The Boy with the Beanie

Not recommended for kids younger than 13........................................................................................
Maya Jacobs was in love with her boyfriend. Until., he abused her and kicked her out of the house. She is just a homeless 18 year-old girl on the street and can barely afford a place to stay. At the park she finds a boy who she might want to be with for the rest of her life. He helps her out with most of her problems except for the thing she really wants................................................................................................................................... Please be a fan of me. I am going to try and write a lot more fan fiction for the boys and some other stories. Please like this story and add to favorites? Thanks! Love you guys!:)


22. 22

Note: This chapter does have some sexual intercourse that could be too inappropriate for some readers.


 Today was the day Harry was leaving. The boys, Dani, Maddy, Eleanor, Perrie and I all met at Starbucks. We drank our coffees quietly. The girls and I will have each other but we can all agree that we will miss our boyfriends. We all head to their studio and say our goodbyes.

  "Promise you'll Skype me everyday?" I ask. Harry and I face each other with our hands intertwined between. We both had tears building up in our eyes.

  "I promise. Promise that you'll be mine no matter how far I am?" His voice cracks.

  "I promise." I take my left hand and point to the silver ring he gave me on the beach. His lips crash onto mine. His arm wrapping me up tight. His tongue slips into my mouth. After a few minutes which felt like twenty seconds, his lips left mine. A tear rolling down his cheek.

   I feel multiple running down my cheeks and Harry starts kissing them away. He holds me tight. He lets go and grabs his bags. I give each of the boys a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The girls and I say our last goodbyes to them.

  I walk outside to mine and Harry's car. Before I get inside I look to the black van that is driving away. I see four boys waving and a curly hair boy blowing a kiss.

   I blow one back. I see his lips move as if he was saying 'I love you'. I place my hand on my heart and mouth it back to him. The black van takes a sharp left turn, and disappearing.


For the past two weeks I have been going to my Universities. Perrie and Little Mix went on their tour and Danielle went to go dance for the X-Factor UK tour. Eleanor, Maddy and I hang out a lot. After school I would go over to Maddy's flat and study with her.

    Harry and I would Skype every night after his concerts. We know that it will be a little more difficult since the time zones will be a little tough to handle.

   Sometimes the boys would make some appearances  Sometimes all five of them will sit in front of the camera and would play Truth or Dare.

   Today was Saturday so I had the day off from school today. Maddy and I were planning on going clubbing tonight. I wore a purple cocktail dress, sparkly high heel shoes and my hair is in loose curls.

  Maddy and I walk into the club with the music blasting. Maddy and I take some shots at the bar and make our way to the dance floor. I bump into sweaty bodies. People grinding on each other.

  "I have to go pee!" I yell to Maddy over the music. She nods her head and I make my way through the crowd. After I take care of my lady business. I stand by the bar. I take another shot and feel the alcohol kick in. 

   "Hey babe." A dark voice goes against my ear. A pair of hands pull me to the body of the voice. I feel the Voice's stiffness against my hip, grossing me out. I look up to finally see the face and I feel my stomach drop.

  It was Chad.

  He grabs my hand with a creepy smile on his face. He knew that I was too drunk to do anything. He leads me out the club to his car. We travel to his flat. Since I left it has gone to hell. It looks horrible. He throws me into the bathroom and I hear a lock.

  "This is so you won't leave me and go to that stupid fag of a boyfriend you have." He yells behind the door.

  The alcohol banging against my head. I feel my stomach twist and turn. Before I knew it I was vomiting in the toilet. I fall asleep in the bathtub, using towels as blankets and a rolled up towel as a pillow.

   I may be wasted but I sure as hell know that I am screwed.


  Today was Sunday. I woke up with a massive hangover. I sit on the floor with my head against the wall and my feet pushing against the bathtub. I hear the door unlock. Chad walks in with bags under his eyes but with the creepy smile still remaining.

  "Hungover?" He asks. I nod. He hands me a glass of water and some aspirin  He next to me with his head against the bath tub and his feet next to me. I feel his eyes traveling around me. I just drink hoping that this will help me out a little bit.    I look up at Chad and see him looking up my dress. I cross my legs and lay my hands in my lap.   "Pervert." I say under my breath. I hear a low chuckle escape from him.

    "Come with me, Maya. I need you to give me a fun time." He comes next to me and lays me on the floor. I am to weak to protest to his muscular body. I let out a gasp as he starts to take off his pants and shirt.

    His hands plant themselves on both sides of my head. His half naked body hovering over me and his knees on both sides of my waist. His rough lips press against my neck as he begins to bite and lick at it.

    I let out high pitched gasp. I feel his length against my stomach. His lips travel to my mouth. I don't do anything. I didn't kiss back or anything. His tongue moves into my mouth and it taste like alcohol.

   His hands travel down sides and he grabs my butt. I push my hands onto his chest but that didn't move his hands at all. I feel on of his hands leave my butt and got to the bottom of my skirt. His hand pull up my dress and his hand slips into my panties. He starts to finger me.

  My back rises off the ground. And a loud moan escapes from my mouth. He lets out a low chuckle.

  "Chad! Stop!" I could barely breath.

    "No!" He yells. He pulls down my panties to my ankles and pulls my dress up over my head. He gets off my and sits on the railing of the bathtub. "Play with me, Maya." Just the way he said it gave me shivers. I don't move at all.

  "Do it or I kill you!" He yells. A tear rolls down my cheek and I know I have to. My hand touches his crotch. The only thing between my hand is his underwear. His hand touches mine as he shows me how to massage it. I feel disgust.

  His hand leaves mine and he pulls down his underwear. His hand grabs mine and forces me to grab it. He lets out loud moans freaking me out.

  "Put it in your mouth." I look down at it and my stomach starts to twist. I place it my mouth. "Suck!" I do as he says. Finally he lets me stop. I step back from him.

   "Now we have to finish the job babe." He laughs. "Lay down." I lay down with my eyes closed. It takes him a few minutes until I feel him inside me. He doesn't want to take it slow. His hips dig into mine, thrusting faster and faster. I let a scream telling him to stop. 

   He finally does. He gets up with his underwear on and clothes in his hand. He leaves me alone on the ground. I sit down with my legs tucked to my chest. I sit their alone in my bra. I had just been raped.  

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