Double Devine

Taylor Marie Gold. Shawna Lay Smith. Kayla Ariana Devine. Which one is the real one? Kayla Devine has been living three different lives. Ever since her parents split up, Kayla has different identities. Her mother lives farther away from her father. She goes to two different schools. At one school, she is Taylor Marie Gold, the goody girl. Straight A's. Perfect blonde hair, blue sparkling eyes. Every guy's dream girl. At another school, she is Shawna Lay Smith. The bad girl. Fails in school. Sneaks out. Risktaker. What happens when 2 boys fall in love with her fake identities? What happens when the real Kayla falls in love? Double life, double everything.


4. Never Fall In Love

"Shawna. We're at school. Wake up." I heard Zayn's voice. My eyelids fluttered open.

I sat up, and stretched, and stood up. I walked down the steps of the bus.

"What's your first class?" Zayn asked.

"Um. Mr. Baker. Science."

"Me too. I'll walk you there?"

"No. It's okay."

"I want to."

He wasn't giving up. "I'm fine."


"No, Zayn."

I started walking towards the front doors.

"Why not?"

"I have no idea who you are."

"You know my name."

"So? I'll just meet you after school."

"Where at?"

"Here. See you then."

I had a feeling Zayn was staring at my backside. I turned to look at him. He was watching me.

"Don't stare too long." I winked, and turned back to walk in the school.

*        *        *          *        *         *          *         *          *         *           *

I walked from my last class. The day felt short, and I met a girl. Her name is Deena, but I call her Dee.

I told her to meet me outside, where I would meet Zayn.

I sat on the bench by the fountain, and waited patiently.

"Hey." Zayn sat next to her.

"Hi. Dee is going to meet here too, so wait."

"Dee's cool."

Zayn pulled out his phone, and got on Twitter.

"I'm about to go out with a complete stranger. Where are we even going?" I was curious.

"Well, now that Dee's going, we can't do the thing I had planned for us."

"What was it?"

"You'll see tomorrow."

"Tell me."


I "ughed", as I threw my head back.

"Just tell me, Zayn."

"Sorry." He smirked at me, as he put his phone in his back pocket. Dee sauntered up. She had such a cool style. She had her black hair in a ponytail, with her bangs pushed up in a poof. She had her black sunglasses on. Her earings were gold hoops. She wore black skinny jeans with a blousy, black shirt that said, 'Bad' in red cursive on the front. She had on a red leather jacket that had a golden zipper. She had on blacks heels, and a black purse that hung on her arm. The same arm held a phone that was clutched to her ear.

"No! You said he was gonna give me three hundred dollars! He gave me three dollars! You didn't hold up your end of the deal! What the hell! I'll call you later, Devin. I don't wanna hear your ugly ass voice." She screamed into the phone, and press the end button agressively.

The breathed slowly, then fixed her jacket.

"Hey girl!" She walked over to me.

"Hey Deeeeeeee!" 

She sat next to Zayn, and left her legs wide open. I realized then, that my legs were crossed, and I wasn't in character. I quickly sat like Dee.

"Who was on the phone?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Devin. My so called "boyfriend"." She did air quotes.

"Oh. Ew. I don't like boyfriends."

"Then what do you like?" Zayn questioned.

"Not anything serious. Love isn't real."

"Oh....yeah. It's stupid." Zayn said after looking dissapointed. Dee was staring at him with her mouth open crooked, and her eyebrows raised.

"Dee. What's wrong?" I asked, as Zayn turned his attention to her.

"Can I talk to you over there?" She pointed to a tree, far away from the bench.

"Yeah..." I stood up and she dragged me over to the tree.

"Do you know who that boy is?" She asked.

"Zayn Malik."

"Do you know his rep?"

"Bad boy."

"That and one night stands. He vowed to never fall in love, never get too close."


"You know when you said you didn't like boyfriends, and that you wanted nothing serious?"

"Yeah. What about it?"

"Usually with a girl, he would've been all perverted, and said somehting like 'one night stands', but he asked you what you wanted. When you said you wanted nothing serious, he was upset. Then, he played it cool. Acting like he hates relationships too."


"Usually, Zayn would put his hand on your thigh. He does it with every girl he wants. He's not touching you. He would be all over you, but he wants something else."

"What does he want?"

"Love. He's falling hard for you, which is something I thought I'd never say about Zayn Malik."

"Dee, he can't get involved with me. I'm more than what meets the eye. I have to cut him out."

"Once Zayn's in your life, he won't get out."

I sighed. I already had Liam, who told me he was in love with Taylor, and now Zayn, who was falling for Shawna. 


"Huh?" I snapped out of my thoughts.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, just freaked. I need to go home."

"You leave, he'll find you. You said you'd hang, so you're gonna hang."

"Okay, but only today."

We walked back to the bench where Zayn was staring at me.

"Why'd you go talk?" Zayn asked.

"Dee had to tell me something. It was important."

"A secret?"

"Yep, so you ain't getting nothing." Dee snapped her fingers. "White girl here, I can trust. But Zayn Malik. Black girl can't trust." Dee pointed at him.

"Fine. Fine." Zayn stood up.

"We should go." I said.

Zayn led us to a part of town that I didn't know. Dee knew though. Where were we going?


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