The Boy with the Beanie

Not recommended for kids younger than 13........................................................................................
Maya Jacobs was in love with her boyfriend. Until., he abused her and kicked her out of the house. She is just a homeless 18 year-old girl on the street and can barely afford a place to stay. At the park she finds a boy who she might want to be with for the rest of her life. He helps her out with most of her problems except for the thing she really wants................................................................................................................................... Please be a fan of me. I am going to try and write a lot more fan fiction for the boys and some other stories. Please like this story and add to favorites? Thanks! Love you guys!:)


24. 24

 The next morning Harry and I were a little tired for hanging out with Maddy and Niall. Today I had to go back to school since I have already missed two days. 
  I had tons of homework and had to study for an English test tomorrow which I am horrible at English. When I got out of my last class I saw Harry waiting on the steps on his phone with his back to me. I take a picture of him and tweet it saying 'Harry waiting for me after class. Love this boy! @HarryStyles'
  I send him a picure saying that I see him. He turns around with a grin on his face. I jump into his arms and land my lips on his. He lifts me up and quickly sets me down. 
  "Please, no PDA on school campus." I hear my proffessor behind me. 
  "Fine." I groan. I take Harry's hand and lead him to the car.
  "Wanna go get some coffee?" He starts up the car.
  "Sure." The travel takes a little over five minuted until we pull up to a Starbucks.
  We sit at a small table and teenage girls start whipping out their phones and take pictures. I take small sips of my hot carmel frappicino.
  "So how was school?" Harry asks.
  "You sound like my father." I joke. "Horrible. I have tons of homework. Plus I have to study for my big English test tomorrow and I am terrible at English."
  "I think Louis did really good in English in school. I could call him up and ask if he is busy tonight. Good with you?"
   "Um... yeah. I need help."
   Louis showed up at our flat around six. Harry made the three of us dinner. Louis was amazing at helping me out. If he wasn't in One Direction I swear he would be an amazing teacher. 
   Our studying went to ten at night. Lou was letting out yawns every couple minutes. That's when we called it quits. I was too tired to do anything with Harry so I just kissed him on his neck right behind his ear. His favorite spot. He let out a soft moan which made me smile.
   "Love you, babe." I say over my shoulder.
   "Love you more." Harry jumps on the couch and puts on a show.
    I put on a loose tank top and some pajama shorts. I sneak into bed with covers in a warm fuzzy feeling. Minutes later I felt the bed shift and a pair of hands grabbing my waist. He pulls me closer and kisses right behind my ear sending shivers down my spine.
   "Sweet dreams."  He whispers.
   I hear his breathing becoming slower and heavier telling me he might be having the sweet dreams before me.
   After school Liam picked me up since the rest of the boys were already in a meeting with their management. My school was on the way from Liam's house we drove straight to the meeting.
   Liam grabbed my hand leading me to where we had to go. He pulled up a chair and told me to sit their for a little while.
   I guess to him 45 minutes was a little while. The boys came out of the board room looking stessed. I got up with my bag and walked over to them.
   "You okay, babe?" My hand slides around Harry's back. His arm rests on my shoulders.
    "Yeah I am fine just the tour, the movie and possibility of a third album soon. The four other let out a groan.
    "Don't you guys love your job?" 
    "We do. We just have so much work to do." Zayn answers.
    "Well how about I buy you boys some dinner?" I ask trying to cheer them up. Niall seemed excited so I guess it was a yes.
    We all to Niall's car with me sitting on Harry's lap in the back with Zayn and Liam. Louis was controling the radio and was changing it whenever he didn't like or didn't know the song. Niall was driviLng. And all six of us were singing as loud as we could to any song that Louis didn't change.
   The restaurant we chose wasn't expensive but it wasn't too cheap. I have gotten a better jobt than Starbucks. I work as an office assaistant at a small fashoin bussiness. All I do is go on coffee runs and file papers but I do get an amazing payment.
   It was fun hanging out with all five of them. I haven't done it in a while. After, Zayn takes us all to a film. Harry and Niall chose G.I. Joe. I was a little mad when they killed off Channing Tatum. I swore when it happened and Harry didn't look too happy with me.
  Zayn smiled and whispered something in Harry's ear making him more pissed off.
  I grab Harry's hand. I squeeze his it. 
 "You are so better than Channing Tatum." I whisper in his ear. I see his smile in the corner of my eye as I focuse back on the movie.
  When the movie was over I guess in the movie they blew up London so Niall and Louis were yelling that we were all gonna die outside the mvoie theater.
   Niall dropped the five of us off at the building where they had their meeting. I got in Harry's car and waited for him as he was talkign to Zayn and Lou. I started to drift to sleep when I heard the car door slam shut.
   "Sorry to wake you, love." Harry said as he started up the car and the car slowly becoming warmer.
   "It's fine." I sit up and pull down my skirt seeing that it as risen.
   "So, how was your test today?" Harry asks turning a corner.
   "Great. I got an A-." I say pulling out my test.
   We stop at a corner and Harry takes a picture with my test with my phone. I send the picture to Louis saying thanks. And he send a text saying congrats.
   At the flat I walk Harry to our room. I change into Harry's shirt with my underwear. Harry smiled at my outfit as I hopped into bed. He takes off his skinny jeans and white shirt exposing his tattoos.
  Harry lays next to me with his arms around my waist and hands locking my up. I wrap my leg around him. And rest my forehead on his. He moves his head to my neck and starts kissing it. I feel his lips stop moving put his head lays there and the two of us fall asleep.

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