Double Devine

Taylor Marie Gold. Shawna Lay Smith. Kayla Ariana Devine. Which one is the real one? Kayla Devine has been living three different lives. Ever since her parents split up, Kayla has different identities. Her mother lives farther away from her father. She goes to two different schools. At one school, she is Taylor Marie Gold, the goody girl. Straight A's. Perfect blonde hair, blue sparkling eyes. Every guy's dream girl. At another school, she is Shawna Lay Smith. The bad girl. Fails in school. Sneaks out. Risktaker. What happens when 2 boys fall in love with her fake identities? What happens when the real Kayla falls in love? Double life, double everything.


10. See You Again


I saw the bus through my kitchen window. "Bye mom." I hugged her, and opened the door.

I sat in my spot in the back, and put on my song. I was determined to figure out what "Skyscraper" meant.

We pulled up in front of Beth's house. She stumbled up the steps, and made her way to the back.

"TAY-LOR. I MISSED YOU SO FORKIN' MUCH." She yelled. I couldn't help it. I busted out laughing. Everyone stared at her.

"BETH, DEAREST. I'VE MISSED YOU TOO. " I shouted back. She sat next to me, and laughed. When we calmed down, she hugged me.

"Oh god. I'm glad we're friends." Beth chuckled.

"Me too, Beth, me too. So what happened last week?" I asked.

"Wellllllllllll, nothing. Just a normal week. By the way, you have a debate this afternoon, and you have a school dance to plan." Beth informed me.

"What's the debate on?"

"If we should be allowed to have phones in class. You're debating the yes we should have phones. You'll win."

"What about the dance?"

"You have to have it all planned out by Friday. You get to choose the theme, decorations, and whatever else you think is needed."

"Thank god you're my manager."

"Thank god you're the school president. People actually like coming to school now because of you."

"I'm going to need your help with the dance. We'll plan after the debate."

"Yay! My house?"

"Sounds good. I have alot of ideas."

"I'm excited now!" Beth squeeled. We pulled up in fornt of the school. Here goes nothing.

* * *

"That's why phones should be used in class!" I put my fist in the air. The crowd stood, and cheered.

"That's that. Phones wiull be allowed in class starting tomorrow!" The students cheered.

We were all dismissed. Beth and I rode the bus to her house.

"Here it is." Beth opened her front door.

"I love your house. It's cute." I giggled.


"Yes, cute." I laughed. We walked up to her room, and began to brainstorm.

"What ideas do you have?" I asked Beth.

"None yet."

"I like that. I love that! Do you know what a Sadie Hawkins dance is?" I aksed.

"No....what is it?"

"It's a dance with a twist. Girls ask guys."

Her mouth dropped. "Best idea....EVER!" She yelled.

* * *

I knocked on my front door. I had forgotten my house key that morning. I waited for the door to open, but nothing happened. I then remebered that my mom had a night shift at the hospital tongiht. I had no idea what to do, so I panicked. I freaked out. I was crying, anf=d shaking. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't call my mom because phones were off limits, unless she was on break. She only got on break, but that was at midnight.

I was scared to death, and to make matters worse, it started to rain. I sat on my porch, where I was kept form getting wet.

My phone buzzed in my pocket.

Harry <3:

Heyyyyy :)

I had totally forgotten about Harry.


Please come help me.


Where are you?????


My house. Just come pick me up. I hate the dark.

Harry <3:

What happened?


I'm locked out of my hosue, and it's raining. Please hurry up.

Harry <3:

I'm on my way, Kayla. It's okay. I'll be there soon.


Keep texting me. I feel like I'm gonna get kidnapped. It's really cold too.

Harry <3:

I'm almost there, baby. It's ok.


How far are you from my house?

Harry <3:

I'm here.

I looked up from my phone. I grabbed my stuff, and ran quickly to his car. He opened the door for me, and jumped in. We drove off. I shivered in my seat. I could feel the heat in his car. He reached over, and grabbed my hand. He intertwined our fingers.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked me.

"I'm fine. Just a little freaked out."

"You're fine now."

"I know. Thankyou, by the way."

"I did it to see you. I missed you so much."

"I missed you too, Harry."

"I guess you're staying the night with me, sloth."

"Yep. Why do you call me sloth?"

"It fits you."

"I'm a sloth now. Great."

"Can you takeoff the blonde wig?"

I pulled the wig off my head, and stuffed it in my bag. It was all wet, but my real hair wasn't.

"I like Kayla way better than Taylor."

"Trust me. I do too."

* * *

I came out of the bathroom, and looked for Harry. I had on his clothes. An oversized t-shirt, and no pants. Of course he didn't have any pants for me to wear. I went to his room, and saw him take off his shirt. He had on sweatpants, but that's it.

"Hola." I smiled. I jumped on his bed.

"Do I have to take you to school in the morning?" He asked, as he climbed in the bed. He pulled the covers over us.

"You sure do. Don't you have school too?"

"Yeah. I'm glad I don't live at my college though. I don't like the people there. I have to move in there soon."

"Why?" We still had yet to lay down.

"My mom's selling this house. She found another one. It's in L.A. I can't move there, so I'm moving into a dorm."

"Why L.A.?"

"Her stupid job."

"Oh. That sucks." Harry laid down, so I followed his actions. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and didn't dare let go.

I fell alseep in his arms.

* * *

Beth attacked me in the school parking lot. "WHY WEREN'T YOU ON THE BUS?!" She yelled.

"I stayed at my...cousin's house last night, and he offered me a ride to school."

Beth looked in Harry's car. "Hey cousin." She waved. Harry got out of the car, and shook her hand.

"I'm Harry." He smiled.

"Beth." She gladly took his hand, and shook it furiously. He laughed. Liam was walking towards me. When he got to me, he gave Harry the death stare. "Who's this, Tay?" He asked.

"My cousin, Harry."

Liam's face softened. "Nice to meet you." Liam smiled, then pecked me on the lips. I could feel the jelousy radiating off of Harry.

I hadn't even kissed Harry since I've seen him. I felt really bad. "Will you pick me up this afternoon, Harry?" I asked.

"Sure. Text me, Taylor." Harry got in his car, and drove off. I knew he was mad. "Harry is hot." Beth said. That made me so mad. I'm the only one to call Harry hot. I tried to cool down. "Ew. He's my cousin, Beth!" I tried to joke. I played it off. We walked into school, and went to our classes. Just a normal, boring day.

* * *

It was lunch time, and I finally got a chance to text Harry. I was with Beth and Liam, and some other student council members.



Harry <3:

Hey cousin.


I'm sorry. I didn't know he was gonna kiss me right in front of you.

Harry <3:

Whatever. It's fine. It just made me so mad, because I still haven't kissed you since I saw you, and he did.


Liam's not you, Harry. He doesn't give me those sparks.

Harry <3:

I know :)


My mom knows I stayed the night with you. She was really upset that she wasn't home.

Harry <3:

Did she freak out?


Nope. She must really like you.

Harry <3:

Crap. I gotta go. I have Drama in 3 minutes. Bye!! xx


Bye, Harry ! <3

I read over our conversation. I missed him so much. I couldn't wait to kiss him.

"Don't you think so, Taylor?" I snapped back into reality, and looked at Liam.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Dates aren't real unless someone can drive, right?"

"I agree." I put my phone away, and thought about Harry. I would see him at 3:00. I couldn't wait.











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