The Boy with the Beanie

Not recommended for kids younger than 13........................................................................................
Maya Jacobs was in love with her boyfriend. Until., he abused her and kicked her out of the house. She is just a homeless 18 year-old girl on the street and can barely afford a place to stay. At the park she finds a boy who she might want to be with for the rest of her life. He helps her out with most of her problems except for the thing she really wants................................................................................................................................... Please be a fan of me. I am going to try and write a lot more fan fiction for the boys and some other stories. Please like this story and add to favorites? Thanks! Love you guys!:)


13. 13

  Around 10 in the morning Louis picks me up and drives to Liam's flat then Zayn's to pick them up.

  "So what are we doing today?" I ask.

  "We are going to an amusement park." Louis says as if he is five.   We arrive at the park and ride roller coasters until we feel like we are going to puke. We got two pink cotton candies for the four of to share. I took photos of the boys with some fans. Around 3ish Louis drives me to Niall's to get ready and leaves for him, Zayn and Liam to get ready also.

     I curl my hair and put on cute but simple dress. I put some white flats that go with dress and tell Niall that I am ready. All he wears is a t-shirt and jeans.

  "Aren't you going to dress up?" I ask him grabbing my phone and walk to the door.

   "They have the clothes that we are going to wear at the studio." Niall answers. I grab the door handle and open the door. We walk to his car and I hop in the passenger side. We listened to the radio really loud a yell the lyrics like we usually do. We show up to a large building with tons of teenage girls crowding the streets. 

   Girls trying to punch their way through the windows towards Niall. Niall sits there looking like he just saw a ghost. Harry told me earlier that Niall gets scared of small spaces and gets the most scared. 

   I grab his hand and squeeze, letting him know that he is okay. The music that we were listening to was really loud but the screaming of the fans were louder. We finally make it to a gate were they block of the fans. Liam and Harry were standing next to Paul. Niall gets out of the car and opens my side of  the door.

  "Thanks Nialler." I smile.

  "No problem." I run to Harry and jump in his arms. He swings me around and sets me down a kisses me on the lips. I look over and realize that the fans are looking over at us and I could tell the girls with Harry shirts and posters weren't happy. Harry and I have kept our relationship a secret.

  Harry grabs my hand and walks me over to the fence where the fans are. He takes out his iPhone and wraps his arm around my waist he turns our back to the fans. He points the iPhone to Harry, tons of fans and I.

  "SMILE!!!" Harry yells over the screaming. He snaps the photo and starts putting it on Twitter. "What's you twitter name?" He asks typing in his phone.

  "I don't have Twitter." I say.   He stands there with his mouth open. "After the show, you are coming over and we are making one for you and I am going to be your very first follower and then the boys could be your second, third, fourth and fifth follower. Deal?"

  "Deal." I smile. The rest of the boys show up at the fence and they all sign autographs. Paul tells us that we should go inside. Harry grabs my hand and we follow Paul through the doors.

  Lou tells me that I should wait outside while the boys change and when they are done I could come in. Five minutes later Lou comes out and tells me that I could come in. Zayn sits in a chair and Lou walks to him and starts working on his hair.

    Louis and Niall start messing around and Liam sits next to Zayn and Lou talking to them. Harry comes up to me. His body wears a dark blue blazer and dark skinny jeans. He wears his white converses. His pink, pulp lips pulled into a smile.

  "You look so cute." I say to him sliding my arms around his waist.  

"Cute? I was thinking damn sexy." I laugh at his joke and give him a kiss on the cheek.

   Lou leaves the room but leaves Lux. She goes to Harry and looks so happy to see him. The boys and I sit all around the room with Lux on Harry's lap.

  "You guys, Maya doesn't have a Twitter." Harry blurts out.

  "What?" Liam asks shocked.

  "Lucky for I brought my laptop and we could help you make one." Zayn says pulling it out. I sit at the desk with the laptop and everybody else crowds around me. I set up everything for my account except for my pictures because Zayn wouldn't have it. I look and see that I already have five followers. Surprise, surprise it was Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. I get the app on my phone and change my profile picture from an egg to a picture of Harry and I.

   I go a head and follow the boys, the people they introduced me to, some old friends and some musicians and celebrities  I like. I notice that all five guys tweeted about me getting a Twitter and how they should follow me. I refreshed it and I already had 2 thousand followers.

  "My god you guys." I say. Harry looks at it and smiles big. He gives me a kiss on the cheek and moves back to playing with Lux.

  Paul walks in and tells the guys that they are going on in five minutes. They get up and Harry hand Lux back to Lou.

  "Good luck kiss?" He puckers his lips and closes his eyes. My lips peck his and follows the guys leaving me with a wink.

  Lou and I follow the guys a few feet behind. Lou, Lux and I walk to some seats that were waiting for us and we sit there as they talk to Alan.

  "So the question here is who is single?" Alan asks.

  "I am." Niall stands up, raising his hand and smiling. Harry looks over to me smiling. He gives me another wink and I feel my cheeks getting warmer.

  "Harry? I thought you were single." Alan says.

  "Nope. I am dating this girl names Maya Jacobs and she is super sweet and beautiful." He looks over at me and I look at the ground to hide my face just in case he could see me blushing.

  Alan looks at the direction that Harry is. He notices me blushing and I could tell he knew that it was me. "Is this Maya?" Alan gets up and walks over to me. He grabs my hand and raises it so I could stand up. Alan faces towards Harry. Harry nods.

  "Nice to meet you, love." Alan says shaking my hand. "Would you like to come on stage?" 

  "Okay." I answer.

  I walk to the large couch where the five boys sit and I sit on the arm rest next to Harry.

  "Would you like a drink?" Alan asks turning to cooler filled with alcohol.

  "Do you have a Red Bull?" I ask.

  "Yes, I do." He gets a can of Red Bull and pours it into a glass. I take a sip and set it on the coffee table next to me. "So, how do you meet Harry? Were you like a crazy fan and you flashed him or you just caught his eye?" We all laugh at him.

  "I actually didn't flash him, surprisingly." I smile. "I actually got in fight with my ex, I moved out and I was practically homeless and Harry noticed me. He was still with his girlfriend at the time so I just moved in with Niall. And I did really like Harry, and, it just, sort of... happened." I smile over Harry and he intertwines our fingers.

  "Would you say he pretty much saved your life?" Alan asks.

  "Yes. I had no money. But him and the boys helped me on my feet and I will be going back to college to finish it while they are on tour."

  "What I like most about meeting Maya was, she had no clue who we were. We asked her if she even knew who we were and she was like 'am I suppose to know who you are'?" Louis says and the crowd starts laughing.

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