Wedding Bells (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Rachel and her four best friends are invited to her mum's best friends wedding....Clodagh's wedding, to Paul. Paul was none other than One Direction's bodyguard. What happens when Clodagh and Paul decide to play matchmaker and sit the girls and guys at the same table? I guess we'll find out.


1. Dibs

 “Dibs” I heard someone say quietly I turn to see Michaela and the other 3 of my best friends staring up at the castle like church we were standing in front of. Today we were invited to my mum’s best friend Clodagh’s wedding. She’s getting married to some guy named Paul who works as a bodyguard for none other than One Direction. “What do you mean dibs?” Vanessa asked Michaela “I mean that I’m definitely getting married here one day and I call dibs” she said with a proud look on her face. We all laughed in response and decided to go check out the place. Considering the wedding would be pretty “high class” as mum reminded us multiple times, we decided to dress up for the occasion. We all went shopping and had gotten what we thought suits us best.

I was in a beige embroidery dress with my hair chest length brunette hair in a messy bun

Vanessa had her short brunette hair curled with an embellished dress

Michaela had a bright orange lace dress with her brown hair swept to the side

Lara, being the edgy girl of us all had on a white dress with black heels with her dark hair in a messy updo as well

And last but certainly not least was Laney in a deep purple dress with her brown hair curled


Michaela, Lara, Laney and I decided we’d take a look around and go check out the field. Vanessa decided to stay back, which I now realize was probably a really good idea


“Ahhh! Louboutins were so not made for this!” Michaela squealed as we accidentally stepped in mud,


“I spent nearly 700£ on these!” I yelled back! We waddled back up the hill to find Vanessa laughing at us, let’s just say our faces showed enough anger for the world.



“C’mon let’s get you guys cleaned up” Vanessa said standing up and guiding us towards the church. When we were done, it was time for the ceremony to start.



“Ahh, that was so beautiful” I said as we all finished wiping our tears managing to keep our makeup unharmed.

“I loved it, short and to the point” Vanessa added. We made our way to the reception.


“You’d think the 1D boys would have showed up” Laney said as we looked for our table.


“I know, I mean it is their bodyguards wedding after all” Lara replied.


We found our spot occupying half of the round table that sat 10. I wonder who is sitting with us? I figured it’d probably be my mum and some of her mates. None of us actually bothered to look and the name place cards. We sat and chatted for a few more minutes before the DJ had announced the couple would be coming in about 10 minutes and that everyone should begin taking their seats.


We had been laughing from a joke that Vanessa had said when we heard a guy yell fairly loud “I FOUND IT MATES!” we all turned around to see none other than Liam Payne standing there, as he turned his back towards us waving his arms in the air. I turned to Laney who I knew liked him to see her reaction. She looked at the name card for the empty seat next to her as her eyes went wide. While he was still facing away, Laney had picked up the card and turned it to us, as we read it “One Direction (Liam)” on it. Our mouths dropped slightly, I noticed the guys that Liam was motioning to as they began walking towards us. I quickly looked at the empty seat next to me as I read the name card “One Direction (Niall)” on it. I put it down swiftly as the guys sat down at the table.


They all sat down as they called for beers and champagnes, soon enough a waiter came by with the drinks for the guys and a cola for Liam. “Anything for the ladies?” the waiter asked. It was as if the boys hadn’t noticed they were sharing the table till then, which was certainly not the case for us. The boys had all turned to face us, snapping out of their conversations they had started and stared at us, we just continued to stare back at them.


“Uhmm…..excuse me?” the waiter had asked towards us girls. We all agreed to champagne and lemon water. As the waiter stepped away we noticed the boys still looking at us.


The waiter was quicker than usual, saving us from this awkward staring competition we had going on. We all smiled and said “Thank you” before he was off again. As soon as he left one of the boys spoke up, not allowing time for the awkward silence to settle in once again.


“Well, I guess I’ll start this off then. I’m Louis” he said bowing his head slightly followed by the rest of the boys introducing themselves.


“I’m Harry” He said as he flashed a wide smile


“Zayn” he said raising his hand


“The names Liam” he said right before taking a sip of his coke


“I’m hungryyy” Niall whined making all of us laugh. Before he realized what he had said. “Oh right, I’m Niall” he said letting out a little chuckle


This time we went in order starting with Laney


“I’m Laney” she said as we waved


“Lara” she said while smiling


“My names Vanessa” she said waving


“I’m Michaela” she said


“And I’m Rachel” I said whilst smiling


“Great” Louis started again “What do you say when this is ov-“ he was quickly cut off by the DJ screaming into the microphone as he welcomed Paul and Clodagh into the room. The girls and I stand up from our chairs, to clap for the couple while smiling widely. The boys on the other hand had decided to jump on their chairs and scream and shout at the top of their lungs. They definitely knew how to make people laugh.


After the noise died down it seemed we had all forgotten what Louis was about to say, even Louis himself must have let it slip his mind. But after a wonderful 4 course meal and a few glasses of bubbly, I think it was safe to say we were in the mood to party.


We were all talking and laughing when Harry spoke up “Hey would you lot like to dance?” we all looked to each other and shrugged standing up and making our way to the dance floor.

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