The Boy with the Beanie

Not recommended for kids younger than 13........................................................................................
Maya Jacobs was in love with her boyfriend. Until., he abused her and kicked her out of the house. She is just a homeless 18 year-old girl on the street and can barely afford a place to stay. At the park she finds a boy who she might want to be with for the rest of her life. He helps her out with most of her problems except for the thing she really wants................................................................................................................................... Please be a fan of me. I am going to try and write a lot more fan fiction for the boys and some other stories. Please like this story and add to favorites? Thanks! Love you guys!:)


16. 16

    What Harry and I did wasn't very intense, I can tell you that. I know it was our first time that we have done that. I could really tell that Harry felt the same. We pretty much acted like nothing happened last night but we didn't ignore each other.    "So what do you want to do today?" I ask with my legs laid on his lap.

     "Anything that you want to do." Inside my head I wanted to make it up to him for last night but I didn't want to seem like all I wanted was sex in this relationship.

     "How about we invite Niall and Liam,and we go bowling?"

   "Okay." He smiles. "You text Niall and I'll text Liam." I grab my phone and type in Ni and it shows the contacts that are close. Only one was there that said Nialler. I text him to ask. He responds saying that he isn't busy so he will come.

   "Liam says that he'll meet us there in hour. What did Niall say?" Harry asks.

     "He said that he doesn't haven't anything going on today so he will come. I'll tell him to meet us there in hour." I get up and race around the couch. My hands fall on Harry's cheeks and kiss the top of his head. "I'm going to go get ready, babe." I walk to our room and get dressed.

    I put on a pair of Hollister jeans and an old Beatles shirt that says All You Need Is Love. I slide my feet in a pair of white converse that are like Harry's. Harry later comes in and puts on a gray shirt that has a heart with the word Lover on the chest pocket. He puts on his converse and stares at mine.  

   "We're twinzies." He gives me a cheeky smile. I grab his hand and lead him to the door.

   "Let's go Curly." I turn my head to give him a smile. 

   "Don't. Call, me that." He stomps his feet as if he were a five year old who didn't get what he wanted.


We pulled up the alley and I recognized Niall's car. Harry and I walked in with our fingers intertwined. Harry had a pair of Ray Bans shielding his eyes from the sun.

    "You look adorable." He lets out a chuckle and holds open the door for me. We rent our bowling shoes and put them on the seats next to the alley we play at. Niall and Liam order some pizza and soda for the four of us.

   This bowling alley certainly was the best bowling alley I have ever been to. I would usually go to one of those crappy ones with the air smelling of alcohol, the bathrooms smell of weed, with people who have tattoos covering most of their body.

   Liam sets the pizza down and Niall follows him with a two liter pop of Pepsi and four cups. We all dig in. Niall eats as if he hasn't eaten in weeks.

   "Ready for your arses to get kicked?" I stand up to set up the game. I put in our names, the game says that it is Liam's turn. And the games begin.


     I didn't really kick all of their arses. I kicked all but Harry's. He couldn't stop bragging about it on the way home. I turn on the radio to shut him up. I feel his smile on me as if he knew I did that to shut him up.

  We arrive at the flat. I jump on couch and turn on the TV. My legs layed across the head of the couch. I feel a hand smack down on my bum. I let out a little screech. Harry stands looking at me with the biggest cheeky smile ever.

   "You're gonna get it, Styles." I get up and chase him around the flat. I some how lose him. I feel myself being lifted off the ground. Harry throws me over his shoulder and walks down the hall.

   "What am I gonna get, Jacobs?" He sets me down with that cheeky smile not leaving him. The smile leaves his lips and his big green eyes stare into mine. We stand there for thirty seconds. No words. Just standing there.

  "Kiss me." After those two words leave my mouth Harry's lips seal them. He pushes my body against the wall, as his hips dig into mine. My fingers lightly tug at the curls on the back of his neck. My feet struggle to kick off my shoes. Harry does the same thing.

  He pulls the t-shirt over over my head. I kiss his neck while he unbuttons my jeans. I take a second to pull them down and step out of them. My lips go back to his and I feel his hands grab my bum. Air escapes from my mouth.

  He pushes my body onto the bed. I lay there waiting for him. I look down and see his hands slowly pulling down my panties. He starts kissing my legs from the ankles up. When he reaches the thighs he looks up to me. 

   I give him a nervous smile. I feel his curls tickling the inside of my thighs. I soon feel his tongue. My lips moan out his name. He continues as I grip the bedding around me. His tongue finally leaves. He starts to finger me. I moan louder.

   "My god, Harry." I blurt out trying to breathe.

   He stops after a few minutes. I feel his tongue finish eating me up. He looks up to me with that he was satisfied. His tongue traces up my leg, stomach and stops at the edge of my bra. He lays on me with his hands under me to unhook my bra. I pull the straps off me.

  He starts kiss around right breast. He licks around. My fingers go through his hair. His tongue licks from my chest to my neck. He kisses and sucks on my neck.

  "Harry." I moan. He finally plants his lips on mine. His amazing tongue slipping into mouth. I flip him off of me and land on him. I slip his shirt off. I unbutton his pants and pull them off.

  I crawl up the bed to him. My hand slips into his underwear. I grab him and pull gently. This time he is the one who is moaning. I pull more. I pull his underwear down. My lips pucker around him. I start to suck. His moans become louder.

  I let go and slide under the covers. Harry gets up and goes on the opposite side of the bed. His back faces me for a moment. And he faces me. I saw that he is using protection.

  He moves on top of me. He hovers a few inches over me. He kisses me until he enters inside of me. I moan out his name. His thrusts are slow. He starts to speed up faster and faster

.    I start screaming his name. My fingers grab his back. Probably leaving red marks for later.

    He rolls off of me. We lay next to each other, breathing heavy.

  "Wow." I say between a breath.

  "I know." Harry looks at me smiling. I cuddle up to him with my head resting on chest. The tip of my fingernail traces the tattoos he has. I see goosebumps on his skin. I look up to him his green eyes looking down at me.

   He pushes some hair of my face to behind my ear. My arm wraps around his neck playing with his sweaty curls. I get up and grab some new panties and a pair of shorts. I steal the Lover t-shirt Harry had on. I leave the room when Harry changes to brush my teeth.

   He lays in bed with sweatpants on, on his phone. I jump in bed next to him.

  "What are you doing?" I ask.

  "Texting the lads about the tour in two weeks." My face turns pale. I get to go get something to eat from the kitchen.

  "Are you okay, Maya?" Just when he said my name made melt inside.

    "I'm fine." Lie. I didn't want the to leave. I know I haven't spent that much time with Zayn and Louis but I am going to miss all five of them. Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam are like my four older brothers. Of course I don't feel like Harry would be like my older brother.

   "You're not telling the truth. I can tell." Damn it!

   "I am just going to miss you guys." I feel my eyes tearing up. He wraps his warm body around me. 

   "We are going to miss you. I-I'm going to miss you." I see a tear rolling down his cheek. I grip the back of his neck and pull him down to me. I wrap my arms around his neck and picks me up by my waist.   My legs wrap around his waist. Our heads are tucked in each other's necks. My tears roll down onto his warm skin. He starts rubbing my back, trying to calm me down. It kind of helped.

  "I think we should go to bed. It is way past our bedtime." He jokes trying to make me smile. I give him a weak smile with tears drying on my cheeks.

  "Fine, dad." He was right the clock read two-thirty. He carries me to our room. My head rest on his chest listening to his heart. My small hand lay on his chest. My leg between his legs. I feel his chest going slower and slower as he falls asleep. His lips lay on my head not moving. I fall asleep counting his heart beats.  

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