take advantage of the few hours I had left for sleep.

School was pretty boring without Harry there, all I honestly thought about was his party. It was obvious Louis and Niall got bored hearing me talk about it all of lunch, but I couldn't help it!

Louis picked me up from school, and we headed over to Zayn's to start planning and do early decorating. We decided to have the party there since Zayn has the biggest house out of all of us.

Zayn was calling people to invite, I was decorating the cake, Louis was setting up the basement along with Liam, and Niall was making the food list. I was about 7:30 when I got a text from Harry.


H: hey J :) just got back from Homes Chapel, you wanna come n hang out? x


I looked around and saw that everything looked put together. Liam was resting on the couch, Niall was getting snacks to watch a movie, and the other two were sitting on the floor talking. "Hey guys, I gotta go. See you tomorrow!" I yelled out to them. We said our goodbyes and I left out the front.


J: I'd love to! See you soon xx


When I got to Harry's, we just sat in the living room and talked for the first 45 minutes. I don't remember every little detail of our conversation, but it was one of those late conversations where you just tell everything. Embarrassing stories, first loves, ambitions, all of it.

I've definitely become closer to Harry, for some reason I can never get him out of my mind. Hard to believe I used to always think of him and weird and scary... Now he's one of my best friends!

After we were done talking, we put in a movie. Harry insisted on watching a scary movie, even though I wasn't really up for it. But, I decided to let him have his way since he's the birthday boy. I asked him not to go too scary, so he put in The Forth Kind. I don't think the movie would be as scary if it wasn't based off of a true story, but it always freaked me out.

And Harry knew that.

Most of the movie I was hiding from the TV, whimpering. Harry would just laugh and try to comfort me in his arms. When the movie finished, it was a little past 9. We put in Little Miss Sunshine to get our minds off of what we had just watched. To be honest, we didn't even spend much time watching the movie. We just talked more.

"Alright. If you could only see one of your family members again, who would it be and why?" Harry asked me.

"Hm..." I honestly had to think about my answer. I don't have any siblings, and I'm not that close to any cousins nor aunts or uncles. I was torn between my parents.

"My mum. Out of everyone, I'm definitely closes to her. She's my hero." I was proud of my answer, even though I know how devastating it would be leaving my father.

"Now your turn to ask me something." Harry said.

At this point we were both on the floor, facing each other on our stomachs.

"Okay. If you could fix one mistake in your past, what would it be?"

He took a while to answer me, but finally said, "Actually, I don't have a mistake I want to take back. I've learned from all of them, and without them I wouldn't be here right now. And I'm pretty happy right here." He smiled.

"Good answer, your turn!"

"If someone handed you a book and you started to read it, then realized its based off your entire life, would you read it until the end?"

"Wow, that was a really good question, um..." I really had to think about that one, I was surprised at how good of a question it was.

I don't know if I would be scared to keep reading, but at the same time I want to prevent myself from future mistakes. I want to see who's worth it in the end, I want to see who I will end up loving the rest of my life.. But if I knew then it might ruin things. I would constantly be worried about a day to come which I knew something bad would happen. That would just ruin me.

"No, I don't think I would read it until the end. I would rather have everything be a surprise, I don't want to ruin it for myself."

Harry just nodded his head in agreement.

We talked for a while longer, when I check my phone it was 11. I started to say goodbye to Harry, but he asked me to stay the night and watch movies with him. I figured, eh, it couldn't hurt. I knew my mum and father would be out for the night since its Friday so I texted my mum that I'm staying at a friends, then turned of my phone.

We watched maybe 3 or 4 more movies on the couch before I passed out, my head on Harry's lap. I woke up in the middle of the night, seemed like it was 2 am. Harry was still watching movies, but barely awake.

"Harry?" I asked, my voice sounded more tired than I thought it would. He jumped at first, but then smiled at me.

"Oh, hi J."

"Why are you still up?"

"Couldn't fall asleep for whatever reason." He answered.

I watched Adventures with him for a little bit, despite how tired I was I didn't want Harry up all by himself. After the movie we decided to sleep on the giant bean bag in the basement, which basically seemed like on of those huge blow-up mattresses. Only, it's a bean bag...

I didn't fall asleep for a while, I just laid on my side facing away from Harry. I was thinking about how much has changed since I started hanging out with these guys. They've made everything different, but I'm happy this way.



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