The Boy with the Beanie

Not recommended for kids younger than 13........................................................................................
Maya Jacobs was in love with her boyfriend. Until., he abused her and kicked her out of the house. She is just a homeless 18 year-old girl on the street and can barely afford a place to stay. At the park she finds a boy who she might want to be with for the rest of her life. He helps her out with most of her problems except for the thing she really wants................................................................................................................................... Please be a fan of me. I am going to try and write a lot more fan fiction for the boys and some other stories. Please like this story and add to favorites? Thanks! Love you guys!:)


11. 11

 The next day, Danielle took me out shopping. Harry invited me to dinner and Danielle was the only that knew about Harry and I. I didn't really get anything because I knew I was going to wear the green dress that Harry liked the last time I was here. I did get a pair of heels that actually make me taller, at least tall enough that I am taller than his caller bone like I usually am.

  When Dani dropped me off at Niall and I's flat I decided to Niall about Harry and I. He was really excited and happy for us both. While Niall was making some lunch I browsed through my laptop. I got bored so I searched up my old University. I was going to graduate that year, until I dropped out. I only had 6 months left of it.

  "Hey Niall?" I called to the kitchen.

  "Yeah?" His head popped out of the window that was cut of the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

  "Should I finish the University that I went to?" I ask.

  "Probably. It will help you get a career and the boys and I will be gone so you should be doing something while we're gone."

  "What is Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie doing, while you guys are gone?"

  "Dani is dancing for X-Factor again. Eleanor is finishing her University, and Perrie is with Little Mix."

  "Well, they seem like they have a life." I reply.

  "You have a life, Maya. If you get time off at school, the boys will fly you up to our concerts until you have to go back. Once it is Summer I bet you could probably finish the rest of the tour with us." Niall says sitting next.

  "Okay." I smile at him and dial the number to the Univesity.

  "Hello?" A woman answers.

  "Hello. This is Maya Jacobs and I dropped out of this college a year ago around this time of year and I was wondering if I could come back and finish the school year."

  "You will have to talk to the Headmaster. You will most likely come back, because on your profile it says you left a year ago in a couple of weeks, so if you come back you will be ahead of the other students.

  "Okay. Thank you so much." Tomorrow I was planning on meeting the Headmaster to see if he could let me come back.   Around 4 I start to get ready for my date. I take a shower and blow dry my hair. I go to my room and slip on the green dress with the heels I got with Dani. I curl my hair and put on some mascara. I grab my phone and kiss Niall on the cheek and walk out the door to Harry's car.

  He hands me a blindfold. "Put this on." He says.

  "Why?" I ask putting it around my head.

  "Our date is going to be surprise " I could just tell by his voice he had a cheeky smile on. About 15 minutes later I feel the car stop. Harry's door opens then closes. I hear mine open and feel Harry's hands on my ribs helping me out of the car. He slides his arm around me to help guide me to whatever was going on.

  The air smelled of salt water and hearing waves crash onto a beach. Harry struggles to untie my blindfold. When he finally unties it, I see a table set for two with dangling lights over the table. Quiet music plays in the background.

  Harry grabs my hand and our fingers tangle. We walk to the table and he pulls out my chair for me to sit. He sits in the chair across from me. For most of dinner Harry and I talk about ourselves. We talked for an hour after we ate.

  "Want to dance?" Harry asks standing up and turning up the slow music.

  "Yes, I would." I smile and grab his hand. I lock my arms around his neck and his arms around my waist. Our bodies swaying back and forth. His green eyes sparkling from the moonlight.

  "You look beautiful tonight." He whispers. I blush and tuck my head into his neck. His neck smelled of his cologne. I felt like I could stay like this forever. The song came to an end. Harry loosened his grip around me. His body moves away.

    He unbuttons his blazer and pulls off his shirt, to reveal his his chest and tattoos  He slips down into his boxers. He starts running to the beach and cannonballs into the water. I start laughing at how immature he is.

    "Come on in!!" He shouts.

  I slip down into my bra and underwear. I grab Harry's blazer and wrap it around my body so I didn't feel like anyone was looking. I start running and drop his blazer and jump into the water. I come up splashing and looking for Harry. He was nowhere to be found.

  "Harry?" I ask.

   I feel a hand wrap around my ankle and tug me underwater. I come up and splash Harry. His hands slide around my waist. His body towering over mine. He gently lifts up my body so that I am taller than him like in the Lion King. He pulls me down so my lips crash onto his.

    I pull away from our long kiss. His curls wet and covering his forehead. I put my hand through his hair and mess it up. He does a quick shake with his hair and looks up at me and smiles. We swim, kiss and splash for thirty minutes.

    Harry runs up to his car and leaves me in the water. He comes back with towels. He wraps the towel around me. We walk to the car. Harry drives me to mine and Niall's flat.

  "Thank you for a lovely first date." I say. His lips peck mine.

  "No problem, babe. You coming to our rehearsals tomorrow?"

  "Most likely." I smile at him as I open the door and leave his car.

    I grab the extra key Niall gave me and opened it. Niall stared a me strangely when I walked in. I looked down and totally forgot that I still had a towel around me.

  "We went swimming." I defend myself.


    I walk to my room and put on some dry clothes. I put my wet hair in a messy bun and walk out to Niall watching a football match. I sit next to him and lift my knees against my chest.

  "So how was your date with Harry?" He asks like he was making fun of me and when he said Harry's name with kissing noises. I nudge my shoulder against his. Instead of him moving his body, mine bounces of his and I land on my side on the couch.

    When I got up, Niall and I couldn't stop laughing. We finally go back to watching the television when we were done. The match was over in 20 minutes. Niall turned the channel to Alan Carr.

  "Not tomorrow, but the next day we are going on Alan Carr. Want to come and be backstage? You even get to meet him." Niall invites.

  "Sure. What time does you rehearsal start tomorrow? Because I have to go meet the Headmaster of my old University." I ask.

  "Around 2pm. What time are you meeting him?"

  "Noon." I answer.

   "I can drive you." He offers.

   "Okay." We finish watching Alan Carr and go to bed. I layed in bed thinking of Harry and fall asleep making the thoughts turn into dreams.

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