The Boy with the Beanie

Not recommended for kids younger than 13........................................................................................
Maya Jacobs was in love with her boyfriend. Until., he abused her and kicked her out of the house. She is just a homeless 18 year-old girl on the street and can barely afford a place to stay. At the park she finds a boy who she might want to be with for the rest of her life. He helps her out with most of her problems except for the thing she really wants................................................................................................................................... Please be a fan of me. I am going to try and write a lot more fan fiction for the boys and some other stories. Please like this story and add to favorites? Thanks! Love you guys!:)


21. 21

     Last night went by fast. Let's just say that pretty much all of us got wasted. Harry and I woke up with massive hangovers. Their first concert was in London today and they had to be there by four.

  Harry and I laid in bed cuddled as close as we could, watching old movies. Harry rubbing my back with his strong fingers. I let out a soft moan every time his hand would move lower.

  Around noon I got up and went to the kitchen to make us some sandwiches and tea. My legs barely wanting to walk. I walk sluggish with horrible posture. My hair is in tangles I am so lazy to even brush it. I wear one Harry's shirt.

  I walk back with our stuff with the cold floor against my feet. I get in bed next to Harry. We sit and watch a new movie he just put in.

    At two we started to pack Harry's things. I steal his Ramones shirt and hide it in my dresser. When we are done. I get make myself look presentable. We sit in the living room for a couple of hours then leave to the arena where the Brit Awards were located.

  I hang out backstage with Maddy. I told her how I lived with Niall for a few weeks. She told me how she moved from Wolverhampton and was a grade lower than Liam. She saw him a few times but never really talked to him. She was a few months younger than me, so I wasn't the youngest.

  We sat there for a few more minutes until Harry and Niall came out of the dressing room.

    "So are you two ready for the concert?" Niall asks with his arm around Maddy.

    "Yes!" Maddy shouts in excitment.

    "I guess." I groan. Harry arms wrap around my body, including my arms, and lift me up. He kisses me on the nose.   "Come on Grumpy. Be happy like Maddy." He says setting me down but not letting go of me.


    "Good luck kiss?" He bends down to my height and puckers his lips. I give him a peck on the lips. I take his hand and follow Maddy and Niall.

  The guys did great. I got to meet the opening act while they were singing. Five Seconds Of Summer is such an amazing band. I became friends with Michael. When they were done with the concert Harry took me out to get some ice cream.  

We got to our flat. Harry gave me a piggy-back ride to our room. He moved my body so I was in front of him and my body clung to him. He pushed my body against the wall across the bed. He kisses my mouth and moves to my neck. He starts love biting it. Sucking making a moan slip through my lips.

  His hands holding my back. His hands travel down the bottom of my shirt and he starts to pull it over my head. He bends his knees so I am pretty much sitting on his lap. My hands go over my head so he could pull off my shirt. He holds my body close and sets me on the bed.

  His body starts hovering over mine. His shirt leaving a gap between it and his stomach. He continues to suck and bite my neck. I start to pull his shirt up over is head. I feel his fingers having trouble undoing my belt. He finally does it and slides down my pants.

  I slide from underneath him and push him on his back. I sit on his lap facing him and kissing his lips. My tongue battles his and mine wins into his mouth. My mouth leaves his wanting more. I try and doing the same thing to his neck but making it worse so his fans know he is mine.

   He lets out a hard groan. I get off of him and peck his lips. I bury through the clothes that he is leaving here and find a shirt of his. I put it on and go slip under the covers. I open up the covers next to me for him to come over. He slips off his jeans and rests right next to me.

   He gives me a sweet kiss. I lay my head on his chest with my hand resting on his stomach. Our legs intertwined.   "The only reason why I gave you a hickey was so that girls know that you're mine." I whisper.

   He grabs my left hand. "And this is so that guys know that you're mine." He kisses the promise ring. "I love you, babe." He kisses my forehead.

   "I love you."  

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