Wedding Bells (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Rachel and her four best friends are invited to her mum's best friends wedding....Clodagh's wedding, to Paul. Paul was none other than One Direction's bodyguard. What happens when Clodagh and Paul decide to play matchmaker and sit the girls and guys at the same table? I guess we'll find out.


3. Coffee Break

 The driver had dropped the girls at home and I was alone in the backseat slowly falling asleep. Louis' jackets had been thrown over the seat next to me.


“Long night dear?” My driver asked me


“Long but good” I replied.


Ten minutes later we had pulled up to my home. Grabbing the jacket, and my purse, I made my way out of the car.


“Have a wonderful night love” He said as he opened my door.


“Thanks Jack, you as well” I replied. Jack wasn’t old at all really he had just celebrated his 28 birthday, yet very mature. I’d known him for just about 12 years now. Practically family.


I walked up to my house and unlocked the door. Quietly I trudged up the stairs and into my room, throwing my bag and Louis' jacket on the bed, as I walked towards the bathroom. I heard my phone buzz the moment I got out of the shower. I looked at the time as it read 3:17 am.


1 NEW MESSAGE: Hey I had a really good time with u tonight. Haven’t been having that much fun lately :) Would u like to get together some time, for dinner or something? Xx – Louis


I quickly wrapped a towel around myself and reached for my phone. Wait, is it too early to text him back? Would it seem too eager? I contemplated before deciding to text him after I had gotten dressed.


Hey :-) I had a great time as well! And yeah dinner sounds great, when did u have in mind? Xx – Rachel


I climbed in bed after I had changed, as I got a text.


1 NEW MESSAGE: HOLY HELL! Niall asked me out! We’re gonna go to the cinemas on Saturday! – Michaela x


I actually LOL’d this time, happy for my best mate. These boys sure don’t waste any time do they? Before I had enough time to reply to Michaela, or see if Louis texted back. I had fallen asleep.




I turned in bed to see 1:27 pm written on my clock. I decided now would be a good time to wake up, I crawled out of bed and towards the bathroom taking my phone with me. Whilst brushing my teeth I checked my text messages.


13 NEW MESSAGES I read in bold letters across my screen. Damn! I looked through all the messages. Apparently Lara had also been asked out by and Zayn. Vanessa, and Laney had apparently stayed up all night texting Harry and Liam. And I saw that I had also gotten 2 text messages from Louis.


I was thinking Friday night, and we could go to whatever place u like! :) - Louis


That was received at 3:36 am and at about 4 am he sent me another one


So either u fell asleep on me or ur ignoring me (Please be the first one) lol but I’ll talk to later love. Sweet Dreams! - Louis


I laughed to myself as I texted back.


I could never ignore u! lol. And yeah sounds perfect! What’s ur favourite place to eat? – Rachel x


Benja is pretty good if you like Thai food, but like i said its totally up to u babe! – N


We both agreed to Benja on Friday night. The girls and I decided to meet up for some coffee. We all ordered our drinks and sat on the terrace right outside of the quiet shop.


“So what’s going on with everybody?” I asked


“Well me and Niall have a date on Saturday!” Michaela said excitedly


“Me and Zayn have a date on Saturday as well” Lara said blushing slightly


“Liam has been making moves but none of them are pointed to a date just yet” Laney said


“Me and Harry are just talking” Vanessa said, we all turned to her. “What?” she asked.


“You…and Harry….just talking?” Lara asked


“Haha okay so we’ve done a bit more than talking” Vanessa said before taking a sip of her drink. We had all given her a “what the hell?” When she noticed she quickly corrected herself. “Ewe guys! Not like that! We just made plans that’s all!” She said.


“Oh thank god!” Michaela and I said at the same time


“What plans?” Laney asked


“Oh he invited me to watch him record next week since he doesn’t have enough time for a proper date this week” She said.


Laney’s phone had vibrated on the table as she picked it up, a wide smile at grown on her face, we all looked at one another mouthing “Liam” and nodding. Not wanted to give it away we asked her who it was.


“That was Liam, he wants to know if I’d like to if I’d like come over to his place on Saturday night for dinner!” She said right before squealing


“So we all have dates then?” Lara asked smiling


We just smiled in response excited for whats to come.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay so for the dates I was thinking of making each one into a chapter from each girls POV. yay or nay? - Rachel Love xx

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