Double Devine

Taylor Marie Gold. Shawna Lay Smith. Kayla Ariana Devine. Which one is the real one? Kayla Devine has been living three different lives. Ever since her parents split up, Kayla has different identities. Her mother lives farther away from her father. She goes to two different schools. At one school, she is Taylor Marie Gold, the goody girl. Straight A's. Perfect blonde hair, blue sparkling eyes. Every guy's dream girl. At another school, she is Shawna Lay Smith. The bad girl. Fails in school. Sneaks out. Risktaker. What happens when 2 boys fall in love with her fake identities? What happens when the real Kayla falls in love? Double life, double everything.


6. Can You What?

The school week was pretty normal. Monday, Kayla met Harry. Tuesday, normal day. Wednesday. normal day. Thursday, Taylor did her first debate, and won. Friday, normal school day, but the date with Harry was tonight.

"Mom? I'm just going to get in the shower." I told my mother.

"Okay. Hurry up. We have to be there by 6:30."

"Yes ma'am."

I quickly got in the shower. When I got out, I blow dryed my hair, straightened my hair, applied light makeup, and put on a cute outfit. It was a baby blue shirt with white polka dots that bloused over, and white skinny jeans with white TOMS. I loved the outfit, and I had my mom help me pick it out. I had never really been on a real date. I guess this was real.

"I'm ready." I said, as I walked down the stairs. "You look adorable. He will definitely like it."

"Thanks. Let's go." We walked out of my house. I sat quietly in the car. I was nervous, because I really like Harry. Kayla likes Harry. And I'm Kayla.

"Have fun."

"Where is he?"

"By the gate. Right there."

"Oh. I see him. Love you, Mom. Thanks for being so great." I kissed her cheek. "Love you, babe. Have a good time."

"I will." I opened the door, and walked to the gate.

"Hey." I said. Harry turned to me, and just stared. "What?" I asked.

"You look...." He trailed off.

"Okay. You don't have to be mean."

" look.....stunning..."

I blushed hard. I could feel the heat on my cheeks. "Thankyou."

"You're very welcome."


"How was your day?"

"Normal. Yours?"



"Because I spent my whole day at university trying to find my phone."

"Why'd you need your phone?"

"To text you." I blushed even harder this time. "Stop blushing. Do I make you that nervous?" He asked.

"You don't make me n-nervous."

"Oh alright. I totally believe that." He said, sarcastically. We were still standing next to the gate.

I sighed, and stared at the ground.

"What's wrong?" He asked me.

"You do make me nervous." I spoke in a whisper.

"I know." I looked at him, and saw a smirk plastered on his face.

"Well....we should go in." I mumbled.

"Yeah." We walked in the gates, and Harry payed the man at the window.

"Have fun you two." The man winked. We both nodded, and walked forward. We stood in the middle of the fair.

"What do you want to do first?" Harry asked me.

"I want food." He chuckled, and gave me money. "I'll be back in a second." I walked away,and found a food stand.

"What can I get you?"

I stopped in my tracks. Liam was working at the concession stand. "Um...n-nothing. I'm not hungry now."

" I know you? You look familiar."

"No. Gotta go." I jogged back to where Harry stood.

"No food?" He asked.

"I'm not hungry anymore."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. What do you want to do?"

"Ferris wheel." I perked up at the thought of that. "Of course!" I was excited. I had always seen people in movies kiss at the top of the ferris wheel. I wanted that. But at the end.

"Wait, can we save that for last?" I held his wrist as he was walking away.


"To save the best for last." I smiled at him, and he looked in my eyes.

"Cool." He smirked, seeming to understand what I meant.

"Let's go on the rollercoaster." I pulled him towards the line.

As we were waiting, I saw a familiar face. He had that blonde streak. He was in front of us in line. Zayn. If Liam thought I was familiar, Zayn most likely would too.

"Um...." I looked at the ground.

"What?" Harry asked.

"I'm fine. Just..saw an ex-boyfriend."

"It's okay. I'll keep him away."

"No let's just be quiet." I mumbled, and put my finger over Harry's lips.

He nodded, and we continued to wait in line.

                                              *           *            *

It was the end of the night, and we were about to go on the ferris wheel.

We were next in line. "Go on up." The man said. Harry and I walked up the ramp, and sat in the yellow seat.

"You scared?" He asked me nudging my shoulder.

"Just nervous."

"From the ferris wheel or....?" He trailed off.

"You." I mumbled. I didn't think he noticed. Many other people got onto the ride, and I heard the man yell out, "Here we go!" I felt the ferris wheel turn slowly, then we got a little faster, and it was at a normal pace.

"This is so cool." I said.

"It is. I'm glad we did this." Harry smiled at me. At that moment, I thought he was going to kiss me.

"Me too." I smiled back at him. We stared at each other in silence. The sounds of the fair seemed to disappear.

"I really like you, Kayla." Harry said, still smiling.

"I like you, too." I said, I watched his hand move across from his lap to mine, and he slowly grabbed my hand. We watched, a our fingers intertwined with one anothers. I was still watching our hands, even after they stopped moving, and sat in between us, still perfectly intwined.

I felt Harry' stare on me. My eyes trailed from our hands up to his perfect face. I stared at him now.

His green eyes locked on mine, as I watched him lean in slowly. I closed my eyes, but instead of his lips touching mine, his lips touched my cheek. A blush crept onto my cheeks, as I shyly looked at our hands again.

"Did I make you more nervous?" He whispered in my ear.

"Y-Yes." I whispered back.

"Look at me. I really like your eyes."

I looked up at him. I still only heard, and saw Harry. The other people, and noises were gone. We were the only people here, it felt.

"You're so perfect." I touched his face.

"No I'm not. I'm not who you think I am." I had said those words before. Everytime Liam, and Zayn said something about falling for me.

"I've said those words before."

"About your past?" Harry whispered.

"No. I'm..." I pulled away from him.

"What?" He asked. Our hands were still together.

"Nothing." The ride began to slow. "Hope you had fun." The man said. "We did." Harry smiled.

"It's time to go. My cars right over there." Harry pointed to a silver car in the parking lot. I followed Harry as he casually walked to his car. He opened the passenger door for me, and let me get in. "Thankyou." I smiled at him. He smirked bck at me.

He walked to his side, and slid in. "I don't want to go home yet." I told him.

"Where do you want to go?"


"Sure." He smiled, and drove away from the fair.

                                                                *         *           *

We went to Kathy's Sweets. It was an old icecream shop close to my house.

"Do you mind telling me what you were talking about on the ferris wheel?" Harry asked.

"I can't tell you. You'll run away from me."

"I don't think I could do that. Who else knows?" He interrogated me.

"My mom knows only a little. Not the full story."

"What happened?"

"It's not anyhting that happened. It's....insecurity."

"What do you mean?" Harry raised his eyebrows. I sighed, and decided to tell this complete stranger. For some reason, though, he didn't feel like someone I just met. He felt like...a best friend that I was falling for.

"I'll tell you, but really, nobody knows. You can't tell anyone." I warned.

"I swear. I pinky promise." He offered his pinky. I chuckled and put my pinky around his.

"Okay...well. My parents divorced. My mother told me that I would have to switch up with them every other week. One week, I go to Melvin High, when I'm with my mother. After that week, I go to Calder El High, when I'm with my father. I decide to start over completely. I wanted to be different people. I made up different identities. When I go to Melvin High, I'm Taylor Marie Gold. The most popular girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Straight A's. Perfect. With my father at Calder El, I'm Shawna Lay Smith. The bad girl. Fails. Black hair. Dark eyes. Imperfect. I decided to be myself when I went to the game. Then, you saw me. We liked eachother. And I told you who the real me was. Kayla Devine...well, Kayla Black is my first and real name, but I hate my dad, so I didn't want his last name, and I changed mine and my mother's last name to Devine. I guess it stuck."

Harry looked shocked. "So you're living three lives?" He asked. I nodded slowly, feeling ashamed.

"You're brave. Why'd you change though?"

"I didn't I wnated to be...not Kayla. Someone else."

"So how's your life as the other people?"

"As Taylor, I am school president. She has alot of friends, and she's got a reserved spot on the cheer squad. She has a..." I trailed off. I didn't want to tell him.

"A boyfriend. Taylor," Harry guessed.

"Yes. he fell for me. He told me he was in love with me. Not me, but Taylor. My mom told me not to let any boy fall in love, but I couldn't control his feelings. He loves me. He told Taylor that."

"What about the bad girl?"

"Shawna has someone falling for her, too. He's a bad boy. He kissed me, and told me he never fell for a girl. But it was different with me. I told both of them I wasn't who they thought I was, but they denied it, and kept on. The real me doesn't feel like they do, but Shawna and Taylor do."

"Wow. So who does the real Kayla like?"

"You.." I mumbled. He smirked at laughed as I blushed.

"What are the boy's names?"

"Liam and Zayn."

"I know them. We used to be friends, but then I moved schools after eighth grade and stopped talking." Harry explained.

"Oh. Don't tell them. One day I'll have to tell them myself."

"I swore."

"I'm glad I told you. I thought I would break your heart when you found out, but you understand. Thanks for not running." I smiled.

"I would never run." Hary smiled back.

"I-I never-" I was cut off.

"Hold on. I have to tell you something." Harry said.

"What is it?" I asked him.
"I don't want to lose you. I don't know you well, but I never want you gone." Harry whispered.

"You won't lose me." I smiled.

"I should get you home." Harry stood up. He left the money on the table, grabbed my hand, then headed to his car.

                                                        *       *        *

We stood at my front door.

"Do you have to go?" I looked at the ground.

"Well, maybe not." I perked up. "I'll go talk to my mom. I'll see if you can hang out." I opened the front door, and Harry followed. He closed the door, and stood in front of it, while I wen to talk to my mom.

"Mom?" I knocked on the door to her room.

"Come in, sweetie." My mom called through the door.

I opened the door, and sat on her bed. "Harry's here." I said.

"Okay. What do you want?" She laughed.

"Can he hang out for a while?" I asked. I think my mom could tell I really liked him.

"Sure. No funny business."

"Oh no!" I laughed.

"You really like this boy, don't you?"

"I really do." I told her. "Go." She moved her head towards the door. "Thankyou, Mom." I jumped up from her bed, and went back tot he front door. harry still stood there. He was looking at his phone.

"You can stay for a while." I smiled.

"My mom said it was cool." Harry had obviously texted his mother. I shyly smiled at him, waiting for a suggestion on what to do.

"Sooooo?" I said.

"We should watch movies." Harry suggested.

"What movie?"

"Whatever you want."

"I have a good idea." I kissed his cheek, then ran to my room. I searched my closets and drawers for the best movie ever made. He probably didn't like it, but he said whatever I want. I heard him coming up the stairs. "Kayla?" He called.

"I'm coming. Hold on." I finally found it in my underwear drawer. How it got there, I have no idea.

I shoved the movie under my blousy shirt, then I walked into the hallway to find Harry standing, looking rather confused.

"What's you get?" He asked. His accent made me shiver.

"A movie."

"What movie?" He raised his eyebrows.

"The movie that I got." I ran past him, and stumbled down the stairs. I went to the livingrom, and shoved the disc in the DVD player. Moments later, I heard him stomping down the stairs.

"You've gone mad." Harry chuckled.

"Only a little." I hid the case from him, and sat on the couch.

"I'm going to change into comfortable clothes." I said, and stood up. I walked to my room, and put on gray sweatpants, and a white tanktop. I brought Harry some of my dad's old gray sweatpants that I took fom his room. His house was always cold. I walked down the stairs. Harry was on his phone again. "Here." I threw the pants on his lap. "Who's are these?" He asked.

"My dad's old pants." I laughed. "Oh okay." He went to the bathroom, and came out five minutes later with the sweatpants on, and he was shirtless. "Well then." I laughed.

He smirked at me. "Like it?" He chuckled. "Not really." I lied.

He looked confused. "Kidding." I smiled. "Good. What are we watching?" He asked again.

"The Notebook." I hesitated. "Cool." He was actually cool with it.

"Why are you sitting so far from me?" Harry asked. I smiled, and scooted up next to him. My face turned red. I could feel the heat.

"You blush way too much." He stared at me.

"I  really don't. I'm usually cool with boys, but you...are...different." I said.

"I know I am. I do have four nipples." Harry laughed. I laughed really hard.

"Nice to know."

"I don't wan to watch a movie right now." Harry said. "Me neither. You said you sang, so will you sing?" I asked him.

"Do you have a guitar?"

"Over there." It was in the corner of the room. I never really touched it. It brought memories of my dad to my head. He would always sing to me, and play the guitar.

Hary walked ove to it, and picked it up. He fixed it on his lap, and began to play.

He played a song I had never heard. "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me, but bare this in mind. It was mean tot be. and I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks, and it all makes sense to me." Harry sang. His voice filled my ears. It was...beautiful. Like him.

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, but if it's true. It's you, it's you.Oh, it's you. They add up to. I'm in love with you, and all your little things." He finished singing, and I melted.

"Wow." I flt goosebumps all over my skin. ''Thanks." He smirked. "Who wrote that song?" I asked.

"My friend, Ed." Harry said. "He's great." I smiled.

"I know." He chuckled. 

"What should we do?" I asked.

"Well, c-can I..." Harry trailed off.

"Can you what?"



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