Lovestruck 2

The sequel to Lovestruck obviously. Liam and Abby have been dating for a few months now and he's ready to introduce him as her girlfriend Abby is unsure about this though because of all the hate they might get. She gets scared even more when she gets a strange note from a crazy obssessed fan at first she thinks its a joke and now she's not so sure.


7. Surprise

The van drives up to the front of my house. "Good night boys," I looked at him with disagreement," Oh and Abby don't forget to wake up early again tomorrow it's the last day of rehearsal!" The manager said as we headed out the van. Liam and I were still wearing our concert clothes.
"Wait don't go inside! It's not ready yet!" Zayn had told us. I was so confused what were they doing?
"Yeah not ready!" Niall hurried inside.
"Harry what's going on?" I asked I always could trust Harry.
"Don't worry love, it's alright you'll see."
Harry and Louis led me and Liam inside. We walked upstairs to the party room it was all dim inside and a dinner had been set up. OMG I feel so slow of course this is what the boys were planning. "Oh my gosh this is awkward," I had said.
"Sorry the boys have probably been planning this for weeks now. I never expected it would be in your own home!"
"Well might as well give them what they want!" I said as I laughed
We sat down and ate the dinner the boys had given. It was really obvious besides who else gives Bacci's pizza? Haha I knew these guys couldn't cook and plus all Harry could do was bake pastries which I'm guessing he made dessert. As soon as we finished dinner Harry came in and brought chocolate cake and he winked at me. I couldn't help but laugh. Liam and only me it was just the two of us, how romantic we talked so much! We had gone from talking to to our favorite foods to favorite childhood memories. I had so much fun with him he was that special person I could talk to about anything next to Harry. When we finished eating Louis had put a romantic song on it was actually one of their songs! Summer Love started to play.
"Would you care to dance my summer love?" He said as he smiled sweetly at me.
I grabbed his hand and we started to slow dance. I looked into his brown eyes and he motioned his lips closer to mine and we kissed.
The song had ended and all the boys came in,"Great can we dance to now?" Niall butted in.
"Yes Niall you guys can come in now!" I laughed
The rest of the boys came in and we all jammed out to songs by Black eyed peas, Cher Lloyd, Rihanna, and a whole bumch of other songs we could dance to. Three words BEST.NIGHT.EVER! I had fallen asleep I opened my eyes a little. I looked up, Liam was carrying me to bed he thought I was still asleep though. He gently layed me down and kissed me good night.

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