Double Devine

Taylor Marie Gold. Shawna Lay Smith. Kayla Ariana Devine. Which one is the real one? Kayla Devine has been living three different lives. Ever since her parents split up, Kayla has different identities. Her mother lives farther away from her father. She goes to two different schools. At one school, she is Taylor Marie Gold, the goody girl. Straight A's. Perfect blonde hair, blue sparkling eyes. Every guy's dream girl. At another school, she is Shawna Lay Smith. The bad girl. Fails in school. Sneaks out. Risktaker. What happens when 2 boys fall in love with her fake identities? What happens when the real Kayla falls in love? Double life, double everything.


2. Golden

"Hey. I'm Beth. Don't worry about those girls. They're horrid." A random girl said, as she next to me in the seat. "I'm Kayla." I didn't really matter if I told her my real name. Kayla would be gone tomorrow.

"Cool. That girls name is Nicole. She ruins people's lives." Beth chuckled, and pulled out a granola bar.

"Seems like it." I mumbled.

Nobody else talked to me at school. I bet they would talk to Taylor.

*            *                *                  *                  *                   *

I went to the wig store. I was not dying my hair. "I need two wigs. Black and blonde." I told the wo,man at the front desk. "Sure." She gestured for me to follow her. She took me to the back room. I saw a blonde one with curls. It was long, and flowy, like I wanted. "That one. Can it be styled how I want it?" I asked her. She nodded. "I'll take it." She pulled it off the shelf.

I saw a black one that was straight and had bangs that were supposed to cover your forehead. "That one too." I smiled. She nodded, then repeated the same action from before. "Why do you need these?" She asked. "Just trying out new styles." I paid and left the store quickly.

*            *             *             *                *           *              *                *                  *

I got home then fell into my soft sheets. I fell into unconciousness once again. Goodbye world until the morning.

*           *             *             *                  *                         *               *

I woke up quite scared. I had a  nightmare about different identities. But that wasn't going to stop me from changing myself. I got ready rather slowly. My fake blonde curls fell perfectly upon my back.

I had bought some bright blue contacts. My eyes mine...I liked it.

"Hola." I sat on the counter next to my mom. "Well look at you, blondie. New wig and contacts?" My Mom asked. "Yeah. I accidently told everyone my name was Kayla yesterday, so I'm just gonna say Kayla was switched with her more attractive cousin, Taylor Marie Gold." I patted myself on the back.

"Better go. There's the bus." My mom pointed at the window. "Bye!" I perked my face up, and kissed my mom on the cheek. "Okaaaay. Love you." I waved as I opened the door and walked to the bus.

"Well, who are you, Miss? I thought Kayla lived here." Gilda said. "I'm Taylor, and Kayla? She's gone." I smiled, and took a seat at the back. I wasn't afraid of those girls.

I heard laughing as three girls walked up to me. "Who are you?" Nicole snapped.

"Taylor Gold. And you are?" I blinked alot. "Uhh..Nicole Tarren. These are our seats." She toned her voice down. I could tell she wasn't used to people talking to her like I did.

"Your seats?" I continued to smile at her. "Yes. Get up." She regained her attitude.

"I'm sorry. That's not possible." I blinked too many times again. "They're our seats now move!" Nicole yelled. Everyone looked at us. They seemed shocked that I wasn't obeying Nicole's orders.

"I don't see your names here, so if you can just go find another seat, that'd be great." I put up my  thumb.

Anger covered her face. "No. I will not!" She yelled.

"I guess you'll stand up then." I reached and poked her nose then sat down and plugged my earbuds in.

I saw Nicole yelling, but couldn't hear anything.

"Did you just do that?" Beth hadn't yet been introduced to Taylor. "Sure did. Hi. I'm Taylor." I put out my hand to shake hers. "I'm Beth. You've just made history." I laughed.

Beth sat down next to me. I had one earplug in, so I could hear her.

"So, you're new?" Beth asked.

"Yup. "I've gone here once, so I know where all my classes are." I lied. "Cool. Any hobbies?" Beth was very talkative.

"Yes. I read. Mostly Nicholas Sparks."  I chuckled. "Me too. Favorite?" She asked.

"His new book Safe Haven. It's great." I explained.

"Mine is the Notebook. Ally is so gorgeous."

"Yeah, but Ryan Gosling!'

We laughed. "Laugh louder so she'll hear us." I pointed to Nicole.

We laughed super loud. Nicole turned and rolled her eyes at us. Beth and I high fived each other, and calmed down. "School time! Off my bus, children." Gilda hollered. Beth and I walked off of the bus and into the dreaded school.

*       *          *              *            *            *            *                *                     *                *

I sat in my sixth period class, daydreaming. "Excuse me?" A deep, but gentle British accent said.

"Hmm?" I turned to see a beautiful boy with his head shaved, and the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen.

"Do you have a pencil?" He asked. I nodded slowly, and handed him my pink one.

"Thanks. I'm Liam by the way. Liam Payne." He held out his hand for me to shake it.

I took his hand. It was so soft. "Taylor Gold." I mumbled. I couldn't help but smile.

"Cute name. Do you have a boyfriend? Not to be creepy or anything." Liam asked.

"Oh. No. Single Pringle." I raised my hand slightly. He chuckled.

"Plans for Friday night?" Liam raised his eyebrows. "Nope. Movies?" I asked.

"Yeah. Cool. Text me with this number." I watched as Liam wrote his number on a scrap piece of paper.

"I will." I turned when the bell rang.

*       *       *           *               *            *             *        *             *         *                  *

When I got home, I went straight to my phone. I texted Liam rather quickly. We decide to go see "Mama". It was a scary movie. We would go Friday, and he would meet me there. I was shaking with delight, but I was only upset about one thing. It wasn't the real me. He liked Taylor, not....Kayla...Kayla Devine. I wanted to see Mrs. Wicker for some advice, but I had no idea where to find her.

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