Wedding Bells (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Rachel and her four best friends are invited to her mum's best friends wedding....Clodagh's wedding, to Paul. Paul was none other than One Direction's bodyguard. What happens when Clodagh and Paul decide to play matchmaker and sit the girls and guys at the same table? I guess we'll find out.


2. Kiss Me

As Cheryl Cole’s Fight for This Love came on we all began dancing, as a larger group. Slowly, as if planned, the boys began picking off girls. Harry with Vanessa, Niall with Michaela, Liam with Laney, Zayn with Lara, and Louis had picked me. We began dancing with the guys individually letting ourselves go and not caring. From the looks of it, they had all gotten pretty close with their partners. Same went for Louis and I. After about an hour on the dance floor, we had gotten quite tired and walked back to the table.


“Who knew dancing could make you feel tired and energized at the same time?” Lara asked plopping herself down onto her chair.


“Tell me bout it” Michaela replied.


After sitting and talking for a while the DJ had announced the last dance of the night and for all the guys to “grab that special someone”. The girls and I just sat in our seats talking to one another when one the boy’s cleared his throat. I turned around to see Louis standing behind my chair with his hand out.


“May I have this dance love?” He asked. I could immediately feel my heart speed up, pounding in my chest. I turned back to see all my friends smiling at me. Vanessa and Laney pushed me up as I nodded yes. One by one the boys had done the same as he did, leading each girl to our side of the dance floor. As Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me, began playing.


“I love this song” both Louis and I had said at the same time. We both began laughing.


“You like Ed Sheeran?” Louis asked


“More like love” I laughed.


“I’m glad I’ve met you” Louis said as he smiled as looked down at our feet. He looked up as if he was embarrassed for what he had just said. “I mean uhh…”


“I’m glad as well” I replied, a look of relief washed over hiss face. I laughed lightly and laid my head on his shoulder as we continued dancing.


Michaela’s POV


Niall had brought me to the dance floor near Rachel and Louis, and spun me around before beginning to dance.


“You’re really beautiful y’know that?” He said looking down at me. I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks as I looked down.


“You’re not so bad yourself” I replied. We continued to dance.


“Thanks” Niall said


“For what?”


“Not turning me down when I asked you to dance”


“I would never even think about it” I replied. He smiled widely and spun me around again.


Vanessa’s POV


Harry had taken me towards the girls and put his hand on my back while holding his other hand up for me to grab onto, I put my other hand on his shoulder as we began to sway to the music.


“I think my mates fancy yours” He said, I laughed as I saw two dancing and the other two making their way onto the floor.


“I think you’re right” I answered. We continued dancing


“I think like you as well” he said with a smile. I smiled in response as he swayed us gently.


Lara’s POV


Zayn came up and had asked very quietly if we wanted to dance. I didn’t know if he asked me because he felt obligated to, or if he was just a shy person. Hoping for the second one, I smiled as I held onto his hand as we walked to the dance floor. We had been dancing for a few moments when he looked up at me.


“What?” I asked


“You make me nervous” He said rather quietly, laughing to himself. I giggled in response to this


“And why is that?” I asked him.


“I’m not sure, you’re just different than the rest, and I’m just nervous around someone as pretty as you” He said replied as he looked at the ground


“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” I laughed, he chuckled lightly.


“I sure as hell thought so” He said jokingly


Laney’s POV


Liam and I walked to the dance floor moments after Zayn had asked Lara. It seemed that Liam had stayed to give Zayn some sort of “pep talk”. As Lara took Zayn’s hand, Liam had asked me to dance with him.


“I wish we would have all met sooner” Liam started. I had a confused look on my face.


“What do you mean?” I asked


“I just mean that, it seems that we all get along rather well, and I can clearly see that we all like you girls” I looked up at him with a huge smile plastered on my face.


“What?” He asked laughing.


“Oh nothing, I just think the girls feel the same way, ALL of us” He smiled and pulled me in closer.


Rachel’s POV


After the song ended we all went back to the table. It was about 1 am.


“Hey can we get your numbers?” Liam asked


We all exchanged numbers, passing our phones around adding our numbers and taking funny pictures for our contact icons.


“When can we see you lot again?” Harry asked as we stepped outside into the cold air.


“Whenever you guys want to get together” Laney replied, smiling at Liam. We began shivering as all the boys had given us their suit jackets. As our car came we began taking off the jackets.


“Keep em” Liam quickly said, We all looked at him as if he were crazy


“But these are yours” Michaela replied


“Yeah, and this one is Armani!” I said looking at the tag and then to Louis.


“Yeah but if you keep them, then we’ll have to make sure we see you lot again” Louis said with a wink.


“You’re a cheeky one aren’t you?” I asked


“Oh you haven’t seen anything yet” Harry responded. Our driver had told us mum had left a little earlier with her mates, and that he was asked to bring us home. He opened the door as one by one we said bye to all the boys and piled into the car.


On the way home we gushed about each of our guys and how perfect they were. Sharing the conversations we had with them during the dance. “Awwing, and Oohing” when we felt the need. We all agreed that it was easily the best night of our lives.

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